TO LIVE FOREVER: Episode 11 – 20

? To Live Forever ? ? Chapter 11? Written by: Tamara Blair A week later. ? Claribel’s P.o.v? “Aww, Jack Frost is so so cute” i squealed making Adrian groan in annoyance. We were at my house watching Rise of the guardians, it’s a animation movie. Adrian wanted to watch something scary but i forced … Read more

IDENTICAL- By Faith Lucky: Episode 11 – 20

?IDENTICAL? (Kind, cr@zy & cold-hearted) Episode 11 By: Faith Lucky. Kim ji (Kind): Mum flinched and looked at me. “Kim?” she called, confused. “What job are you talking about?” “I…overheard both of you talking about it. Sorry for eaves dropping. But, I’m really interested in the job. I want to do it” I said desperately. … Read more

IDENTICAL-By Faith Lucky: Episode 1 – 10

?IDENTICAL? (Kind, cr@zy & cold-hearted) Prologue By: Faith Lucky. Read the story of three identical sisters (triplets) who were separated from birth but got to meet again when they grew up. Wanna know their names? Meet Kim Ji (kind): She’s the kind nice sister who grew up to be rich. You can easily fall in … Read more


??K-POP MAID ? ? LICIA TIFE ON GOD Season 2(chapter 8) (not edited) ________________ JINA POV What She is Jin-Hyuk daughter This is not possible This can’t be possible ‘daddy meet my doll aunt’ she said as she dragged her dad towards me ‘hello’ he said ‘hi Mr jin’ I replied proudly ‘you know each … Read more