STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


By Naomi Cindy B

Next morning**

The sweet smelling aroma that’s hanging in the air woke Kimora,,

She sniffed the air lightly as she opened her eyes

Jimin is sitting in front of a small table, staring at her with an handsome smile on his perfect face and on the table are plates of different dishes

Kimora returned his smile and raised her hand to him, he took it and pecked it then squeezed it gently

“Good morning honey” he said

“Good morning Min-Min’ she replied and he helped her sit up

She’s still nked, only the bedspread is covering her so she held it to her body, sitting in front of the table

She pointed at her lips and Jimin pecked her lightly

“Smells nice” she said, looking at the dishes on the table

” I supervised the maids myself while they were making it, I’m sorry I don’t know your likes and dislikes…I just made varieties so you can just..pick” he said

” You’re just so sweet” she replied, picking the chopsticks

She ate from the veggies and nodded

“Massidda (delicious)” she said

“So…tell me your likes and dislikes” he said

“I like everything, I have no dislikes when it comes to food and I don’t have a best food, I can eat anything” she replied

” Really?”

” Trust me.., so what about you” she asked

“I hate shrimps but Suzy loves them a lot, isn’t that ¢razy?” He replied and she chuckled

” We’re humans and we’re different so you don’t expect much” she said

” Kitten” he suddenly called

” Yes ?”

” I think we should go back to Miryang soon, I kind of…”

“Miss queen Sera?” Kimora said, smiling knowingly

Jimin covered his face with his right palm

“Got caught,, well yes… I miss Suzy and Royalty too, and I want to avoid suspicions about us, I don’t want you to be in danger” he replied

” I’ve been thinking of it too so it’s ok, when should we go back?” She asked

” We’ve only spent two days, let’s spend one more day” he replied

“So we return the day after tommorow” she said

” Yes” he replied

” Fine, aren’t you gonna eat?” She asked, eating a mouthful of the meal

He facepalm himself and smiled

“I’ll just watch you, doing that will make me full” he said..

“No, let’s eat together.. please’ she said

“As you wish” he replied, picking chopsticks and joining her

“Tastes more delicious like this” she said

“Petal didn’t appear again?” He suddenly asked

” No, but she’ll come, she promised so she’ll surely come” she replied

” Maybe she’s really your mother” Jimin said

” I can’t be sure yet, but whenever she ksses my forehead, I feel better” she replied

” Let’s just anticipate , and now that Mazu has been trapped, we can be at peace for a while” he replied

” His trapping is temporary, he might return anytime” Kimora replied, feeling slightly scared

“Don’t feel scared, please” Jimin replied though in his voice there’s fear and Kimora noticed

Kimora dropped her sticks and held his hands.

“I’ll protect you. I promise” she said


” Shhh, I love you” she said and his face shone with smiles.

” I love you” he replied.

Minho left the door where he has been eavesdropping from and smiled as he walked away

He actually came to see why they aren’t out yet but when he heard their conversation, he stayed back

“Even if obstacles tries to set in, I’ll do my best to help you both, I’m swearing on my life” he thought, remembering how he met Jimin some years ago.

He fell into a big river and couldn’t swim, Jimin saved him by helped him out, he wouldn’t be alive right now if not for him

He sighed as he got to the front of his chamber

“Whoever my parents are, I hope I’ll meet them soon, I just hope I’ll meet them before I die” he thought sadly

He kept standing there till Jimin came out and touched him, he jerked up

“What were you thinking about?” Jimin asked surprisingly

“My real parents, I wonder who they are or where they are, I badly want to meet them, even if for once” he replied, sadness coated his voice completely

Jimin sighed and placed his hand in his shoulder, Minho looked at him

“Your wish will be granted, I can feel it” he said and Minho smiled

” I’ll always be indebted to you, thanks for saving me from the water ” he said

“Come on, that was a long time ago” Jimin replied

” But still….I’m still grateful and I’ll be till death” Minho replied

” The next thing you need right now is a girl, a pretty one cos you’re handsome like me….then she should be perfect like my kitten” Jimin said and Minho laughed

” A girl?, That’s so hard to find in in Goryeo” he said

“That’s a lie, girls were staring hard at you and I heard earful of comments when we went to the market together” Jimin replied

” They like me, but i just haven’t found the one I like” he said

” I guess we should wait for the right time then” Jimin smiled, looking up at the sky

“What’s that sound on the roof” Minho said, looking up too

“Rain?” Jimin said and and Immediately, it started pouring heavily

“Stay back” Minho said, pulling Jimin away from the entrance but a drop of rainwater touched him already, it dropped on his arm

Jimin looked at the drop on his arm and his eyes showed how surprised he was

“That’s … rainwater?” Minho asked

“Yes… definitely”

“But why isn’t it burning your skin?, You’re allergic to it” Minho replied

Jimin took a deep breath and started walking out of the place, planning to enter the rain but Minho held him

“No don’t, you might get hurt” he said

“It’s fine, if I get hurt, Kimora knows what to do…I just have to confirm what just happened” Jimin said and Minho reluctantly let him go

He boldly took slow steps into the rain and the rain poured on him Immediately but… nothing happened

His body is not burning up despite the fact that Kimora is not beside him, he looked at himself shockingly

Minho stared unbelievably too at what he’s seeing

“Minho nothing happened, I think I’m over my allergy now, Minho I’m ok!” Jimin said happily, collecting the rain water in his palm and smiling, turning around in the rain

“I’m not allergic to rain anymore!” He shouted happily

That brought Cory and Kimora out of the room

” Oh my!” Kimora gasped when she saw him in the rain without any negative effect

“Jimin is that really you?” She said

“Yes, it’s your Min-Min, I’m fine now, I’m ok” he said and Kimora joined him in the rain

She hugged him tight and he hugged her back

“Unbelievable, I’m so happy, how did it happen” Cory said

“I think their bond grew” Minho said

” I’m so glad…. Jimin I’m glad” Kimora said in his arms

Jimin broke it and held her face, the rain is still pouring

“I can play in the rain like a kid now, but how the he¢k did this happen” he said

” I have no idea too but for now, let’s just be happy” she replied

Kimora pecked him and he smiled again but he suddenly started feeling drowsy

“Narcolepsy?” Kimora said and he nodded

“I’m sorry” he said and fell deeply asleep on her shoulder, she held him so they won’t fall together

Cory quickly rushed to them and took him from her, carrying him in.

“Petal…I hope you appear soon and tell me more about this, I surely have a lot of questions” Kimora thought silently.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

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