STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


By Naomi Cindy B

“How do you feel?” He asked, smiling as he stared at the roof

” I feel…. Too good, I feel in love and I feel special, I feel more energetic too, seems like this doubled my powers” she replied and Jimin faced her, she did the same and they smiled

“Then I guess we should do this more often” he said and she nodded


He took her hand and pecked the ring on it

“I love you honey” he said

“I love you Min-Min” she replied

She badly needs a shower right now and so is he, but they’re just too tired to move

Jimin pulled her to his chest and covered them, she slept off on his chest and he followed suit

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

Next morning***

A sweet morning is the right name for the morning, everything looks so beautiful when Kimora woke up to see sleeping Jimin beside her

She kssed him lightly and started staring at his handsome face

She touched his lips and Jimin chuckled

“I know you’re awake” she said and a silly smile formed on his lips as he opened his eyes

“Good morning kitten, did you sleep well?” He asked

“Last night was the best night of my life” she replied

” Me too, let’s make more beautiful nights” he said, touching her hair

” Sure, I love how you made me feel last night, painful at first but pleasure ended it, best feeling” she said

” I love how I felt too, your warmness around me was so heavenly, Kimora I love you” he replied

” I love you” she replied and they both laughed

” Your hair is beautiful too, why is everything about you so adorable” he said, stroking her hair

” Cos I belong to Min-Min” she replied and that made him smile

“How cute!, You should shower first” he said

“Yeah… I really need it” she replied

Jimin slipped on his pants and helped her up then carried her in his arms into the bathroom

He mixed her bath by himself before dropping her inside the tub

“Take all the time you want” he said with a wink before leaving

He got to the room and a knock sounded on the door, he went for it and saw Cory

Cory looked at his bare body and his pants then his face and smiled

“That smile means something, tell me what” Jimin said

” You got it wrong, it means nothing” Cory replied and Jimin hit him lightly

” Ouch!, Jimin! ”

” Tell me what that smile means” he said

“Nothing… But I trust you had a gooood night with your kitten” Cory replied

” What are you trying to get at? ” Jimin asked suspiciously

Cory came closer and whispered in his ear

“A goooood night… I mean goooood night, good night is different from goooood night” Cory replied and Jimin hit his arm

Cory stepped back with a naughty smile on his face

“Naughty” Jimin smiled

“I’m just glad you both are happy here, peace of mind is the best” Cory said

” Thanks for standing by me…you mean a lot” Jimin said

” Keep having fun , I’m thinking of going secretly to Miryang today under disguise though” Cory said

” Why?”

” I need to go see someone” Cory replied

” Wait….are you secretly seeing someone without my knowledge?” Jimin said, looking at him suspiciously

” Oh come on…I wouldn’t do that, just that….I really really need to see the person”

” Who’s she?” Jimin asked

” I never said it’s a girl” Cory replied

“It’s obvious” Jimin laughed

“Whatever… I’ll be back before dusk” Cory said and started leaving

” Don’t get caught” Jimin said


STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60


Miryang palace, Cal’s room**

His eyes opened and he can already feel pains from his tummy

He tried to stand but that’s just so hard, his tummy hurts

“Hmmn!” He groaned, stubbornly sitting up

He’s sweating lightly and his breathing is hard

He looked at his bandaged tummy and hit his fist on the bed

“What exactly is kimora’s relationship with the non-human?, I’m sure the non-human was the one who attacked me ” he thought, staying still for a while

He got down from the bed with difficulty and a maid immediately came in with a bowl of water, Rachel is behind her

Immediately he saw the maid, he imagined her as Kimora and rushed towards her, he grabbed her and pushed her to the wall, she crashed on it and winced loudly in pains

“Callum!” Rachel called but he got the maid again and sIapped her, making her bIeed

“You’re nothing but a wtch!, Just die!!’ he yelled and the maid flinched in fear

He raised his punch to her face but Rachel held him back

“What has come over you!” She shouted at his face

Cal slowly looked back at the maid, right now he’s seeing her originally

She’s bIeeding from the lips lightly

He walked to the bed and took his seat slowly, holding his hurting tummy

“Leave” Rachel told the maid and she scurried out of the place

Rachel sat in front of Cal and touched his hair fondly

“Are you ok now?” She asked

“I’m fine” he replied

Rachel looked at the bandaged tummy and sighed

“Tell me all what happened exactly”

“I kidnapped that maid.. I planned to use her as a bait to lure Jimin out of the palace and kill them both, but it all went wrong when I got attacked by an invisible person” he said

” The mythical being?” Rachel said

” Definitely…I think she has a connection with that maid, that’s why she came to save her” he replied

Rachel stood and paced round the room

” Right now Jimin is missing, that maid is nowhere to be found too” she said

” I sent him a letter before the attack, he must have come there and perhaps he took her away to somewhere, I’m sure he’ll be somewhere with her” Cal replied

” They can smile all they want wherever they are but when they come back, I’ll kill them both, with my own hands” Rachel said wickedly

” I need to take my bath, call the physician for the redress of my wound” Cal said, going into the bathroom

Rachel left the room

Cal finished up in the bathroom after a while and when he got back to his room, the physician is waiting already

His wound was redressed and it’s still so fresh, no sign of improvement or healing

“Why is it not healing?” He asked

“It’s not an ordinary wound, it can’t be cured ordinarily” the physician replied

He left after dressing up the wound and Cal dressed up

He left his room for the guards chamber to check on Darrin whose head is almost wrapped up completely with bandage

He left the place and decided to take a walk around, while doing that, he saw Riya, just going out of the palace

He followed her stealthily and she kept looking back, seems she’s getting suspicious that she’s being followed

Cal kept hiding each time she looks back

He kept that up till he suddenly couldn’t find her anymore

“Where did she go?” He asked himself

“So you’re the one following me” Riya’s voice said behind him and he quickly looked back to see her

She actually hid

“Where are you going?” He asked and she smirked

“Do I have to get permission from the palace before taking a walk now?” She said with a raised brow

Cal won’t stop staring, to him .. she’s the prettiest girl he has ever seen, even when she’s frowny, she’s still so beautiful

“Stop following me” she said sternly and resumed walking but Cal followed

“I told you to stop following me!” She snapped, stopping again

” You’re lonely in that palace… right?” He said

“None of your business” she replied coldly

Cal smiled…. “We’re just the same., people are trying to take away what we want…. Kimora is with your husband right now though I don’t know where they are” he said

” So her name is Kimora” Riya said

“The assistant headmaid” Cal added

” What!”

” So low… right?, I thought about that too… how can someone so low be placed on you, it’s annoying right?” He said

” How dare he, if only he knows how dangerous I am, I’ll kill that girl” she replied seriously

” That’s the spirit…., will you work with me?” Cal asked

” Why should I trust you?” She replied

” Haven’t you heard the story of the two princes of Miryang?, The best mortal enemies you’ll ever find, I hate seeing Jimin’s smile” he replied

” He’s my husband whom I love, saying that in front of me is….

” Not cool…I know, but let’s forget about my hatred for your husband….let’s talk about my hatred for Kimora, I’m thirsty for her death, let’s work together” Cal interrupted

” You have a reason to hate her?”

“Cos she’s involved with Jimin and she makes him smile too much, I hate it ” Cal said

Riya stared into space for a while before sighing

“I’ll think about your offer” she said, gave him one weird look before leaving

“Bang!” Cal said, staring at her till she’s out of sight.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

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