By Authoress Popcorn

Chapter Eleven

Kelvin entered into the elevator and head to the last floor.
He found Calvin with his mom and arrogant sister.

“Hey mom!” He said and kssed his mother’s cheek.

“How are you Kelvin?” She asked.

“Very well”

“Where is Erica?” Calvin quickly asked.

Kelvin frowned.
“Am I her keeper?”

“Don’t be too arrogant Kelvin. Be like your brother and smile” his mother said.

“I’ll be in my room” he said and left.

Calvin held his mother.
“Come on, let’s go”

Their sister was just on her phone throughout.
As they took their mother to her room, she screamed in the elevator.

THE MAN IN MY DREAMS : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“What is it Barbie?!” Calvin yelled.

“Stacy just followed me on Instagram. I know she would one day and yay! Here it is” she cheered.

Calvin rolled his eyes while their mother just smiled.
“My daughter is a famous actress. Who wouldn’t know you?”

Barbie flung her hair to the back and held her head up high. She was very proud and rude.

After Calvin assisted his mother into his room, he went to check on Erica.
She was drying her wet hair.

She saw Calvin’s reflection on the mirror and turned to stare at his real face.
“Did you forget something?” She asked.

Calvin furrowed his eyebrows.
“Forget something?” He asked, smiling.

Immediately, she knew it was Calvin. Kelvin would never smile.
“Forgive me sir, I thought you were your brother”

“Very funny! Be out in five minutes, we are going for shopping” he said and left.

Erica nodded and continued drying her hair. She wore a simple short gown with a jacket and left the room with her so called phone.

She went to the hall and saw Calvin and his siblings.
“Hi!” She said, smiling weirdly.

“Let’s go” Calvin said and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Barbie said, staring at Erica like she wants to strangle her.

Kelvin dipped his hands into his pocket staring at his sister.

“Who is she?” She asked.

“My assistant. Why ask?” Calvin frowned.

“Doesn’t she know how to greet a celebrity?” She asked and adjusted her hair.

“Is it a must?” He fired.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were a celebrity” Erica said and Calvin shot his mouth wide open. Including Barbie.

“You mean, you haven’t heard of Barbie before” she asked.

“Yeah, I have. I remember when my cousins were little, they watch Barbie a lot” she said.

Calvin chuckled and burst out into laughter.
“Oh my world, come on Erica. Let’s go already, it’s getting late” he said and walked away.

Kelvin already left, getting tired of their talk.
Barbie was still mad at Erica for not knowing who she was.

“She got to be kidding me” she said and went out of the mansion.

She found her brothers outside, waiting.
She saw her step siblings walking out of their own car.
They were always together, all of them.

They never wanted to be with Kelvin and his own siblings but some of them feared Kelvin.

Kelvin walked towards the limo and got into it.

Erica was behind Calvin. She felt his touch on her wrist pulled her out.

“Get into the car” he said to her in a low tone.

She nodded and slowly walked towards the car and entered into it.

They were almost fifty of them.
The rest were yet to come.

“Long time Calvin!” One of them yelled.

“I’m not here to cause any fight with you” he said.

“We aren’t here to fight with you either. It’s our fathers 20th marriage, it should be colourful!”

“Yeah, dangerously colourful!” One of them yelled from behind.

“Bches!” Barbie catwalked into the car, she didn’t have energy to waste on her step siblings.

They started going into the house one after the other.
They stared at Calvin giving his some crazy look.

Some of his siblings were billionaires, gangster, chef, celebrities but none of them were up to calvin and his own siblings.

The biggest company was to in Calvin and Kelvin’s care. They were very good in business, especially Calvin.
Barbie remains the most popular celebrity in the family.

Calvin knew that the whole family must be complete before night fall. The wedding was tomorrow.

“Watch your woman!” One of them said, licking his fingers and winking at Calvin. He immediately knew he was talking about Erica.
He quickly got into the car and they drove off to the mall.

Erica had the chance to take pictures. As Calvin helped her with the photos, Barbie kept on frowning.

“Why do I hate this girl at first sight?” She murmured and continued looking for an outfit.

“I guess that’s the last one” she said.

“No, just one more” he said and Erica took a pose.

“Yeah, that’s good. Are you model? I mean, did you…”

“Oh no, I didn’t. I just helped Ava in taking her own pictures” she said.

“It’s very beautiful. You have a great body” he commented.

Erica smiled.
“Thank you sir. I appreciate your kind words” she said, smiling exposing her cute dimples.

“Well, everyone has what they wanted already. Let’s leave” Barbie interrupted them.

They paid for their bag before remembering Kelvin.
“Where is Kelvin?” He asked.

“He is waiting in the car” she said and they left.


Calvin was right. The mansion was already filled up.
“I’ll take you to your room and have some maids bring some food to you” he said.

“I’m your assistant sir. Shouldn’t that be my job?” She asked.

“I know. But you are my guest here. Don’t come out from your room till it’s morning” he said.

Erica nodded and swallowed hard.
“Yes sir” she said.


Calvin took her to her room and pleaded with her again not to come out.
She nodded and sat on the bed.

He left thereafter and saw the one who threatened him with Erica. His room was beside Erica’s room.

He diverted his gaze from him and left.

Erica phone rang and she was happy that it was Ava and George.
“Erica!!!” They cheered.

“Hi guys, are you two together?” She asked.

They stared at each other and rolled their eyes.
“No, we aren’t” she replied.

“How are you sis?” George asked.

“I’m better than good” she said jokingly.

Ava took the phone and went to a room. She locked the door behind so George won’t get in.

“How is Paris?”

“It’s really wonderful. Can’t believe I’m here though” she replied.

“Well, there you have it”

“This place is so beautiful. I need to show you something” she said and they switched to video call.

Ava gasped.
“Are you in a palace?”

“This is more than a palace. Check this out” she said and grabbed her key.

“Door open!” She said and the door open.

“Door closed!” And it went shut.

“Holy moly, how did you do that?” She asked.

“Just this key, it’s more like a remote”

“I see. Can I try?”

Erica nodded and drew the key closer to the screen.

“Door open!” Ava said and the door flung open.

“Oh my God! It’s so incredible. You are now a princess living in a palace”

Erica chuckled softly.
“Cut it out!”

“Yes my royal Cinderella!” Ava said jokingly and they both laughed.

“I need to go now. The wedding is tomorrow”

“Fine, have fun!” She said and they hung up.

Erica ate her meal and had her bath.
She was wearing a red short night gown that was a little bit transparent.

She stood in front of the mirror, trying out some of the stuff that was on the dressing table.

Then the door flung open.
She turned and saw a strange face.
It was super late already.

She started panting hard as heart beat faster.
“Who are you?!” She asked.

He didn’t reply. He just walked closer to Erica.
Eris moved back slowly till her back hit the wall.

Her chest was moving up and down because she was scared.

“Don’t touch me”

“Of course I won’t. You belong to my step brother” he said.

Erica furrowed her eyebrows but that wasn’t what was in her mind. How did he get in? That was the question in her mind.

He got closer to Erica, brushing his index finger on her shoulder. Erica started shivering she wondered if she would scream, someone would hear her.

“What do you want?” She asked, already sweating under the hot air conditioner.

“You!” He whispered.
Erica saw the smile on his face as he drew his lips closer to her. She squeezed her face and closed her eyes.

What she heard next was a loud thug!
She opened her eyes and saw the man on the floor. One of the twin attacked him, he sat on him and kept on pvnching him.

Erica didn’t try to stop him. She wondered if he was Kelvin or Calvin.

He stood up and kicked him again.
She saw as the one that tried to have her ran away from the room.

He walked towards Erica and touched her face.
“Are you alright? Did he touch you?” He asked.

Erica didn’t answer. She just hugged him, crying into his chest.
She knew it was Calvin. Kelvin would never try to touch her.

He just placed his hand on her back, calming her.
“It’s okay, you should rest now. Always close your door” he said.

She remembered when Ava commanded the door to open. She didn’t command it to close.

He helped her on the bed and covered her with the bed spread.
He then grabbed her key.

“Lights off” he said and left the room, placing the key beside her.

“Oh no, my wedding is ruined!”

“Who did this?! He or she must pay with his life!”

“Call the fire fighters! The fire is spreading towards the house!”

Some other people were laughing at the background but it was a very funny laugh.

Erica sprung up from the bed and sat up. She was sweating profusely.
“Another dream!” She murmured.


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