By Authoress Popcorn

Genre: Love And Suspense


When some people say dreams don’t come true, well it’s different for Erica Bruno. A girl with brown long hair, brown eyes with a heart face. She was very beautiful. Her life has been a total mess after she got into a weird accident, making her life change for better for worse.

She had an ability that whatever she dreamt of would definitely come to pass.

On the other hand, she met a man who was her boss. It was the same man she always see in her dreams. She felt there was a strong connection between them but something was wrong. He was a twin. She didn’t know which of them it was.

THE MAN IN MY DREAMS : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

Well, how would she find the man of her dreams or get pass their ruthless sister?



By Authoress Popcorn

Chapter One

“I love you” says the man in sparkling white suit. 5,7ft tall, blue eyes and pink lips. Everything about him was just perfect.

“I love you too” that was Erica’s reply.

As she walked closer to him, drawing her face closer to him to kss his soft lips, she heard a sound. It was very loud.

“Erica! Erica!”

“Aunt?” She sprung up from her little bed and quickly stood up.

She never knew that it was her alarm that was ringing. It was just 4a.m, time to get her chores done before leaving for her daily work.

She wore her dirty old robe and parked her long hair into a rough pony tail.

“Ah!” She yawned as she walked out of her room.

She went to the kitchen and washed the dirty dishes. As she washed them, she started dozing off.

She turned and heard her uncle’s voice.

“Oh hi, uncle Harris” she replied with her tiny cute voice that can make someone go ¢razy.

“Good morning. Why are you up so early?” He asked.

“Aunt asked me to wake up early if I want to do my chores quickly” she replied and washed her hands.
She was done with the plates.

“Oh. That’s good? Just be careful okay” he said, placing his hands on her face.

Erica smiled weirdly and walked away from the kitchen.

Harris watched her as she left the kitchen.
Erica washed the four toilets, three bathroom, two sitting room and four rooms in the whole house. She was done when it was 7a.m.

“Erica? Your breakfast is in the kitchen. You should eat fast and take the kids to school” her aunt, Winnie said.

“Sure aunt” she replied and went to the kitchen.

She stared at her two slice of bread and small quantity of tea that was in the kitchen.

She just took the bread and went to her little room to have her bath.

She wore a leather pants and black jacket and combed her long hair.
She didn’t want to apply any makeup because she didn’t have any. She was just naturally beautiful.

“Erica?” Winnie yelled from the sitting room.

“Coming aunt!” She yelled back and grabbed her shoulder purse.

She took her cousins to school. Sean and Sally, both six years.

“Aunt Erica?” Sally called out as they walked down the road.

“Yes sally?” She replied.

“Why did the school bus stop coming to pick us?” She asked.

Erica smiled and quickly made it disappear.
“No idea Sal. Why did you ask?”

“I hate seeing my friends coming to school with bus and cars when we walk on foot to school” she said.
“It hurts!” She added.

She stopped and squatted in front of them.
“You just wait. I’ll work hard and make sure you get to school in a very beautiful car” she said.

Sally face brightened up with a smile.

“Sure” she replied.

“You like that too sean?”

Sean nodded. He couldn’t talk. He was a mute.

“Come on, let’s go” she said and held their hands.


“Wow! Look who’s here!” Ava said to her friend, Erica who just rushed into the Cafe.

“Sorry I’m late girl. I was busy as hell” Erica said and went to change her clothes to the green polo.

She walked out wearing her apron.
“Is boss here?” She asked.

“You just got lucky. He isn’t here” she replied.

Erica sighed.
“Thank goodness. I had to clean the whole house today before coming”

“That’s your daily routine. You should just leave the house already girl. If I were you, I would have ran” Ava said and rolled her eyes.

Erica stared at her crazy childhood friend. Ava has been always there for her. Anytime she comes late from work and her aunt wouldn’t let her in, Ava would welcome her into her house.

Ava was just like her, cute with a beautiful smile.
She was a social media freak and always like to flirt with guys especially our customers.

“Hello, can I get a cup of hot coffee?”

Ava heard a masculine voice from the kitchen behind.
She rushed out and pushed me out of the way.

“Sure I would get you a cup of hot chocolate!” She said.

“Uh, I said coffee” he quickly corrected her.

Ava blinked repeatedly and blew him a kss.
“I know, just teasing you” she lied.

Erica chuckled and stared at the customer.
“I’m really sorry for that” she said.

“It’s okay” he replied.

Ava walked out minutes later with the coffee.
“That would be ten box” she said.

“I’ve paid” he said and pointed at Erica.

“Thanks” he said and left.

“Come again, next time!” She waved.

“Oh, he’s so cute” she bit her lower lips.

Erica shook her head and went to the kitchen.


Soon later, Olivia walked into the Cafe. She sat in front of the counter and placed her head on it.

“What’s up babe? Why are you?”

“Where’s Erica?” She asked.

“She’s in the kitchen!” Ava replied.

“Erica?” Olivia called out.

Erica walked out and leaned on the counter.
“Hey, why are you looking so dull?” She asked.

“I need you to go and sleep” Olivia replied and pouted her lips like she wanted to cry.

“Uh, why?” Ava asked, taking pictures of herself.

“You heard about the company that just open down the street” Olivia said, bringing her head closer to them.

Ava gasped and shot her mouth wide open.
“I heard the owner is a billionaire”

“Yeah, he is. I submitted my application form there and… I’m expecting a reply soon. I wanted her to dream and see if I get the job or not” she said.

Erica bursted into laughter.
“It’s just for danger not jobs” she said.

“Oh shit!” Olivia slapped her forehead.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you would get it soon” she said.

Erica sighed.
“I saw him in my dream again”

“The man in your dreams?” They both chorused.

Erica nodded.
“We should just try and look for this man so that we can have our leave of mind” Ava said.

“I just he’s not an old man or… Someone who is a farmer or fisherman” Olivia said, laughing loud.

“It’s not funny Olivia. I’ll help you with anything you want Erica” Ava said and Erica smiled.

“I’ll be in the kitchen. Good lunch getting your job Olivia” she said and left.

Ava pushed Olivia gently.
“Why do you just like to hurt her?”

“Duh, I don’t like her” she rolled her eyes.

“Well, if you don’t. Then just tell her you don’t than for you to act like you like her” Ava grinned her teeth angrily.

Olivia came down from the chair and flung her hair.
“I don’t care Ava”

“Olivia, she has saved your life twice. Is this how you would repay her?”

“Like I said, I don’t care! I’m leaving!” She turned and left the cafe.

Ava shook her head in disbelief.
“I can’t believe this” she murmured.


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