TRUTH AND LIES Episode 49 – 54


(The dinner)

Episode 54

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Mico’s Pov:
“Alyssa is just coming over for lunch, Mico. I don’t know why you’re trying to make it look like it’s a date” Karen said to me as I brushed my hair in front of the mirror.

“I’m just trying to look good, Karen. What’s your problem?” I replied and rolled my eyes.

“Please girls, when she comes, I’d want you to give her a break. Don’t flood her ears with that talkative spirit of yours.” I added.

“Just pray you haven’t told them any of your dearestdearest secrets, Mico. Because they’re definitely going to create a disaster” Angelo said and I scoffed.

Alyssa’s Pov:
Mico had told me he’d be sending one of his drivers to pick me up and when it was time, he came.

“I wish I could come along with you, kapatid. Tell Nico he also owes me .date” Maja said wistfully as I walked into the car.

The driver closed the door and went to take the driver’s seat.

“Bye Maja” I said from the window, waving at her.

I sat at the back seat of the flashy car and kept looking through the window.
It still seemed like a miracle to me for the fact that I was actually close to Mico.
Everything was still unbelievable .

After a while, the car got to a place which looked like a quarters because it had a very big gate and securities at the entrance.
The driver stopped and showed them his pass and they opened the gate for us to drive in.

The entire ground was german-floored and at the sides of the road, flowers and tress were planted and made it look like a recreational site.

I kept watching in amusement as the driver drove for some time and finally, we came to a very big mansion.
Jesus Christ!
It looked like paradise.

There was also a gate at the entrance and it was opened for us to go in.

I opened my mouth in amusement and had almost hit my head on the window while staring through it.

The driver stopped the car and unlocked the door for me and I opened it and stepped out.

Is this for real?
Am I really in a house? Or has rapture just taken place and I’m probably in heaven?

I stood like a statue and opened my mouth, staring around.

The house was very bug and round and glittered like it was made of gold and diamonds.

At the centre of the big compound, there was a water spring and I seriously don’t know how they were able to do it, but tiny lights were glittering in the water.

I looked at my left and noticed they were having two garage in the house and different classic cars were brimful in both of them.

I looked afar and sighted two swimming pools.

Gosh! This house is just too much.
How can anyone fall sick living in such a paradise?

A lady that looked like a maid walked up to me immediately.

“Good evening ma’am Alyssa. Please come with me” she said and I nodded and started following her.
We got to the entrance of the houses and I followed her in.

Geez! I think I might go crazy from all these amusement.

The sitting room was very big and dazzlingly beautiful and I could say it was bigger than my entire house.

Inside the ineffable sitting room, Mico’s three sisters sitted and they stood up immediately they saw me.

“It’s you”.
“Finally you’re here”
They exclaimed as they walked up to me and I felt a little nervous.

“Hi” I said with a shy smile.

“Wow! I love your hair Alyssa. Is it still a virgin hair?” Karen asked as she touched my hair.
She was plump and pretty while the twins were slim and pretty as well.
They were actually putting on the same types of shirts.

“Stop admiring what you can’t have, Karen” I heard a voice say and we turned to see Mico and his brothers climbing down the stairs.

My Mico was looking so charming as he walked in the middle and he kind of kept staring at me.

“what are you trying to say, Michael? The reason I don’t have a lengthy hair is because I don’t want to” Karen replied and Michael rolled his eyes.

They finally climbed down the stairs and got to where we were.

“You’re highly welcomed Alyssa. it’s a pleasure getting to meet you” angelo said as he shook my hand.
“But this isn’t the first time you’re getting to meet her Angelo” Michael said.
“Well, how’s that your business?” He replied and Olivia chuckled.

“Good evening” I greeted with a smile, keeping my gaze low.

Then Mico came up and stood in front of me and fireworks started in my heart.

He stood very close to me and his dazzling eyes were staring into mine.

“Hi” he said in a soft tone and I gulped down nothing.

“H…hi” I replied with a light smile.
We kept staring at each other and Michael cleared his throat.

“Uhm…sorry to disturb the enchanting moment, but can we proceed to the dining already?
I think I’m starving” he said and Karen chuckled and I followed them to a room which was probably the dinette.

It was very big and beautiful with a round table in the middle and dining chairs arranged round it.

Mico’s sisters dragged me to sit with them while Mico and his brothers sat on the other side of the table, facing us.

Then three maids came up and started serving our meals to us.

My eyes dilated at the sight of the food I was about eating.
If not for the fact that I had to show some curtsey in front of Mico and his siblings, I swear, I would had eaten with my hands.
This kind of food doesn’t deserve mercy.

I was given a fork and knife, but since I had no idea how to make use of the knife, I dropped it and managed just the fork.
Trust me, it was so frustrating. .

“So, Alyssa, can you tell us a little about yourself? Did you grow up here in Manilla?” Michael asked

“No talking when eating, Michael. I wonder what you learnt in school” Karen said and I chuckled.

“No, I didn’t. I grew up in Davao city” I replied.
“Wow! Davao city?” They asked, surprised.

While we were eating, Mico ordered a maid to pour him more wine and while she did, she mistakenly spilled a little on his shirt.

“Geez! Are you blind?” He asked irritability as he stared at his shirt.
The maid gasped in fear.

“Oh my God; I’m…I’m sorry, sir…”
“You should be sorry for yourself. Get out!” He cut her off angrily and she whimpered and started walking away.

Although, I was aware of Mico’s grumpy attitude, I couldn’t help but feel surprised.

I looked at him and our eyes met and a look of contrition suddenly crept into his face.

“Wait” he said icily, referring to the maid and she stopped and turned around fearfully.

“I’m sorry” he said while looking at me and his sisters gasped.

“T…T…Thank you sir” the maid stuttered and ran off.

I couldn’t be any more surprised than I already was.

“Mico, did you just…”
“Did you just apologise to a maid?” Octavia cut Karen off who was speaking.

Mico didn’t reply as he just stood up.

“Guess I need to change this” he said, looking at his shirt and left the dining.


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