STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

Written By Naomi Cindy B


Miryang palace**

Royalty and Suzy stepped out to the wide corridor wearing same thing completely, same robe, jewelries, hairstyle, shoes… They ate breakfast together too

They looked at each other and smiled before stepping out of the place

They went to Jimin’s room, knowing fully that Riya will be there

They knocked and Riya opened the door

She looked at them and frowned immediately

“Why are you both here?” She asked

“I once heard it from someone that after getting married, one should learn how to respect even the smallest member of her husband’s family, you’re so full of yourself” Suzy said and pushed her out of the way

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60.

She entered with Royalty and they looked around

“You both will taste my wrath for breaking into my privacy, this room belongs to i and my husband, I see no reason why you both should bolt in here like stray cats” Riya said

” Do you even take care of this room?, Everywhere is scattered since Jimin is not here, he hates uncleanliness in case you dunno” Royalty said

” And where the he.ll did you guys put him, we’re married!” She shouted

” Easy so you won’t lose your voice, I told you he’s in love with another, you thought I was joking, he got married to you, but his honeymoon will be with his lover” Suzy said and Royalty laughed

“What did you just say… there’s really…. another girl?” Riya said

” Oh you’re just believing, how pitiful, you’ll end up dying of loneliness at this rate, Riya Park” Royalty said

” It’s Riya Jung” she replied and the girls laughed again

” You’ll get tire of it someday, just sit here and eat, that’s what you’re here for, the palace is good at feeding gluttons” Suzy said

” You girls should leave…now!” Riya shouted

” Yeah we’ll leave, you’ve transformed Jimin’s clean room to something else I can’t even stay longer else I’ll die, not even offering tea or something.. how senseless” Royalty said

” Bye pig ” Suzy added

” Bye ugly clown, at least use make up to cover up before coming out, I might just mistake you as a ghost, be careful” Royalty said, leaving with Suzy

They got to the door and met Sera

“Mother” Suzy said

“Trying to frustrate her won’t solve anything, she didn’t beg to get married, it was his highness who asked for her hand in marriage with Jimin, it wasn’t her fault” Sera said

” If she had refused the offer to get married to Jimin, she wouldn’t be here by now” Suzy said

” Suzy….

“Let’s go Royalty” Suzy said and grabbed Royalty’s arm, taking her out of the place

Sera entered the room and saw Riya seething with rage, sitting on the bed

“Hey” she said, moving closer

“Stop!, Don’t come closer” Riya said, standing from the bed

Sera stopped on her tracks, looking at her surprisingly

“Go out and never come back, after sending those two to come here and say rubbish to me, now you’re here to try to console me as if you care!, As if you weren’t part of the plan!” She shouted

” What are you saying” Sera said

” Stop acting innocent I hate it!, I hate everyone in this palace!, I got married and couldn’t even touch my husband!, You all are devils!, Get out of this room!” She screamed

” Now I know why people dislike you, you’re nothing but a whiny brat” Sera said and left the room

Riya sat back on the bed, breathing heavily

“I’ll kill that lover myself so far I’m still Riya…I killed more than twenty already, killing one more will only expand my horizon”.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Rachel’s room**

“I told you to be patient but you defied me, do you think I don’t know what I’m saying?” Lioness said, suddenly appearing to Rachel who’s taking a nap

She spranged up Immediately

“I’ve done what needed to be done, Sera has poison in her already and by now her insides will be badly damaged, she’ll soon die” Rachel replied

” Rachel your stubbornness will implicate you” lioness replied, fanning herself with her black fan

” Lioness!, How dare you call me by my name, did you suddenly decide to throw away respect?” Rachel said and lioness smiled

” You’ll cry soon, and that’ll be your punishment for disobeying me” lioness said

” Leave!, Right now!” Rachel snapped

” I’ll be waiting for when you’ll call for help, then I can mock you first” lioness said and vanished

” Foolish wtch” Rachel breathed.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


King’s chamber**

” My second son has been missing for two days” king Jung said with a distressed look on his face though it’s hard to detect his worries

“I think Myung Woo is already working” minister Joo replied.

Right now he’s in with only minister Joo, his most trusted minister.

“No, it’s not it” he replied

“Your majesty”

“I saw the sadness in his eyes during the wedding with Riya, though I was only doing his wish, since he was five, he has always told me he wanted me to choose his bride when he grows up, that still remained his anthem till he travelled, and that’s why I decided to honor it without asking for his consent again, but I think he has changed” king Jung said

” So…he left the palace by himself?” Minister Joo said

” If he’s not safe, Suzy would have been stepping into my chamber every minute to ask for the latest development concerning his search, but that didn’t happen, Sera would have been walking around with sad eyes but Sera’s eyes are calm, that only means he’s safe somewhere and they’re aware, when he comes back, we can then discuss” King Jung said with a loud sigh

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Miryang town, Ginelle’s place**

A knock sounding on the door made her sprang up quickly, thinking it was Brayden

She finished applying lipstick to her lips and checked out herself in the mirror

“Good to go” she smiled, dropped the mirror and went to open the door but got cool shock when she saw mistress Yeo Sang and Demi

“Mistress?” She said

*Why didn’t you come to the brothel last night?” Yeo Sang asked immediately

Demi glared at her hatefully


” I heard you got a lover, Demi told me about it, Brayden Jung, I know him well, he tops the list of guys who hates sluts, what if I tell him you’re one of my sluts” Yeo Sang said

” No!, Please don’t do that….. don’t do that to me” she pleaded, quickly going on her knees

” Then you should learn to obey me and do what I want… tonight..if you’re absent at the br©thel….you know what follows” Yeo Sang said and left

Demi giggled and smirked. “Lover girl” she mocked and left too

Ginelle cried bitterly, sitting on the bare floor till Brayden appeared

“Ginelle!’ he said, quickly rushing to her

He bent beside her and held up her teary face

“Why the tears?, Please talk to me” he said, wiping her tears

” Brayden I’m in trouble” she said

“What trouble?, You can tell me anything Ginelle, just anything….stop the tears I can’t bear it” he said worriedly

” Brayden don’t leave me” she said, still crying

” Why would I do that when I love you a lot, Ginelle please stop” he said

” Brayden I love you more than anything in the world, I just don’t want to lose you but…” She stopped and started hiccuping

Brayden hugged her like that, patting her calmly

“Calm down dear…. just lean on me and rest” .

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Goryeo town, nighttime**

Only the candle light is burning gently in the big room, it smells nicely too

The big bed is big enough for five people but only Jimin and Kimora have it all to themselves

They finished eating dinner some hours ago and now it’s time to sleep but it seems Jimin has a lot to say

He’s sitting on the bed and Kimora is lying down with her head on his laps, he’s massaging her babyish hands softly and they kept smiling at each other

Nothing can be more beautiful and peaceful

“Kitten” Jimin said in a whisper

“Yes Min-Min” she replied and Jimin blushed

“How you manage to make me blush anytime you call me that is hidden” he smiled

” I love your massage” she smiled

” Your hands…are pretty, but wouldn’t it be prettier if I add something?” He said and she quickly sat up

” What’s it?” She asked eagerly

“Close your eyes” he replied


“Just do it already” he replied and she slowly closed her eyes

He took her left hand and slipped something into her second finger

She opened her eyes before he could tell her to do that and when she beheld a pretty ring on her finger, her eyes widened

“Jimin” she said, checking it out , her face shows she loves it

“Let’s not be apart anymore, let’s stay together till forever, let’s not split till the end” he said, locking eyes with her

” Min-Min” she said, feeling loved

“I love you…. from my heart” he said

“I love you more Jimin, let’s stay together forever, I don’t want to leave you too, I love you so much” she replied.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

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