TRUTH AND LIES Episode 49 – 54


Episode 50

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov:
I ran into my room and locked the door, leaning my back against the door.

I burst into more tears as I recalled everything that had happened. The whole thing still seemed like a dream to me.

I recalled the first day I had met him as Nigel.
I had fell on him while trying to jump the fence and he had actually accompanied me that day to deliver the clothes.
I can remember he was acting a little wired and even when I had asked for his name, he had delayed before telling me it was Nigel.

Now I understand why I suddenly became so lucky during that period.

First, I had gotten a free admission into my dream school, then a free registration into the young miss beauty contest and a washing machine…everything!
Even when he had apologised to me in school.

Sandy was right. Only Mico was powerful enough to do such things.
Why didn’t I think about it?

And all those while, he had been coming to me as a friend, but I never knew he was the same person I adored so much.
No wonder he asked me to be his date to prom.

and that prom night, when I had almost been killed, now I understand what he meant by all those words he said to me while I was unconscious.

I can’t believe I had been with my biggest crush the whole time, doing all those crazy things with him.

I remembered when I had forced him to wash clothes with me. No wonder I had gotten that washing machine the next day.

I recalled all the crazy things I had made him do and even when I had made him hawk on the street.

God; I can’t believe it was Mico Salvatore, the almighty precious son of Virigilio Salvatore.

I sauntered to the bed and sat on it. I just couldn’t control the tears. I felt so heartbroken.

Although a part of me was happy, I still felt heartbroken.
Why did he have to lie to me?

Alexa’s Pov:
“Come on Alexa, you might fall sick if you continue crying this way” Jeenly said to me as I sat on a wood in an isolated place, crying.

“But how did this happen?” Aj asked, bemused.
“That day when we had seen him with Alyssa he was dressed like a commoner. Could it be possible Alyssa was aware of his identify?”

“No, I don’t think so. ” replied Jeenly. “I don’t think she was aware if his identify. Remember what happened during the prom night, and even that day we had seen him as a commoner, I can recall Alyssa calling him with a different name.”

“Yes. And even when he took off the mask, I had seen Alyssa running away. It’s possible he had only been disguising himself to her”.

“What do I do now?” I cried and buried my face in my palms.
“No wonder he suddenly hated me. I had no idea he was Mico. Why did I have to slap him?”

“But this is so unbelievable” Aj said. “I can’t believe the person we had been so mean to was Mico Salvatore. Why did he have to disguise himself?”.

“But Alexa, I don’t think crying will solve anything. Maybe you should just look for a way to apologise to him” Jeenly said.

What apology could I possibly offer?
Now I understand the sudden change of attitude towards me.

I can’t believe I had laid my hands on my Mico.
How could I be so stupid?

Mico’s Pov:
I sat on a bench in front of the pool, drinking quietly.

My guards had surrounded all the entrances so they could stop anyone from entering.
I really wanted to be alone.

I emptied the last drink in my glass and poured more from the bottle.
I was so frustrated.

Remembering my encounter with Alyssa melted me the more.
She was really hurt and it pained me to know I was the cause of it.

How do I get to explain things to her now? Because I really don’t want her to be mad at me.

Shortly, I saw my sisters and cousins walking towards me and I flinched.
How were they able to get pass the guards?

Damn it!
I really wanted to be alone.

I clenched my hand around my glass of wine and drank angrily from it.

“Hey, Mico; we’ve been looking all over for you” Olivia said as they got to where I was and surrounded me.

“Have you ever seen a party where the celebrant’s isolating himself, drinking alone?” Michael asked but I didn’t even try to look at them.

“You’re such a bad-ass, Mico. Mum has planed for this day for 21 years now. But you ended up ruining it with your mood.” Octavia said.

“Mum has been trying to stall the press men. They’re all looking for you” Karen said.

They didn’t say anything for a while and Karen and Octavia sat beside me.

“So, how did it go?” Octavia asked and I sighed.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said under my breath and sipped from my drink again.

“Of course you do, Mico. How did it go with Alyssa?” Angelo asked and it took me sometime before replying:
“She left”

“Obviously” Octavia said and rolled her eyes.

“So…was she upset?” Michael asked.
“I said she left. What else could it mean?” I asked peskily, but calmly.

“Well, what were you expecting? I knew she was bound to be angry” Karen said and I exhaled and emptied the glass again.

Then, I poured more from the bottle.

“Drinking won’t be of help, Mico” Angelo said but I turned deaf ears and drank from the glass.

“She was pretty sad, guys” I said in a devastated tone. “I don’t know what to do. I can’t even reach her on phone”.

“Well…”Olivia said. “You really have to make it up to her Mico. Since she’s always seen you as a close friend, you’d have to make her feel at ease around you”.

“Yes. Make her understand you’re that same person she’s always been with” Karen added.

“Still do all the things you did with her. Make her feel at ease” Michael also said.

“Yes. But I won’t suggest the crazy commoner look because if mum sees you, she’s definitely going to fly you out of the country”.

I sighed and stood up with my drink in my hand.

I moved closer to the dark waters and drank from my glass.

“I don’t know, guys. I just hope it works. I’m ready to do anything” I said morosefully, fixing my gaze on the waters.

“Yet, he said he doesn’t love her” I heard Angelo whisper which was followed by a slight laugh from the others and I looked at them and scoffed.


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