The Dreaded Thirty

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 5

There’s time for everything under the sun. When things don’t go exactly the way you want them to, don’t feel sad or discouraged because it could be that it isn’t your time for manifesting yet. When we begin to see life this way, we would attain a certain level of peace; knowing that what’s rightly ours would never miss us but would locate us at the right time. I believe Sandra wasn’t aware of this truth, hence the reason she tried to rush life, but that doesn’t mean she was now ‘black listed’ from receiving God’s blessings.

Just as they say, the best things of life happens unexpected. God loves to show up when all hope is lost in a situation so that way, all glory would go to his name. If things had gone the way Sandra predicted, she wouldn’t see the need to acknowledge God’s mighty hands upon her life as the author and finisher. She would have probably given all credit to her beauty and we know God doesn’t love to be a ‘Tag Along’ in our story.

While Sandra thought of ending her own life due to her deteriorating mental and emotional health, God was already a thousand steps ahead of her and was about to set a feast table in the midst of the crisis. God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so is God’s ways higher than our ways and his thoughts than our thoughts. The mystery of God’s works makes him interesting and amazing. That way, we can never get tired or familiar with God.

Immediately after the accident, Sandra fell on the ground and was bleeding profusely. The impact from the accident was too intense and had injured her head greatly. Sandra was lying lifeless on the ground and it brought great fear on the handsome gentleman that hit her. The cry for help lasted shortly before the gentleman carried her into his car and drove off in high speed to a nearby hospital.

Sandra was immediately rushed to the emergency ward for treatment, while the gentleman gave reports on what happened. That moment was indeed a scary one for the gentleman and he kept praying for a miracle in Sandra’s healing. He made calls to some friends and they were there shortly to support him.

After about five hours of waiting, a doctor came to the waiting room and informed the gentleman and his friends that Sandra was now responding to treatment. What a huge relief it brought to everyone because it meant that Sandra would be ok. The hospital bill was paid and they were allowed to see the patient later on.

It was already getting late at this point but the gentleman insisted on waiting till he could see Sandra. When he entered Inside her room, the state at which he found her wasn’t good at all, due to the bandages that were on her head and body. Everyone felt bad for her due to her condition, and prayed for a fast recovery.

After spending almost a whole day at the hospital, the gentleman had to leave with his friends because it was getting very late. “I will be here first thing tomorrow morning, please takecare of her very well. See you tomorrow” he said and took his leave.

Shortly, Sandra’s bag was searched and her phone was found. Her family were contacted by the doctor on duty that night. They agreed to be at the hospital first thing the next day.

First thing the following day, the guy was the first to arrive before Sandra’s family members. Fortunately, Sandra was awake at the time so they started talking. “I am so sorry for hitting you, everything happened so fast. My name is George and you? ” he said. Sandra was too numb and in so much pain to keep the conversion going but managed to reveal her name too. She replied with a faint smile on her face as he spoke calmly to her.

Fortunately, that day was the beginning of something beautiful for Sandra but she wasn’t aware yet. Due to the disappointments and heartbreaks in the past, she didn’t want to acknowledge the gentleman’s fine qualities and handsomeness. She turned blind eyes to those things and only concentrated on getting better.

A week later, Sandra was discharged from the hospital. By that time, she had grown fond of George due to all the times they spent togther at the hospital while she was admitted. He visited her everyday and kept her company whenever her family was absent. George paid the remaining hospital bills and drove her home that day. Sandra’s mum was in the car as they drove to her daughter’s house.

All through the ride, Sandra was asleep in the front sit, while her mum gave directions from the back seat. George stole glances at the sleeping beauty and for some strange reasons, he was happy having her as a part of his life. The way she laid back on the car seat as she slept, got him mesmerized by her beauty and pink lips.

All of a sudden, this new guy was into Sandra more than any other guy from her past. Her mom noticed the way he looked towards her direction as he drove the car. The elderly woman could tell that George liked her daughter and it made her a bit happy.

Finally, they arrived at their destination. Jayce gently tapped Sandra to wake her up. When she opened her eyes, she was happy that they had gotten to her house and she thanked George for being too kind and caring. “Thanks for everything, I can’t thank you enough for your kind heart and gesture. God bless you” Sandra said, “Don’t mention, it’s my pleasure” he replied.

Instantly, Sandra’s mum figured she needed to give them some privacy so she excused herself and walked inside the apartment. Sandra was about to alight from the car too but was stopped by George. “Can we talk?” He asked, “Yeah, sure!” She surprisingly replied. George took a deep breath and said; “I would love to see you again, can that be possible?” He asked.

That question threw Sandra off balance because she wasn’t expecting any advances from an amazing gentleman such as George. She didn’t want to get her hopes high, due to all that happened to her in the past. Despite the walls she was trying to build around her heart, George was bound on crushing them.

“Can I see you again?” George repeated and Sandra finally gave a reply. “Yes you can, but why?” She curiously inquired. He smiled faintly, looked into her eyes and said; “Because you are amazing and I love talking to you.

Sandra was a bit shy and looked downwards. Her subtle gestures drove George crazy and before she knew it, he leaned forward and gave her a soft Peck on the Cheek.

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