STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

By Naomi Cindy B


Maids chamber

Kimora entered the kitchen slowly and no one even noticed, they’re all in sadness and she’s just surprised

Tania saw her first and the sadness in her eyes is much too

“You’re back” she said and that prompted the rest to look up

” Kimora it’s really you” Ambrosia said

Tania hugged her tightly but Kimora quickly broke it

“Why is everyone sad?” She asked.

“Princess Royalty is at the verge of death, she was poisoned” Tania replied

Kimora stared at her like she just heard wrong for some minutes

“What did you just say” she said slowly

“Princess Royalty is fighting for her life, she has just few breaths left in her lungs, the physician said the poison was mixed with the tears of a wtch and unless the bIood of the wtch is available for her forehead, she’ll die” Tania replied

” She’s gasping for breath already, her bIeeding increased!” A maid announced from the door

” Heard that? ” Tania said and rushed out of the kitchen with the others

“Lioness” Kimora said slowly and turned back to see Jimin by the door of the kitchen

“Jimin” she said….. He’s in sorrow and surprisingly she can feel it

He came closer and held her shoulders

“Is it something you can do?, Can you help?” He asked

“I should be able to” she replied

” Please… .help, I don’t want to lose her” he said and she nodded

” I’ll try my best, I need to go now” she said and Jimin released her

She vanished without transforming…

She landed in Lioness house, transformed already

She can see her clearly, she’s sitting on her bone chair

“You’re finally here” lioness said, smiling wickedly

“You just need to bIeed and I’ll let you go” Kimora replied, flashing her pink eyeballs at her

” You think that’s easy?, Strike a deal with me first” lioness said, standing up

” What deal? ”

” Tell me your relationship with Mazu and Petal, then I’ll give you more than a drop of my bIood” she replied

” I’m not here to strike a deal” Kimora replied, moving closer

Lioness moved back

” It’s an harmless deal, I hate getting curious so I just want to know” lioness said

” I thought you have great powers, find out yourself and give me what I came here for” Kimora snapped

” Catch me if you can then” lioness said and made to vanish but Kimora held her back

Lioness looks shocked cos her hold on her is so tight, as if she’s more than she is

“Unbelievable, you have a life Inside you already?” She said

Kimora tried to wound her but she luckily escaped and wanted to vanish again but Kimora build a barrier in the room, keeping her from vanishing

Lioness transformed into a real lioness and came for her, she wounded Kimora with her claws and Kimora fell

Lioness transformed back to a human and laughed, moving closer to Kimora who’s still pretending to be in pains on her floor

“So you’re just this simple” she mocked and bent beside her

Almost immediately, Kimora faced her and tore her face with her nails, her bIood gushed out and she collected it in her palm

“Aaarrrrgg!!! ” Lioness screamed, falling back

Kimora stood and smiled

” You’re not my match” she said

” You’ll die, I can see what your future holds already, you’ll die in the end” Lioness said in pains and Kimora vanished.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60



Every member of the royal family is in the room with Royalty except the king, she suddenly opened her eyes and requested to talk to everyone..

Suzy’s crying sounds can be heard, she’s sitting beside her on the bed

“I don’t regret being a princess, I have a loving sis even when mother wasn’t attentive, the little she gave, I’ll always remember that.. it’s so hurtful to end it this way but what can I do?, I’m hurting a lot right now and I just want to die already….I can’t take the pains” she said, shedding slow tears

Suzy held her hand more tightly and her tears poured too

“You promised to be with me, you never said you’re going so soon, so please don’t do it…. Get up and let’s go eat….you must be so hungry” Suzy said and Royalty smiled

” I don’t like shrimps in my rice” Royalty said with a faint hurtful smile

“I’ll remove the shrimps for you and bone the fish, I’ll serve you water and watch you eat, please get up” Suzy cried, closing her eyes

“I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for long…I’m sorry” Royalty said

” Stop saying those words, it hurts, stop hurting me” Suzy replied weakly

” I love you so much Suzy, you’re the best sister I’ve ever seen” Royalty said

” That sounds like a farewell speech too please stop it” Suzy cried

Royalty looked at Rachel and smiled

” I still love you even if you don’t care about me” she said and Rachel cried silently

” Cal…. I hope you change someday, stop trailing after mother’s footsteps”

” Queen Sera, I respect you a lot and please…. Take good care of Suzy”

” Jimin oppa, you know I love you a lot right?, It’s so painful I’m never going to see you again”

” Cory …. The first guy I’ll ever love, I hope you find true love , you’ll surely do cos you’re handsome and kind-hearted” she said

” Suzy please….. Promise me you won’t cry much”

“Stop saying these words I beg you, it’s breaking my heart” Suzy cried

Her whole face is just so red right now and wet with tears

“Be good…. Everyone” Royalty said and her hand fell from Suzy’s hand

“Royalty” Suzy called, jumping on her bed with her, holding her face

“Royalty no you can’t do this” she said, her tears dropping on Royalty’s face

Rachel fainted immediately

“Royalty!!!!!” Jimin shouted

“She’s… She’s really gone?” Cal said, releasing tears from his eyes

Suzy smiled and rubbed Royalty’s cheeks, remembering the plays, when they slept together, wearing same thing, eating together and doing things together…. It made her heart shatter

“You promised to visit Hong with me remember?, And you promised to go on a picnic with me when Jimin comes back, he’s here why aren’t you standing up….. Open your eyes…. Look at me and let’s go on the picnic!, Royalty you need to fulfill your promise!, Get up Royalty! ” Suzy cried, sleeping on Royalty’s body

Kimora rushed into the room with bIoody hands but when she saw the scene, her eyes widened

She ran to her bed and rubbed the bIood on her forehead but it did nothing since she’s dead already

“Princess Royalty…. You can’t do this you know….. ” She said tearfully with shaky hands

” Your highness” Kimora called, shedding more tears

“Royalty let’s go on a picnic!!” Suzy screamed loudly, water is coming out of her nose too….

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

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