The Dreaded Thirty

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 7

It’s funny how the dev!l shows up Before and After a Miracle. Once you get closer to your breakthrough, the devil becomes restless and seeks for every means possible to ruin your joy. But how wonderful it is that we serve a God of justice that sees and knows all things. A God that raises a standard against the devises of the enemy. The devil might have thought he had won but God was not about to fold his arms and let a silly text message, ruin a beautiful relationship between George and Sandra. Tensions are high and Fingers crossed as we anticipate what was about to go down that very afternoon.

Immediately George read that single sentence that sent chills down his spine, he removed his eyes from Sandra’s phone and tried to redirect his focus back to what he was working on, but it was almost impossible for his mind to completely ignore that text message. As a mature and reasonable man that George was, he kept the information to himself and didn’t say a word to Sandra who was busy cooking in the kitchen. Deep down in his heart, he wanted to see her reaction when she returns and reads the text.

After about an hour later, Sandra returned to the livingroom to inform George that food was ready to be served. He smiled and walked straight to the dining table as Sandra brought the food from the kitchen and served him. The meal looked absolutely delicious and George couldn’t help but compliment her food. “This taste amazing, thanks babe” he said with a faint smile and Sandra blushed afterwards. “You are welcome dear, I already ate some in the kitchen while cooking so my tummy is a bit full. I will join you if I get slightly hungry again” she replied and walked to the livingroom to have a seat.

As Sandra walked to the livingroom, George observed her subtly as she took her seat and picked up her phone from where it was lying. Immediately she looked at the phone’s screen, her face changed instantly and looked as that of a confused person. The atmosphere was quiet as she scrolled through her phone in silence. George behaved as though he was engrossed in his food but was actually watching her every move. No one said a word to each other for about two minutes, till Sandra broke the silence.

“Hi Babe, uhrmm, I think I should share this with you because we promised that we wouldn’t keep any secrets in this relationship” Sandra confusingly said and walked towards George with her phone on her palm. George behaved as though he knew nothing and immediately showed concern. “What’s that babe? Is everything ok? Talk to me boo” he said in a concerned tone. She had no idea that he already knew what she was about to reveal to him.

When Sandra got to where George was seated, she handed her phone over to him and sat next to him at the dinning table. “Babe I just received a text from a guy I used to know several years back. He was a friend to me but was in a relationship at the time so we remained friends and didn’t take anything further. I just received a message from him now saying he wants me back. We were never in an intimate relationship when we were still in close contact with each other. We were only friends then so it’s quite shocking to receive this sort of message from him. I wouldn’t lie, I was attracted to him then but that feeling and attraction died years back. We promised each other that there would be no secrets in this relationship, that’s why I feel it’s right for me to reveal this to you” she calmly said.

For the first time in George’s life, he crushed any remaining doubts he had and gave a lady his 100% loyalty and trust. Deep down, he was scared that Sandra would keep that little detail from him, but was amazed at how she came clean and was totally honest to her Man and her Relationship. If he was initially having any doubts about marrying Sandra, all doubts vanished at that moment due to that tiny seed of honesty. It was after she was done talking that he spoke for the first time.

“I love you so much baby, thanks for being honest about little things like this, it means I can trust you with big things too. You are genuine and I respect you even more now than I did before. I love you baby” George calmly said and gave Sandra a passionate kiss on her soft lips. He didn’t reveal to her that he already saw the text message.

George dusted everything beneath the rug and held her tightly as they locked lips together. He later told Sandra to reply Dominic and handle the situation however she deemed fit. He assured her that he trusted her and would let her handle everything the way she felt was the best. Case closed!

That day was such a blessing in disguise for the two lovebirds because their relationship became 10 times stronger afterwards. A text message the devil intended to ruin them with, ended up making them more stronger and in love with one another. It’s such a relief that the case ended almost immediately it started. Praise God!

Days passed and it got closer to Sandra’s Golden Thirtieth (30th) birthday. At that point in her life, she wasn’t bothered anymore if she clocked 30 and was still unmarried. For some strange reasons, she was no longer deeply rooted into that fear she initially had of staying unmarried till age 30. Sandra now loved her life and accepted every circumstance of her life wholeheartedly. As the golden age drew nearer, she had no idea of the surprise that laid ahead. God was about to surprise her but she had no idea of what was coming.

It turns out that George bought a beautiful engagement ring immediately after the incident that happened with Dominic. He kept it in his possession waiting for the appointment time to propose to Sandra but never found the right time to do so. As her 30th birthday drew nearer, he came up with an awesome idea for the engagement.

It happened on the eve of Sandra’s 30th birthday. She wasn’t feeling too well so George when down to her house and drove her to his house so he could take proper care of her that night. When she arrived at his house, she took her bath, ate and drank some medication she came along with before dozing off to sleep. There wasn’t any time for them to talk or bond due to Sandra’s health condition.

As Sandra slept that night, he gently inserted the ring into her finger and kissed her forehead before retiring to the guest room to sleep there. Fortunately, she slept all night without waking up in between sleeps so as not to notice the shinny ring on her finger. Everything was still unknown till the next morning.

When Sandra woke up that morning, she was feeling better and did her normal stretch. She was still feeling sleepy but knelt down to pray to God because it was her 30th birthday. She bowed her head and said; “Dear Lord, thank you for everything. There are so many reasons for me to cry today but I choose not to dwell on those reasons, but rather to dwell on the reasons that put smiles on my face. I thank you for life and for every wonderful person in my life today. I specifically thank you for my loving partner George. I would spend forever praying if I begin to list out everything I am grateful for today. I love you so much Lord and Happy birthday to me. May today bring me more joy than sorrow. Amen!” She calmly said.

When Sandra was done praying, she had no idea that George was at the door listening to every word. He remained unnoticed till she opened her eyes and was about getting up when her eyes caught the huge shiny object that was in her finger. It took few seconds before her mind could wrap around the fact that it was an engagement ring.

Immediately Sandra figured out what was going on and was about screaming, George’s voice interrupted from behind saying; “Babe, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”.

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