Trillionaire Surrogate.

Chapter 9

Jason’s POV.

At the middle of the night, I was busy with my laptop studying the highlights of the company’s asset and expenditure.

I suddenly began to hear strange sounds, at first I ignore but at a time, I couldn’t help but check what was going on.

On my way to the entrance of the house , I noticed that Sam and Dan’s room were closed.

Are they even suppose to be sleeping at night?

“Jason!” I heard Angela’s voice and the light turned on all of a sudden.

“You turned the light on?”I asked to be sure.

” Yes , I did.”She replied. “Why are you up?”

“I heard some strange sounds.” I replied.

“Same here…Isn’t Sam and Dan supposed to be awake?” She asked and I took few steps back to the room.

I knocked on their door severally before one of them could open.

“Who is that?” He asked sluggishly. It was Sam. One could tell that his eyes were still puffy.

“This are the people sent to protect me!” I said to myself.

“Boss! Is anything wrong?” He seems to be fully awake now. Probably because of what I just said.

“Are you suppose to be sleeping a time like this?” Before he could reply, we heard the door opened and steps walking inside.

Angela walked towards me swiftly. “Seems we have enemies around.” She whispered.

Sam called on Dan and they both stepped forward.

“Hey woman! Stay back.” Sam said to Angela.

Three men appeared before us. They were dressed like gentle men, they weren’t holding gun.

“That’s the man that …” Angela tried to say but before she could end her statement, the man in the middle spoke.

“Yes, I was the one that came to deliver the letter. ” The man faced me. “May I know why you haven’t left California yet?”

“Why should I? I came here on a mission and you won’t tell me where to live and where not to live.” My reply was bold.

He smirked. “Are you sure you Love your life?”

“Keep that mouth of yours shut!” Sam said and ran to the the man.

The man threw a kick to him and he flew with his back crashing on the wall.

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