Episode 1

By Faith Lucky

4 Weeks Later

“Come on, Octavia. You need to put in more energy. Come on!” Leo said authoratively as Octavia struggled to use the weight lift.

She was breathing so heavily, her muscles feeling so weak.

“You’ve been so good at this, Octavia – made serious improvements. But for the past few days… I dont understand” Leo grouse and she sighed and dropped the weight lift, giving up.

“I’m sorry, Leo. I told you; I…I just feel a little sick” she answered dizily, her hand on her forehead.


“But the herbs I’d given to you should’ve worked already. What’s wrong?”

“Don’t worry about me, Leo. I’ll be fine”.

There was a brief silence.

“You should work on the punch bag. I’ll be back in a bit” he said and left and Octavia tiredly dragged her legs to the punch bag.

She covered her fists and set to work immediately, hitting the punch bag effectively.

Well,it’s been four weeks now and a lot has actually changed. She was now a signed member of the Khalid clan, and over the weeks, her fighting skills had improved drastically.

Leo had been a great teacher and taught her all the basic things she needed to know. Confidently, she could say she was ready to go for war.

But for the past seven days, she couldn’t explain how she’d been feeling; unnecessarily sick. She had no idea why it had to come now because it was seriously disrupting her training. She wanted to be more than perfect.

She moved away from the punch bag and groaned when she felt that unbearable pain on her waist.


Her hand was on the side of her waist, her eyes shut.

Dmn it! She was overstressing herself again.

She leaped towards a seat and plonked on it, releasing a deep breath. She also couldn’t explain the light cramps she’s been feeling – cramps that made her feel her monthly flow was around the corner.

She rested her head on the head of the couch next to her and went into a light slumber.


“Octavia? Octavia?” She heard her name together with a tap, and slowly, her bleary eyes went open.

It was Leo.

“Goodness; you’re sleeping? Again?” He scoffed and she forced herself to sit up, itching her nape.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Leo. I just feel really tired” one could tell from the sound of her voice, that she was really unwell.

“You need some rest. Today’s session is over” he said and assisted her in standing.

“Thank you” she muttered.

“Um… Octavia” he called and cleared his throat a bit, and she turned to look at him.

“Would you be chanced to… have dinner with me? You know, when you’re done resting?” He asked with a little smile on his lips.

Oh! That’d be the second time such thing would be happening between both of them.

“Yeah… I think so” she answered with a shrug, and his eyes beamed more brightly.

“Okay then. Thanks. I’ll be waiting” he winked at her and she turned around and left


As she walked back to her room, her eyes caught the sight of one of the Master’s cars – Khalid.

He wasn’t in the car, but it just reminded her of him.

Would it be funny to say she hadn’t seen the Master in more than three weeks?

And for the first week, they had only met once – during her signing.

Yeah; Octavia couldn’t really understand what was going on or why the Master had chosen to avoid her over the month. Since the last involvement with Master Zack, he changed.

He stopped calling to have s3x with her, he didn’t interfere in any of her issues, and she seriously couldn’t understand it.

Did she do something wrong? What really happened between him and Zack that made Zack leave her alone?

Oh! She was so curious and disturbed.

And Becca – Well, she’s been out of the clan for about a month now – said she needed a break, and Octavia had no idea if she’d be coming back or not. Well, to be frank, she wish she doesn’t.

She finally got to her room and the first thought on her mind was lying on the bed.

She was terribly hungry as well, but the dizziness was extreme and she needed to tend to it first.

But before then, she spotted something on her wadrobe.

Oh, dmn! The drawing.

She rushed to it and picked it up immediately. How the he.ll could she forget it on the wardrobe? What if Mica had seen it? Gosh!

She opened it slowly and a little sigh escaped her lips when she saw the Master’s face in her hand. She couldn’t believe she still hadn’t gotten the opportunity to give the drawing to him since then.

She moved her hand around the surface, imagining what it’d have been like, giving the drawing to him – his reaction; what he’d say.

She smiled ruefully and folded it back on, going to keep it hidden in her bag.

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Then, she climbed onto the bed and gave way to the overwhelming diziness that’s been pestering her.

And as her eyes closed up in sleep, she concluded to herself – she missed being with the Master.


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