Trillionaire Surrogate.

Chapter 7

Angela’s POV.

Very early the following morning, I was outside doing press ups when I heard the horn of a car. I felt like telling Sam and Dan about it before going to open the gate but I ignored the thought.

I went to the where the gate is and opened it, a black jeep drove in and a sweet looking young man stepped down from it.

He looked so adorable to the eye and alluring to the soul.

“I presume you are Angela?” He asked. I wondered how he got to know my name.

I couldn’t give him a reply, I just starred at him.

“Well, you do not have to worry too much, give this to Jason.” He said as he handed a sealed envelope over to me.

He turned away from me to my surprise and seems to be heading to his car. “Hey! If I were not outside, won’t you deliver the letter to Jason directly?”

He smirked. “I’m sure I’ll meet you outside. ” he said and walked inside his car.

Just after he drove away, I heard steps behind me and I turned.

“Good morning!” I greeted Sam and Dan but they snubbed and shot me a silly look instead.

I wonder why they didn’t like me.

“This letter was given to me?” I said and they both turned to me. Sam snatched the letter from my hand.

“Who gave you this?” He asked.

“The man that gave me just left.” I retorted

“You mean someone walked inside this house and gave you a letter?”

“…to deliver to Jason.” I completed the statement for them.

“Oh! ” Sam grunted. “And common sense did not tell you that you were suppose to call on us to tell us before he leaves. What if he’s a spy or an enemy?” Sam asked.

“You are very stupid.” Dan said and shot me an annoying look. “I wonder why boss didn’t fire this girl. ” Dan added.

“Go and pin your head there.” Sam said trying to punish me.

“Why? Why would you tell me to pin my head?”

Sam giggled sarcastically and threw a sudden attempted slap at me, I held his hand before it could land on my cheek.

He smirked angrily again. Dan threw two punches but I was swift to dudge them.

They were about to angrily start fighting me when we heard Jason’s voice.

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