Trillionaire Surrogate

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 5

Jason’s POV.

I drove home sadly, I didn’t like the fact that I will be going to California, there are too many competitors there and according to rumors , they go as far as killing their competitors.

This father of mine had the gut to withdraw all my guards, I’ll surely come for him in the future.

How did he even expect me to protect myself over there? On getting home, I saw the lady who claimed to be pregnant for me laying on the couch.

“Your name again?”

“I’m Angela, if you ask again…I might not tell you.” She replied rudely but I wasn’t in the mood to lash at her.

All my guards have gone, I could not threaten her either with my guards.

“I can’t find all your guards at home , Is anything the problem?”

I felt like either snubbing her to make her look like a fool or replying with insult but I’m kind of helpless at the moment.

“I’ll be travelling, …to California.”

“Was that why they all left? Or you sent them there before you.”

I suddenly realized that she is capable enough to protect me, after all, she defeated about five of my guards at once.

She’s definitely worth more than five of them. Good! I will be taking her with me.

“You are following me.” I declared. I knew I should ask her but I will look like a weakling asking her for her opinion. Commanding her makes me feel strong.

“To California…I don’t think I have the plan.”

“You must have seen another father for your baby. If you didn’t follow me, I’m not taking responsibility over that child.”

She hesitted for a while before speaking up. “Really?” She smiled. “You have actually agreed to take responsibility over our child?”

“If you follow me to California.”

“Sure…I will.” She retorted happily. I guess she didn’t even know what await us over there.

I keep wondering why dad didn’t send Mike.I knew he likes Mike than me, if this task is favorable, he should have given it to Mike.

If only my mom is alive, she would not have allowed what father is doing to me.

“I’m taking you out to get you all you will need, we are travelling tomorrow. ” I said and I could see her face beaming for joy.

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