STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

By Naomi Cindy B


King’s chamber***

Kimora is bowing in front of the king, scared to look him in the face

His numerous ministers are there with him

It’s as if all the wind in the world is blowing on only her right now, she’s shivering fearfully

“Kimora Chang” King Jung Mal said

“Yes your highness” she replied without looking up

“You rubbed blood on the head of my first princess after her death, whose bIood was that?” He asked

Kimora’s heart skipped a beat, if she tells them the truth that it’s the bIood of a wtch, precisely Lioness, she’ll be suspected as the one who poisoned her…

“What should I say?, I need to say something” she thought

” Speak!, Whose bIood was it?” Jung Mal said louder and Kimora shivered in fear again

“You…..your …high… highness, it’s…..”

She stopped there and closed her eyes, thinking of various things in her head

“Are you defying the king now?” Minister Joo said

“It’s the bIood of a …

” BIood of a snake” Jimin replied, just coming in

The ministers murmured among themselves as he entered

“What are you doing here?” King Jung Mal asked

“I just need to make sure the innocent doesn’t get punished” he said

” What are you talking about?” Jung asked

” It’s the bIood of a snake, I got so desperate back then and when the bIood of a wtch was mentioned, I thought snake is a serpent and a serpent is indirectly a wtch, I told her to go get it, the market women who sell things of the deities have it, she got it from there at my orders, I’m sorry” he said

Kimora decided not to breath in relief yet, anything might happen again

King Jung Mal was about to reply when a guard came to the door

“King of Gongwon is here” he said

Jung Mal dismissed everyone including his ministers and Myung Woo came in, leaving his guards by the door

“Olenmanieyo (it’s been a while)” Myung Woo said with a false smile

” Why are you here?” Jung Mal asked

“Offering a seat is not done here?” Myung Woo said

“It’s common sense” Jung Mal replied and Myung Woo sat

” Why are you here?’ Jung Mal asked without smiling

” Be friendly for once” Myung Woo replied

“Don’t act too much, you’re bad at it” Jung Mal replied and the smile disappeared from Myung Woo’s face

“I’m coming for you…. Jung Mal, your arrogance is annoying and I’ll make sure to wash away every trace of your race” Myung Woo said seriously with a mean look on his face

*Coming to my palace to threaten me is a great offence, you might get killed by my sword!” Jung Mal said

” Jung Mal, bow to me, that should be enough to settle our enmity” Myung Woo said

” You don’t deserve my respect cos you’re worthless!, Now get out of Miryang!” Jung Mal said, losing patience

” You just called me worthless” Myung Woo said and smiled, standing up

” I don’t regret saying that” Jung Mal replied

“You’re regret soon…mark my words” Myung Woo said and stormed out of the palace.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

Jimin took Kimora to the flower garden and hugged her tightly for long

When he broke it, he looked deeply at her eyes

“You must have been so scared” he said

“Honestly I was” she replied and he hugged her again

” I’m so sorry I came late” he said…

“It’s ok, at least you saved me” she replied with a smile

“Did you eat?” He asked

” I ate candies” she replied

” Candy is not a good food, eat something better” he replied

” But I’m not hungry” she said

” Ok please…. even if you’re not,eat for me” he said and she smiled

“I badly want to kss your lips right now but too bad this is not the right time” she said, staring at his lips

Jimin leaned in and pecked her lips lightly

“I’ll manage that” she smiled and held her tummy

“What’s wrong?” Jimin quickly asked

” The past one week, I’ve been getting tired often, stomach tiredness to be precise” she said

” And what’s stomach tiredness” Jimin said

“You know… when it feels like only your stomach is tired” she said

” Strange, you should see the physician, I’ll take you” he said

“No I can’t, I’m a physician myself so I’ll get it done” she replied and Jimin smiled

He held her face and stared hard

“Why?” She asked

“I love you” he said and she smiled widely

“I love you more” she said and hugged him

Cal turned to Riya from where they’re watching from

Riya is obviously boiling with anger

“Like what you’re seeing?” Cal said mockingly

“Stop trying to make fun of me” she replied

“He’s not worth you” Cal said, touching her right cheek, he rubbed it slowly and gave her an affectionate look before starting to lean in

Only small space is left between their lips when she moved away

“What are you doing” she said

“Sorry” replied

” I’ll end her life tomorrow, we’re doing it together” she said and he smiled.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 51 – 60

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