TRUTH AND LIES Episode 49 – 54


(Getting used to him)

Episode 52

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov continues:
He made a slight cough andand took off his specks.
“Hi” he said lowly and I tried to look at him, but couldn’t.

“Uhm…come in” I stuttered and made way for him to come in and he did.

Gosh; this is just too much.
How do I cope with this now?
How do I start calling him Mico? Meaning Mico Salvatore is actually close to me?
It’s just too shocking.

Although he still has the same face as Nigel which should have made it easy for me; but the fact that he’s Mico my biggest crush and I’d have to address him as such is just unbelievable.
And Nigel had always come to me as a commoner, looking so simple.
But the new Nigel in front of me is looking totally different.

He was looking too classic and too rich and now the real handsomeness in him has emerged.

At this moment, I suddenly feel he shouldn’t be with someone like me.

“Uh…Please, do have a seat” I said as I used my hand to dust the chair.
But surprisingly, he sat on the floor.

His dress!

“I think I like it this way” he said and my eyes deemed.


I itched my nape and sat on the floor close to him.

Gosh; Mico Salvatore is here in my house.
What do I even offer him?
“Ex…excuse me, sir” I said and tried standing up but he held me back.

“Alyssa, please. My name is Mico. I don’t need the courtesy” he said and I gulped nervously.

Immediately, he brought out his phone and made a call.
“Come with it” he said into the phone and ended it.

Not long after then, we heard a knock on the door and he signalled me to sit while he answered the door.

He opened it and a guard was standing outside and he collected something from him.
Oh; so he came with his guards?

He returned to the floor next to me and opened the wrapped thing he was holding and in it was mashed pumpkin.

“Got a little something for us” he said as he placed it in the centre.
I looked at the wrap and noticed there was no spoon.

Okay; maybe I should get a spoon?

But before I could make a move to stand up, he dipped his hand into the pumpkin and fetched a little quantity, putting it into his mouth.

Okay; this is getting a lot wired.

I know Nigel has been feeding with his hands, but mico?

“Aren’t you eating?” He asked and I cleared my throat and also took in a little quantity. .

We were facing each other with the food in between. But I couldn’t stare at him as I just kept my eyes fixed on the food.

Then, I tired to stare at him once and our eyes ran into each others and it made my heart skip a bit.
I quickly took mine away.
“I’ve been trying to reach you on phone but the line isn’t connecting” he said and I remembered I had lost the phone at the party.

“Uh…I misplaced it last night at the party” I replied and he nodded.

“By the way, Alyssa,” he continued.
“I want to apologise for what happened. I’m so sorry for lying to you about my identity.
The truth is, my mum had made me promise her I wouldn’t disclose my identity to anyone until the day of the party.
So that was why I couldn’t tell you about it.

“And more so, I was scared of what your reaction would be.”

“It’s okay Mico” I cut in with a dolful smile. “I understand.

“Well, I guess I also owe you an apology. I’m Uhm…I’m sorry for treating you awkwardly the whole time. I mean, I made you wash, hawk, walk…”

“Alyssa” he called softly and I shut him a stare.
“What are you saying? What exactly are you apologising for?
“Listen to me, my moments with you as Nigel were one of the best moments of my life. It made me feel the other side of life and I don’t regret any of it. So please, stop apologising.”.

I smiled and bowed my head to the food. Then we ate in silence for a while.

“You know,” he suddenly said.
“The first day I had met you as Nigel, I was actually on my first day out as a commoner.
I jus wanted to walk around without my mask and feel the other side of life. But that was the day you jumped on me and I had recognised you as the waitress that poured drink on me.

“And you were so demanding and fearless, especially when you had asked me to help you out with the delivery.
Normally, I should have said no. But at that moment, unexplainably, I couldn’t.

“I helped you and surprisingly, I still found myself coming back to you, even when I had no reason to.
I think we were just destined to be friends” he concluded with a light smile and I also smiled and looked down at my food. .

But come to think of it; there was a time Alyssa had actually slapped Nigel.
Oh, my God!
She probably had no idea.

Maybe that explains why Mico’s attitude towards her suddenly changed.

After a while, the door opened abruptly and maja walked in.

Her eyes beamed immediately she saw Mico and I knew Mico was in for a serious interrogation.

“Ni…Co!” She called and I was almost forced to laugh.

Mico chuckled and turned to look at her.

“Hi” he said and she folded her hands.
I guess she didn’t know how address him; if it was going to be as the Nigel she knew? Or as Mico salvatore.

“You…you’re Mico, right?” She asked and Mico replied with a nod.

Then she Fred her hands and embraced him.


“I always had a feeling you were someone special” she said, still holding him.

“You didn’t have any feeling maja. Stop trying to be impressive” I said and she unlocked from the hug and shot me a stare.

“Of course, I did, kapatid. I just didn’t want to tell you about it.
“By the way, Ni-Co. it’s a good thing you fell on my good side when we first met. We really have a lot of catching up to do.
But for now, I’ll just give you and my sister sometime. Bye” she said as she pecked him on the cheek.

“Sure, cutie” Mico replied and she giggled and ran away.

I shook my head and turned back to my meal.
“She looks a lot like you” he said and I smiled.

That’s what people keep telling me.

After a long while together, he informed me he wanted to leave for an interview and I nodded and we stood up together.

While walking out of the house, he held my hand and his skin felt so cold against mine.
I don’t know why I’m just noticing all these personalities of his.

I followed him out of the gate and found about three different cars lined up with armed men standing beside them.

Holy Christ!

“Sorry, mum wouldn’t let me go out without them” Mico said, probably noticing the abacked look in my face.
I smiled and nodded.

“By the way, Alyssa” he continued.
“Could you come over to my house tomorrow for lunch? My siblings have been on my neck, saying they want to spend some time with you. So, I was thinking it’d be fun if we all had lunch together”.

My heart leapt immediately.
Going to Mico’s house?

“Uhm…sure. I will” I replied and his phone started ringing.

“Sorry, got to go. See you in school tomorrow” he said as he planted a kiss on my cheek and walked into one of the cars.

Did Mico really kiss me?

I stood like a statue, watching them as they drove away and I smiled.


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