The Dreaded Thirty

Episode 3

Isn’t it awesome how you can meet someone amazing at the time you least expected it. After a sad breakup, most people take too long to heal and get back on their feets again and that was the case of Sandra. It wasn’t easy for her to come to terms that her dream of getting married and starting a family at the age of 24 was not going to be a reality. That was a lot for the ambitious lady to take in but with time, she gradually accepted the sad reality that was right before her. Regardless of the little twist in Sandra’s love story, she was still optimistic and hoped for a good turn around before age 25 elapses.

At this junction, it’s safe to say that Sandra still hadn’t taken her cousin’s advice to take life slowly and stop putting pressure on herself. Another thing that made matters worse was her mum’s persistent request for a son inlaw. The elderly woman kept asking her daughter when to expect her suitors but Sandra gave no tangible reply to her desperate mother.

With everything that was ongoing in Sandra’s life, meeting Dominic was a blessing to her. There was just something about the gentleness of Dominic that blew her mind away and made her want to know him more. He was jaw-drop handsome and the perfect medicine for her bl.eeding heart. Their eyes remained locked together as they picked up the items that fell off the basket.

“Nice meeting you Dominic, my name is Sandra. You don’t have to worry about helping me, I am fine” Sandra calmly said. Dominic still went on to help her pick the items despite telling him not to bother. In no time, they were done picking the items and hurriedly stood up to their feets. “Sorry about that, I wasn’t looking towards my direction. Hope I didn’t hurt you?” He inquired and she said “No”. They spoke for a little while before walking down to the cashier for pay out.

As they walked towards the cashier’s counter, Dominic engaged Sandra in a conversation. “Do you live around here?” He asked, “Yes I do, my house is just few blocks away” she replied. Dominic revealed that he lived far away but just came around for some groceries shopping. They talked a little bit more before finally arriving at the counter. Their goods were checked individually and the bills were given to each of them.

As Sandra was about paying for hers, Dominic immediately prevented her from doing so and revealed that he would foot the bill. “What a gentleman!” Sandra thought to herself. In order not to look too easy, she turned down his kind gesture but he still insisted to foot the bill.

Deep down in Sandra’s heart, she was helplessly falling for Dominic but showed no clue at all. She managed to comport herself throughout those minutes they were together. After checking out, they left the supermarket and headed to the parking lot. Sandra didn’t have a car but Dominic did have one. He asked to drop her off wherever she was headed to and she surprisingly agreed.

That day was the beginning of a friendship between Dominic and Sandra. Few days later, they met each other again at a nice restaurant for dinner. They were both happy to see each other again and enjoyed each other’s company. Sandra kept hoping that Dominic would ask her out but that didn’t seem as though it would happen anytime soon. Dominic didn’t rush things by took his time to get to know her better before any other thing.

It’s been over 2 weeks since Sandra crossed path with Dominic. Due to over excitment, she already told her friends about the new guy she met which was no other person than ‘Dominic’. In Sandra’s imagination, she had already pictured herself getting married to him. With high expectations, she waited for Dominic to ask her out but he still hadn’t done so.

After waiting for over a month without any show, Sandra realised it was best she did something to upgrade her relationship status with Dominic from ‘Casual Friends’ to ‘Lovers’. There was no way she was going to let him slip through her hands; not when she genuinely liked him and also needed to get married as soon as possible. She waited for the perfect time to make her move and finally did so one fateful day.

It happened one day that Sandra and Dominic were to meet up after work hours. He drove down to her house to pick her up before heading to the restaurant. “You look beautiful today as always” Dominic complimented and Sandra blushed. She thanked him for the compliment and felt as though it was her lucky day to make her move.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they alighted and walked inside to have dinner. Food was served and they ate happily. They talked about random things and smiled while at it.

After about an hour, Sandra figured it was the right time to shoot her shots. She was a bit nervous and shy but managed to put those discouraging emotions aside and pour her feelings out once and for all. Without prior notice, she striked out of nowhere. “I have something to tell you” she said, “Ok dear, go ahead I am listening” Dominic responded and leaned back on the chair to listen properly.

Tensed and nervous, Sandra took a deep breath and dropped a shocker; “I am in Love with You!”

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