The Dreaded Thirty

Written by Sonia Okehie

Episode 6

How beautiful and amazing your life would turn out if you leave God to take the wheel. Who would have thought in a thousand years that Sandra will find love in a man that almost unkownly granted her suicidal wish. Isn’t it amazing that she found a man that surpassed her imaginations at the oddest times. Listen, when your time comes to be loved right by the partner God has destined for you, even if you are outside the surface of this earth, God would show up with your partner. At last, Sandra was one step closer to receiving the love she deserved and have always dreamed of. When you finally meet the right person for you, everything just feels easy and willingly without the need to force anything.

After that soft peck on Sandra’s cheek by George, her heart melted instantly. For a second, the whole world paused as she stared into his shiny eyes. The perfume George was wearing was very pleasant and almost sent Sandra to cloud 9. Such pleasant smell coming from a dead-drop handsome gentleman. Oh My, she was already in Heaven! .

Suddenly, the atmosphere became intoxicating with genuine and authentic feelings in the air. Sandra was a bit shy and tried as much as possible to avoid eye contacts with George. After about a minute of silence, they finally broke the silence.

“I’ll be going inside now, thanks for the ride and have a nice day” Sandra gently said and alighted from the car. George didn’t want her to go but had to take things slow. “Ensure to get some rest, I will call you later to check up on you. Say ‘Goodbye’ to your mum for me” he calmly said and bid her a final ‘Goodbye’ as she walked inside her apartment.

Everything still felt like a dream to both of them because neither of them were expecting the peck. George waited for a little while before driving off to his destination. Immediately Sandra entered inside the house, she began to blush and her mum couldn’t help but notice the beaming smile on her daughter’s face. “Hmmm, somebody is happy today. Ok oo!” Her mum playfully commented. Sandra blushed even more and went straight to her room to avoid more questions from her mum.

All through that day, Sandra couldn’t get her mind off George; same with him. They thought about each other and couldn’t effectively do any other thing that day. Just as promised, he called her in the evening to check up on her and they spoke for few minutes before ending the call.

Everything still felt like a dream to the surprised lady but she played cool regardless. That night, she took it up to God in prayer because her heart wasn’t going to survive another disappointment or heartbreak. “Father, I know I have done alot of things in the past and also made so many decisions without inviting you to take the lead. God I’m really beginning to like this amazing man that you brought my way but this time around, I need your guidance and discernment. Please don’t let me go too deep with him if he isn’t in your will for me. I need your guidance please father, don’t let me go astray again. I trust your counsel for my life and leave everything to the potter’s hand (God). Take the lead and glorify your name in my life. Amen!” She prayed.

For the first time in Sandra’s life, she was at peace with her decision, herself and with God. It was truly an indicator that George was the missing piece to her puzzle. She laid back on the bed and slept like a new born baby.

From that day henceforth, a beautiful relationship was born between George and Sandra. Everyday in that relationship felt surreal to the two lovebirds. Initially, Sandra was taking things a step at a time but finally brought down her guards when George continually proved to her that he was for real.

They went on dates together almost every weekend. George was very close to Sandra’s mum because she treated him like her son. Gradually, all Sandra’s family members got to know about him and his family also got to know about Sandra too. At this point in their relationship, it was evident that they were headed for the alter. Just when everything was going smoothly in these two lovebirds relationship, something unexpected happened.

One fateful afternoon, Sandra visited her man because it was weekend. George had complained during the week that he missed her; as they couldn’t see each other during the week due to the workload of activities they had to tend to. Seeing each other that weekend made them really happy.

When Sandra arrived George’s appartment, they hugged each other tightly before heading to the kitchen to prepare something they would eat. As she left for the kitchen, her phone was left behind in the livingroom where George was working on his laptop; trying to finish up an important business document.

Few minutes after Sandra left to the kitchen, her phone began to beep continuously. George initially didn’t want to look towards her phone, but was drawn to just look through to see what was responsible for the continuous beeping.

One look at the notification column and George’s heart instantly dropped due to what he saw. His heart raced as he looked at the last message that was sent.

The message was from a guy named ‘Domic’ which read; “Sandra I need you back!”.

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