By Samuel Favour


Nyx lothario


It’s been six months with Ryder and I’ve been living in hell with me.

He hit me for the slightest thing I do and I miss Eric. When Ryder is not around I sneakily watch the news if there’s any news from Eric but he is still in coma.


I thought Seth would come for me but I’m sure he hated me because I’m the one that put Eric where he was.

I hate my life.

I thought I was doing the right thing but I was just digging my grave.

Bruises were all over my body and faded scars.

He was even scarier than my father.

I hate him

And it’s all because of me, I should have listened to Eric, I should have allowed him to explain now look at where I put myself.

I was driven with rage of him rapping me that I didn’t know I was making the wrong decision.

Ryder rapped me not even a day before I came here.

Almost every night he rapes me. At first I’ll scream and try to push him away but that’ll only make him angry.

H’ll h!t me until I passed out.

Now I just let him have his way.

I feel dirty, no matter how many times I scrub my body. My skin has lost its beauty, my face is filled with bruises and my eyes have turned dark purple.

Have had several broken ribs, sometimes I wouldn’t be able to walk at all and I don’t even know where I am.

All I know is that this house is surrounded by trees . I even tried to run away before but that was the most painful day of my life.

I scariest died that night from all the beating I received.

I’m scared of my dad but I’m more afraid of Ryder.

His a mon$ter

A bea$t

An angel in disguise

I hate him,

But who can I blame? It’s my fault, if I had rejected that dance, if I hadn’t shouted at Eric, if I had listened to him, if only I had just let him explain himself.

God, I’m the most stupid person ever.

Ryder was right, if there was an award for the stupidest person on earth I should be the person receiving the award.

Everytime Ryder goes out he locks the door, making me trapped.

I try my best to not anger him . Not like he doesn’t get angry everyday but I still try to avoid it

But I rather be beaten in the sitting room or in the bedroom when I’m taken to the basement where I woke up when I first came here. It’s always bad.

I wonder why he hasn’t killed me.

But everytime I asked he said he wants to kill me when he finally has Eric so he’ll kill me in front of him before finishing Eric off.

Ryder is really a psychopath.

Tears started to make their way through my eyes. The only peace of mind I had was when Ryder wasn’t at home.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard the door clicking.

I quickly stood up from the wooden chair at the dining table.

I watched as Ryder came in as fear rushed down my spin.

“Good evening master” I said with my head low.

He just hummed before going to sit on the couch.

I quickly rushed to pull his shoe with shaking hands.

When I was done I rushed to the kitchen to bring his food. Sometimes I wished Eric will not find me and at the same time I want him to find me.

If he does, Ryder will kill him and I don’t want that but I know I’m selfish but I want him to find me.

I miss him

I miss his smile.

I miss his arm wrapped around my waist.

I missed sleeping with him on the same bed.

I’m a ho.rrible person.

I quickly dished Ryder food as I made my way to the sitting room.

But I stopped when I heard something from the TV.

My eyes move to the television.

“The youngest billionaire has finally woken up after six months”.

The tray of food fell from my hand as I stood there in shock.

A wave of happiness was what I felt.

Eric is awake, finally but my smile was gibe immediately when I saw Ryder in front of me looking pissed.

Before I could quickly apologize he grabbed my hair and I knew where he was taking me to.

He was taking me to the basement.

I started to scream trying to get away from his hold but I knew he’s not going to happen.

I was really scared.

Eric please save me.


Seth MacFarlane

Since this past six month I’ve been busy, taking over Eric’s company and mine.

It has been really stressful, sometimes I get pissed a d frustrated that I take it out on my employee.

But thankfully Mr Williams was a help.

Immediately I told had that Eric was in coma he quickly rushed here.

At first I was really pissed with him but I just let go of it whatever between him and Eric was all on the part .

Although all this tears he has been trying to make it up with Eric but Eric hasn’t fully forgiven him.

He looked after Eric company and always visit him in the hospital.

Thus six months without Eric was the worst . Nit having Eric by my side was torture.

Me and Eric hasn’t be apart from each other ever since we were a child.

We are only apart from each other when we’re on business trip abd it only takes either 2 days or a week.

I was going through some files in Eric’s company when I got a call from the hospital that Eric was awake.

I quickly rushed out if the building entering NY car before I drove to the hospital.

My hands were shaking as I began to cry.

He’s finally awake.

I haven’t been able to sleep for a while, smile I haven’t.

Reaching the hospital I rushed to his room and there he was sitting and eating.

Immediately he looked at my I couldn’t help but cry the more as I rushed to hug him.

“E..Eric” I said choking on my tears.

“Who are you?”

I froze as I pulled away from the hug.

“ don’t re.. remember me”

“Where you important to me?” He asked.

I wanted to say something but nothing was coming out of my mouth.

“Doctor” I screamed.

But then Eric started to laugh as I gave him a confused look.

“You needed to see your face Seth, off course I’ll remember my best friend”.

I stared at Eric laughing feeling confused but when I finally digested what was going on I hit him on his head.

“Are you out if your fucking mind, I thought you didn’t remember me?”

“You did it for me when we were young so just consider this as payback”.

I told him abiyt what had been happening since he was in coma and he looked shocked when I told him he was In coma for six months.

I hated to bring this topic to him but ingad too.



I looked at him seriously before I opened my mouth “when are we going to rescue Nyx, I know I should have but I couldn’t do anything without you. She’s still with Ryder”

Eric looked at me confused…

“Whose Nyx, never heard of that name before ”

“Ohh, stop that trash , you already got your revenge now focus ”

“I’m serious Seth I know who that bastard Ryder us but who the hell is Nyx “..

“I really don’t know who she is?”

“You’re joking right ” I said as I was already scared…

“I’m serious Seth I don’t know who is Nyx, the only girl I know is Ariel “.

Then I found myself looking at Eric in shock he doesn’t remember Nyx, this is bad.


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  1. So painful and touching
    Am already in tears rest in peace Seth but you shouldn’t have die
    Eric take it easy with Nyx am sure she also felt bad
    More strength author

    • It really painful ….Seth was not supposed to die and Nyx is really the most annoying and foolish character for believing some one she just met how could she be this unreasonable because of her Seth is gone ??

  2. No she should go through worse ? I hate her for klling set can’t she just obey instructions once in her fking life ????????? I h.ate you Nyx you deserve more pain than the one you are going through fk you Nyx

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