STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

By Naomi Cindy B


Miryang town**

Brayden has a wide smile on his lips as he left the market after getting a flower pot which has a small tender flower growing in it

He actually intended to go give it to Ginelle and he’s heading to her place when Demi crossed him

He stopped and gave her looks that questions. “Who are you and why are you blocking my way?” He asked

” Demi…a sIut at the popular br©thel” she replied, smiling mischievously

” And?” He said

“I’ve heard about your clean personality, they say you top the list of guys who hates sluts in Miryang but it doesn’t seem like it” she said

” Get out of my way” he replied, not ready to listen to her gibberish

“You have the biggest slut around you” she replied

” Never cross me again, you’ll regret it anytime you try this again” he said and started leaving after pushing her out of the way

“We’ll meet again!’ Demi said loudly

Brayden got to Ginelle’s place and met her all dressed already, they’re actually going for a walk together

“You’re here” she smiled and he dropped the flower pot before widening his arms, she hugged him and when they broke it, he pecked her lips

“Tastes good” he smiled and she licked her lips

“You came late, I’ve been waiting” the said, tracing his brows with her fingers

” I had to get this flower pot from the market” he said, carrying the pot and handing it to her

“Cosmos flower, my best!” She gushed

“Just make sure to wet it everyday, if it withers, I’ll really get mad at you” he said

” That’ll never happen” she replied, dropping the pot on the table beside her window

“Then while coming, a slut crossed me and started sprouting rubbish” he said and her heart skipped beats

” A… slvt?, Who?”

” I don’t even remember her name and I don’t want to, i don’t want to talk about to her too” he replied

” Demi* Ginelle thought

“Ginelle?” Brayden called but it seems she’s deep in thoughts

*Ginelle?” He called again, touching her….she jerked up suddenly

” Huh!, Brayden?”

“What were you thinking” he said

“Oh… nothing, I guess we should go now…I made a lunchbox, we can eat lunch during our resting time” she said and he smiled as she picked up the lunchbox but he took it from her

“I’ll take it” he said and Ginelle smiled

” During the rest, I’ll tell you about the flower goddess” he said, holding her hand

” I can’t wait” she replied, leaving the house with him

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60



Royalty vomited bIood close to ten times before daybreak and right now she’s as weak as he.ll

She lost weight too and she became thinner, her face is just too pale

She just finished vomiting bIood again when she entered the bathroom to take her bath

She came back after a while and dressed up, making sure to rub powder on her face to hide the paleness so Suzy or queen Sera won’t be worried

Not like her mum is concerned about her anyways

She finished up and left the room, meeting servants immediately

“Summon the physician, I need to see him” she said to the first one

” Your highness, the physician travelled and won’t be back till tommorow” the servant replied

” Really?”

” Yes, I heard there has been shortage of acupuncture needles lately but there’s suddenly a large supply of it in Shila, he went for it” the servant replied

” Oh….” Royalty said and walked away, thinking about what else to do

“Am I dying?” She thought sadly and someone hugged her from behind suddenly

Judging by the scent, it’s Suzy definitely

“Suzy” she smiled and Suzy released her, she came to face her and held her face.. they’re wearing same robe again

“I missed you, yesterday you refused to follow me for tour and last night you refused to see me, I’m hurt, I just missed you a lot” Suzy said seriously

” I’m sorry sis, I just….felt weak yesterday” she replied

“Wait …. Your eyes are pale, are you ok?” Suzy asked, feeling her temperature

” Sure I’m fine” she quickly replied and Suzy hugged her

” Let’s eat breakfast together, I’ll tell you a lot of gists about what I saw at the tour yesterday” she said

” Ok, I’m in” Royalty replied and Suzy pulled her away to the dinning room

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Jimin’s room**

“I never said you’re free to come here anytime you like” Riya said immediately Cal stepped in

” I just came to hear your answer” he replied

” I’m not done thinking about it” she replied.

“Jimin might come back soon, you need to be fast so we can start our plans” he replied

” You’re surely sharp-witted” she said and he shrugged

“You can say that again”

“So….I don’t want to get hurt, back then at home, my guards protect me with their lives and my father will always make sure I’m protected that’s why I do anything I like, but now I’m here and you’re right In front of me, asking for cooperation” she said

Cal moved closer to her and she stood her ground, glaring at him

He came to her and held her shoulders. “You’ll be ok” he said

“I hope so” she replied and moved away from his hold

” So….you’re in?”

” I guess so” she replied and Cal smiled again

” Your smile is always insincere, stop smiling” she said with a scoff

” Get ready, working with me is not easy” he said and left

” As if” she smirked

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60



” You won’t believe there’s a bigger house than Park Sun’s in Miryang” Suzy said, eating the shrimps in her meal

“Jinjja?, Where?, Is there someone richer than Park Sun already?”

” Of course, his name is Hong…. and you know what?, It was our brother who enriched him” Suzy replied

” Jimin has always been benevolent” Royalty smiled

“The house is so big and spacious, I love it and I’ll be going there often….with you, promise you’ll always go there with me” she said

” I promise” Royalty replied and Suzy smiled happily

” Why do you love shrimps to much?” Royalty asked

“I dunno, I just find it appetizing” she replied

” Shrimps?, Appetizing?, How weird” Royalty said with a sour face

” Heya!, Don’t make such face about my best food” Suzy pouted and Royalty laughed

“How unserious, you look more cute today” she said

” You’re always cute, I’m jealous” Suzy replied and they laughed

” Let’s go to on a picnic together when Jimin comes back” Royalty said

” Sure, I can’t wait” Suzy replied

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Goryeo town, a day later**

Kimora and Jimin will be journeying back to Miryang tommorow and surprisingly she couldn’t sleep

She kept anticipating Petal’s visit, Jimin is fast asleep beside her though and she kept staring at him

“My Min-Min” she said and blushed greatly

“Daughter” Petal’s voice suddenly called and she spranged up to see Petal standing beside the bed

“When did you get here?”

“Just now….the more you both keep getting close, the more your powers bloom … And his allergy stopped because he bonded with you more tightly” Petal said

” I understand…but what about my allergy?” She asked

” It’s a cur$e” Petal replied

” I was cur$ed to be allergic to the scent of flowers?” She asked

” Yes…. immediately I gave birth to you” Petal replied

“You’re… really my mother?

“You’re the only princess of the flower realm, your name is Flowerina, I’m sorry Flower, abandoning you wasn’t my plan” Petal replied guiltily

” I can’t believe my ears, and what the he.ll is flower realm cos I’m not understanding, what do you mean I’m the only princess of the flower realm and who the he¢k is Mazu” She said, sweating in confusion already

” He’s your father” Petal replied and Kimora’s eyes widened

” Joking around is surely not advisable” Kimora replied

“Mazu was once my husband” Petal replied , moving closer but Kimora stepped back

“I don’t want what you’re talking about, Mazu… that mon$ter is my father?, Stop trying to play with my head!” Kimora snapped, tears brimming in her eyes, ready to fall

“The full story, I’m ready to tell you if you’re ready to listen” Petal said but Kimora held her ears

” No!!!!!, I’m not the daughter of a de.mon, I’m not the daughter of a m©nster!” She screamed and sat on the ground as her tears escaped her eyes

Jimin woke and Petal left

“Kimora” he said, quickly getting down from the bed and bending beside her

He held up her teary face and felt hurt too, seeing her tears

“What’s wrong?, Talk to me please,. Kimora” he said, looking at her with concern

“Jimin* she said and hugged him tightly, Jimin stroked her hair gently as she cried on his shoulder

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Next morning**

Jimin was the first to journey back home to avoid suspicions, it was planned that Kimora will come with Cory later in the evening

Minho has sadness in his face when he was leaving but he just had to leave

His ride was fast but sad cos Kimora is sad, she told him Petal visited last night but what they discussed, she said she doesn’t want to talk about it yet

He sighed as the horse entered Miryang and sped to the palace

“The second prince is back!” A maid screamed and everyone rushed out to see

He came down from the horse as Royalty rushed out with Suzy

Suzy rushed into his arms and they hugged tightly

“I missed you so much” she gushed, tightening the hug

“I came home because I missed you and mother” he replied as they broke the hug

“Jimin” Royalty said and rushed to hug him too but just when she got to him and is about to hug him, she stopped and her eyes widened

“Royalty” Jimin called surprisingly but the surprise turned to shock when Royalty spit out bIood

Part of bIood splashed on Jimin’s face and more bIood poured out of her mouth as she started going down

Jimin and Suzy stared in h©rror and Jimin quickly rushed to grab her….

Her body is already limp and it almost fell from his arms

“Royalty!!” He screamed

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

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