The Dreaded Thirty

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 8

If believing in Love is a crime, then I will gladly take the lead to my cell room and if Loving is wrong, then I never want to be right. What an amazing feeling it is to believe in something as beautiful and uplifting as Love. God’s timing is the best when it comes to finding your soulmate and it’s safe to say that George and Sandra were meant to be.

The proposal of a lifetime took place in George’s bedroom on the very day Sandra dreaded all her life. A day that began with uncertainties of what the future held for her marital life, happened to be the day her ‘Beau’ put a ring on it.

There were diverse emotions in the air that morning because everything still felt like a dream to Sandra. She found herself crying, smiling and laughing at the same time after George popped the question. George was all smiles as he calmly stared at his future wife to-be, waiting for her to accpet his proposal. On seeing that she couldn’t stop crying, he drew closer to her and knelt down where she was kneeling too.

“Babe you are leaving me hanging, I need to hear my ‘Yes’ because I’m dying to kiss you right now” George calmly said and before he knew it, Sandra planted a soft kiss on his lips and whispered into his ears “Yes, Yes, Yes.. I love you so so much”. Immediately she officially accepted the proposal, he smiled and held her waist tightly. They kissed passionately afterwards and didn’t want to let go of their grip on one another. It was such a beautiful and everlasting memory that would always linger in their hearts.

Finally, Sandra was now officially taken off the market. Words would fail me to fully explain the joy that overtook Sandra’s heart at that moment. It felt as if her whole life just began that day. No matter how many proposal videos you watch or how many proposals you might have been a witness to, you will never truly understand that feeling until you are the one proposing or being proposed to. Everything felt magical and that birthday turned out to be the best birthday ever in Sandra’s life.

After the birthday celebration, the couple officially broke their engagement news to their families and friends over the phone. Everyone couldn’t contain their joy as they shared in the couple’s joy. Sandra kept flashing her ring to anyone that gave her audience. They all laughed and blushed at the newly engaged lady.

Days passed and the wedding preparation began. Despite the date being months ahead, the couple took no chance in making preparation towards their big day. Sandra began to get her bridal train and wedding dress together, same with George. They began preparing early so as not to rush or miss anything.

Everyone was super excited and couldn’t wait for the days to drew nearer to the D-day. While there was rejoicing in one camp, I can’t say same for Dominic’s camp.

It turns out that Dominic heard about Sandra’s proposal on social media and had been feeling uneasy ever since. It’s been months since Sandra clearly put him in his place by telling him that she was in a serious relationship with someone else. Despite getting the message clearly, he somehow felt they would break up along the way so he could have another shot with her. But unfortunately, Sandra and her Beau were now officially engaged and were headed to the alter.

As the days went by and the wedding drew near, Dominic figured it was best he acted fast or else it would be too late for him to ever have Sandra to himself again. He thought of what to do but no idea was forth coming for weeks. After about a month later of being clueless on what to do, the desperate man decided to take the bull by the horn and approach George face to face.

Due to Sandra’s constant tags on George’s social media accounts, Dominic was able to know his identity and where he worked. After gathering enough details, the desperate man stricked one fateful afternoon.

It happened one busy afternoon at work that George received a notice from his secretary, saying someone wanted to see him. When George asked for the person’s identity, the secretary revealed the name ‘Dominic’. Without knowing anyone that bears that name, he asked the secretary to let the person in.

While George waited for the unknown visitor, his mind went down memory lane to the day Sandra revealed a certain ‘Dominic’ to him. He doubted if it was the same person from his fiance’s past but maintained his cool as he waited for the person to walk into his office.

Few minutes later, an equally handsome gentleman walked into George’s office. “Hello, nice meeting you George'” the stranger said, “Nice meeting you too, my secretary says you are Dominic, right?” George inquired just to be very sure and the gentleman nodded ‘Yes’ and took his seat.

There was silence for few seconds as both of them looked confused on what to do next. George was the first to break the silence after he figured Dominic was holding back his speech.

“Please how can I help you?” George asked and Dominic smiled faintly. He looked at George for few seconds before finally breaking his silence. “You have something that belongs to me and I want it back” he bluntly said.

Immediately, George figured whom Dominic truly was. He sat up properly and prepared for whatever was about to go down. Suddenly, the atmosphere became tensed as two men that were in love with one woman were about to confront themselves. There was fire on the mountain but no one was running yet.

When Dominic was done making that funny statement, George smiled faintly and shook his head. “Now I know whom you are. You are my fiance’s friend, aren’t you?” He said but Dominic wasn’t there for jokes. “George or whatever you call yourself, I am here to tell you to back off from Sandra; she is mine and has always been mine. I don’t bloody care if you put a ring on her finger, I would replace it immediately you exit our lives. Do you get it?” Dominic angrily said.

At that moment, George lost his cool because it’s apparent that Dominic had crossed the line. “I would let everything you just said slide because I don’t expect much from a guy that let a beautiful and precious jewel like Sandra slip through his fingers. Now listen, if you think I am moved by these your empty words, then you must have another think coming and if you also think that I will leave Sandra for a loser like you, then you must be crazy. You should be wearing glasses because it’s apparent your eyes are in bad condition. If your eyes were perfectly fine, then you would have seen the gold in her when you both were still friends, but it’s clear you couldn’t see well enough. I forgive you for barging into my office unannounced but I won’t be too nice if I still see you here in the next two minutes. Get lost because I am never letting go of Sandra’s hand. Make sure to shut the door behind you. Nonsense!” George furiously said.

With the look of things, it’s safe to say that ‘world war 3’ was about to go down that very afternoon because Dominic was not ready to step an inch outside that office until George comply to his demands.

Just as things were about to get messy, the door opened and it was no other person than Sandra. Immediately she entered inside with a food hamper that contained her fiance’s lunch, her eyes jammed with Dominic’s eyes and her heart dropped.

Out of shock, the hamper fell off Sandra’s hand and scattered on the floor. She held her chest and curiously said; “What in the world is going on here?”.

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