The Dreaded Thirty

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 9

Final Episode

Regret is a painful and unpleasant experience that no one deserves to go through. It’s quite difficult to know if a certain situation would lead to regrets because no one knows tomorrow. When it comes to the matter of the heart, it’s better to trade wisely and with caution so as not to lose someone precious in your life. Dominic unfortunately found himself in a tight position when Sandra was still in his life. He couldn’t have done anything differently to save his relationship with her then because he had someone else in his life. Reagradless, Dominic just have to deal with the sad reality that he has lost Sandra and wasn’t getting her back without a fight.

On seeing Dominic in George’s office, Sandra was extremely shocked because she never imagined such thing happening. The only thing she could find herself saying at that moment was “What is going on here?”.

There was silence for a while before George spoke out. “Babe, I am equally as surprised as you are. This man showed up in my office unannounced and has been making empty threats since he got here. I’m at that verge of losing my composure and manners if he doesn’t leave my office this very minute” he angrily said.

Immediately George was done talking, Sandra turned towards Dominic’s direction and confronted him. “Why are you here after I told you clearly few months ago that I am in a serious relationship with someone else. When you told me years back that you were in a relationship, hence we couldn’t be lovers, I respected your relationship and took a permanent walk out of your life. I never invaded your life neither did I disrupt your happiness with your significant other. Why can’t you do same now the table has turned and you are on the hot seat? Listen very clearly, don’t let this happen again, otherwise I won’t be this nice. Please if you can’t share in my happiness as an old time friend, then don’t bother showing your face in my life again. The least you can do is to be happy for me and wish me well, not barge into my fiance’s office to make empty threats. I don’t want anything to do with you so please, back off my life for good and never show your face again. I pray you find the right person for you because that person is clearly not me. If you have nothing positive to say or do, then I think it’s best you leave my fiance’s office” she outrightly said.

For some strange reasons, the atmosphere calmed down a bit and was not longer as tensed as it was when Sandra initially came in. Dominic was down but didn’t let his weakness show. He shook his head and sighed before walking out the door. But before he left, he looked at the couple and said “Happy Married Life”.

After Dominic left the office, Sandra hugged George tightly and gave him a peck on his lips. “I am sorry babe, I have no idea how he got your office address” she sadly revealed but George told her not to worry and that he understands how far a desperate person can go. Immediately, he called his secretary and instructed her not to let Dominic into his office again. He also told his secretary to call the cleaners so they can clean up the mess from the food hamper.

After that day, George and Sandra became more discreet about their personal lives. They posted less on social media and even put their accounts on private. The last thing they needed was another unexpected visit from Dominic. As the days went by, the couple gradually forgot about the incident that happened days back and didn’t let it steal their joy anymore.

As Sandra and George’s wedding day drew nearer, they couldn’t be more happier. George bought a new house to start his new family and moved from his old apartment to the house. Sandra was extremely happy when she heard the good news. Their future seemed extremely promising and at the look of things, it’s safe to say that their marriage would be blissful.

Planning a wedding wasn’t as easy as Sandra had first thought. Despite having a wedding planner, she was still very much involved in her wedding preparations. While she was busy trying to get her bridal train together, she was also trying to come up with the perfect wedding vows for George.

This struggle can also be relatable to George too because he was going through the same thing. The quest for the perfect wedding vows wasn’t an easy one for both parties. They wanted their vows to come from the heart and also wanted it to be as genuine as possible. However, there wasn’t much time on their hands to come up with the best vows ever.

Finally, the D-day came and everyone was so excited to gather for the wedding ceremony of two people that were so dear to their hearts. Everyone dressed their best as they arrived the church venue to witness the joining together in holy matrimony of Sandra and George. The couple arrived shortly and the church wedding began.

After series of activities, it was now time for the couple to say their vows to each other. Geoege was the first to say his vows so the floor was given to him to do so. At first he was nervous but immediately he looked into Sandra’s eyes, the words began to flow effortlessly. “Today still seems like a dream to me because never in my lifetime did I ever imagine myself getting married to an amazing lady like you. Since the day you walked into my life, all you have done is show me what true love means. You came into my life at a time I least expected to meet my soulmate. It took me zero minute to realize that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am not good with making promises but I promise to make everyday of your life a beautiful one. So far as I live, you will have no reason to cry. Everything you will ever need or want, I will provide. I forgive you in advance for your flaws, mistakes and shortcomings. Divorce is never an option in our marriage. I promise to be the best husband to you and I promise to never let you down. I love you today, tomorrow and forevermore baby. Thank you for choosing me!” He said.

Before George finished saying his vows, tears began to drip from Sandra’s eyes. Her heart melted instantly due to the magnitude of George’s vows. She looked into his eyes with her teary eyes and said; “I could say ‘Thank you’ to God for a thousand years for bringing you into my life, but it still won’t be enough to express how thankful I am to God for making me cross path with an angel like you. Being your wife is one of the best things that ever happened to me because I get to wake up right next to you for the rest of my life. I waited too long for you but you were worth the wait. I promise to love you for the rest of my life and make you a happy man all your life. You are my angel, my king and lover. My heart is and will forever be yours. Thank you for making me the happiest woman ever. I love you baby!” She said.

The whole atmosphere suddenly began emotional and everyone couldn’t help but tear up, blush or smile. It was such a memorable moment for the love birds as they seal their union before God. Rings were exchanged and the couple kissed passionately afterwards. It was such a beautiful ceremony with positive vibes only.

Shortly afterwards, the reception kicked off. Everyone headed for the venue to wine, dine and make merry in celebration of George and Sandra’s union. Everyone danced in excitement with the couple and had the best time of their lives. The couple were all smiles and had great fun at their wedding ceremony.

After the wedding, everyone retired to their various houses. Sandra and George retired to a hotel for an early honeymoon retreat. Their wedding night was blissful as the couple intimately ministered to each other. Sandra had the best night of her life because George was very good in bed and knew how to handle her. They had the best time of their life and it was a great kick start to their ‘Forever’ journey. The honeymoon lasted for two weeks before their life gradually returned back to normal for the newly weds.

Days and months passed and life was nothing but blissful for Sandra and George. One fateful day, Sandra woke up feeling sick, she threw up a couple of times and decided to visit the pharmacy to buy a pregnant test kit on her way back from work. After work that day, she went to the pharmacy to buy the test kits. When she returned home, she went into the bathroom to test herself and confirm her doubts. The test results came out ‘Positive’ and Sandra almost collapsed due to excess joy. She held her chest as she tried to digest the good news.

Immediately George returned from the office that day, Sandra ran and hugged him tightly. “Babe, you seem very happy, what’s going on?” He curiously asked. Tears dropped from her eyes as she handed over the test kits to him. As George confusingly looked at the test, his eyes cleared when he saw ‘Positive’ clearly written on the screen. Out of excitement, he screamed for joy and gave his wife a tight hug. He kssed her pa.ssionately and kept saying “Thank you Lord”. The couple kept the news to themselves for a while before informing their family and friends. Everyone shared in their joy and were very happy for them.

Just when the couple felt God had done so much for them, they weren’t aware that he was about to blow their minds away. Turns out that they went for scan to find out the s*x of their baby. After the scan, the doctor dropped a shocker; “You are having twins!” The doctor happily announced.

Oh My! You need to see how happy Sandra and George were. They were extremely happy and didn’t know why God was embarrassing them with blessings upon blessings. With the look of things, it’s safe to say that God’s mighty hands were upon them. Their union was blessed and there was no two ways about it.

Sandra’s pregnancy was without many complications. She was pampered by her husband, family members and friends; whatever she needed was given to her. As the delivery date drew nearer, everyone prayed and asked God for safe delivery.

One fateful evening on the 9th month, Sandra’s water broke and she was rushed into the labour room. She had severe contractions but was positive that she would give birth safely. After about 20 minutes of labour, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and girl and they were named ‘Restore & Hope’.

God is never in a hurry, but always on time. Don’t rush God, but rather trust his timing and believe that he would never put you to shame. God wants the best for you more than you want the best for yourself, so trust his best for you!

The End! ?

Written by Sonia Okehie

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