UNKNOWN ENEMY: Episode 21 – 30

UNKNOWN ENEMY: Episode 21 – 30

Episode 21
Written by Seunzzy
Unknown POV
Desmond left the place and then texted the address of the hotel to his son and took a taxi back to the hotel.

A while later he arrived back at the hotel he met Mike at the reception already waiting for him.

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” You’re here already” Desmond said to him.

” I don’t have anymore time to waste Dad, I want to get this ba$tard” Mike replied.

” Good, let’s go to my room” he said then they left the reception.

” Dad, do you really have to go that far?” Mike asked and Desmond turned to him confusedly.

” What are you talking about?” He asked.

” The news Dad, I saw what you did on the news” Mike said and he scoffed as they entered the room.

” Oh that, it’s nothing” he replied.

” Really, you killed them disgustingly…. there are body parts everywhere” Mike said.

” Do you know what the police is saying, they said they were tortured to death by a mad man” Mike added.

” I think they are exaggerating besides they refused to give me what I want, what else am I supposed to do” he replied.

” There are other ways to get answers or You could have just killed them right away” Mike said.

” And where is the fun in that besides I love my ways, they are quick and more productive” he replied.

” You think this is fun?….you kill for fun, for the Joy of it huh……”

” C’mon judgy, you’re making it sounds like you’re still a virgin on the aspect of Killing” he said back.

” I don’t enjoy Killing but I had to on some circumstances, but you do it for excitement…you crave for it”

” You want violence so you can get back to action, you haven’t spent 24 hours here and you’re already on the news”

” Just like Mary, she was arrested an hour after she enter the city, what is wrong with our family” Mike said.

” Heyy young man, calm down……I thought you said you wanted to get this people after what they did to your friends”

” You called me a while earlier that these people killed your friends and here you are showing pity on them”

” What exactly is wrong with you?….even your sister won’t be acting this way…..you need to get yourself together” he e concluded.

” I know you must think I’m the weak one in the family but I’m not, is it wrong to seek peace with no violence”

” All I want is to keep the city safe and peace to reign without no killing and for justice to be served”

” Is that so hard to achieve?” Mike said.

” Look son, I’ll tell you this out of experience, there’s nothing you can do to prevent violence”

” We are humans and it’s what we do…. Now let’s focus, you can’t have your head beating around like that” he said.

” Fine, were you able to get anything out of them before killing them?” Mike asked.

” Nothing much, other than Peruzad is at someone working at the agency and that person took this picture” he said showing Mike the picture.

” This is us talking in my cell, someone must’ve seen you” Mike said.

” Yeah, and he sent those guys to kill me because they followed me from the agency to the club” he replied.

” How do we fish him out?” Mike asked.

” Just after I spoke with you earlier, this guy received a message from an unknown number asking for update”

” I played along and he sent an address to meet and I went there” he replied.

” Please dad, tell me you got that bastard” Mike said.

” Actually No, he got away” Desmond replied and Mike stared at him.

” Why are you staring at me like that?” He asked.

” Seriously?….they got away from you?……tell me you’re joking” Mike said.

” The car was bulletproofed, and I can’t shoot freely because the place was crowded”

” There are people everywhere so I had to be careful, the man was clever choosing the midst of crowd” he replied.

” That might be our one chance of nailing this guy…..and you let him slip away” Mike said.

” Who says I let him slip away?……I think there might be a way to get him” Desmond said.

” How?……Did you see the man?” He asked.

” I didn’t see who he was, but I got a look at his driver, probably the bodyguard” Desmond said.

” Really Dad, His driver?…….you want to sketch this guy’s face and match it up to 10 million people in this city?”

“…… well, that’s just great, so great” he added.

” What’s wrong with you?…..can you just calm down for a second, you need to get your head cleared okay” Desmond said then continue.

” Now listen, I saw more than just the guy’s face, this guy was standing perfectly in a familiar composure”

” Legs apart, hands behind his back, at rest he’s formal military” he added.

” An army?” Mike asked.

” Yeah, so was I and that’s how I know, His car, he rides a certain car probably signifies private security. Weighed down by bulletproof siding”

” His suit, his suit, you don’t buy a suit like that as a driver or a bodyguard so……..”

“…….so that means he’s full-time, he’s highly paid and this man ranges from 40 to 50 years old man ”

” If we hacked into the military database and attached all these data and you narrow your field from million till about 50 or more then I can identify the driver” Desmond concluded.

” You find the driver and you find the man” Mike said.

” Good Job Dad, but What if we can’t find him?” He asked.

” We used the same method on the car which should be easier as well, we will get him, Mike we will”
Desmond hacked into the army database and begin his search, he input all the data and was able to get few names.

” I got it” he announced and Mike came to meet him.

” How many?” He asked.

” I got 56 names…….I should be able to get him” Desmond replied then started looking at the pictures one after the other.

Desmond take a close look as he view the pictures one after the other then fortunately one was familiar.

” Hold on, Hold on” he said as he viewed one of the pictures.

” Is that him?” Mike asked.

” Yeah, that’s the guy…… I’m hundred percent sure…..that’s the driver” Desmond said.

” Bring out his details” Mike said then he punched a keypad and the guy’s details was shown.

” Looks like we got everything we need to catch the guy” Desmond said.

” What are we waiting for?….. let’s go get him” Mike said.

” C’mon it’s late already, we will get him tomorrow….. he’s not going anywhere” Desmond said to him.

” It’s not late……we can get him now before he get away….we don’t have to dally in situation like this” Mike said.

” You don’t rush to battle Son, you want this to work out well… don’t worry it will and we will get him” Desmond said.

” I hope you’re right Dad” he said then went to his room while Desmond stayed look more into details about the man.


UNKNOWN ENEMY: Episode 21 – 30

{Next Day}
They both woke up early and get ready to get on with the mission at hand.

” Alright dad, can we go now?” Mike said as he watch his father cleaning his gun.

” Actually we are going different directions” Desmond said.

” What are you talking about?” He asked then Desmond hand him a paper with an address written on it.

” That’s the place you’re going….you’ll find the man there” he said.

” But this is not his house” Mike asked.

” Yeah, I tapped into his phone number and that’s the location i get and I on the other hand have another assignment” he said.

” All these is according to your plan, isn’t it?” Mike asked.

” Of course, I worked on the plan through the night, so you do yours and I’ll do mine” Desmond said.

” Dad, where are you going?” Mike asked knowing fully well his father is up something bad.

” Don’t worry, that’s also part of the plan” he replied.

” So you’re not going to tell me, you’re treating as if I’m the enemy” Mike said.

” Nonsense, trust me you will know soon enough” he replied.

” Why do I have a feeling that you’re going on a killing spree” Mike said.

” What!, You’re apparently calling me a killing machine that does nothing but kill” he said.

” Is there a difference?…..at least a killing machine kill directly but you, you but¢her them ” Mike replied.

” Seriously?….. you’re painting me as a monster……your own father” he said.

” Look Dad, Just don’t kill brutally and try to keep a low profile….we don’t want to put the people in fear” Mike said.

” Fine……just go” Desmond said then Mike went out.
Mike entered his car and drove straight to the address on the paper.

Mike drove for almost an hour before he arrived at the place which turned out to be an abandoned factory.

He got out of the car then tucked his gun before proceeding towards the factory which seems to be deserted.

He found a way inside the factory and walk stealthily trying not to attract anything or anyone.

Just as he was moving he heard a gunshot and he quickly pulled out his gun and turned but he didn’t see anyone.

He realized they aren’t shooting at him then he followed the sound to another building and he peaked in.

He saw four men on their knees and one was on the ground dead probably from the gunshot earlier.

He watched them pointing a gun at another and was about to shoot and Mike wanted to stop them then someone appear behind him.

” Who are you?” The guy asked then Mike turned to him.

” You?” The guy shouted and tried to shoot but Mike was quick enough to skillfully kick the gun away.

But unfortunately the guy already pulled the trigger Which cause the gun to go off and the sound alert others.

Mike punched him hard on the face then pulled out his gun and shoot him then he heard footsteps of others approaching.

He moved away from the position and the men got there and found no one.

” Spread out, whoever that was must be around somewhere and I want him alive” the man said.

Mike continue walking then two of the men saw him but he was fast enough to shoot them first.

The sound give away his position which made other heading that way.

Mike stealthily snuck behind three of them and kicked one on the knees then punched the other and shoot the third one.

The first one came back and made to punch him but he was fast enough to dodge it then shoot him and shoot the third as well.

He continue moving shooting then one after the other hoping to get the leader then suddenly he realized no one is coming after him.

He sense something weird then he heard someone’s voice.

” Agent Hawk, I know you’re in there somewhere……come out Now or she dies”

” Please don’t kill me, please I’m begging you…..I have a kid at home please don’t kill me” Mike heard a female voice.

He followed the voice back to the building and saw a young lady on his knees with a gun to her.

” Show yourself, or she dies right Now” The man said again then Mike came out.

” What makes you think I care about what happens to her?” Mike asked pointing his gun at them.

” I know about you agent and I know you won’t stand by and let an innocent die… it’s your choice” he said.

” Now drop your weapon” he added but Mike didn’t.

” Five” he counted.

” Four”

” Three”

” Please, I don’t want to die” the lady cried.

” Two”

” O……”

” Fine, Fine” Mike replied then drop his guns.

” Slide it over” the man said and Mike slide it over to them then he signalled to one of his men to search him.

One of his men came forward and searched Mike and take away his other gun and knife then tied his hands.

” Thanks for your cooperation, Agent Hawk” the man said then shoot the lady in the head.

“Nooooooooooo” Mike shouted.

” Don’t worry yourself too much, she’s not innocent in anyway…..she was one of us but she backslided”

” So that’s her reward, so you don’t really have to feel sorry for her but you on the other hand”

” I’m so curious about you and how you get to know about this place……I can only imagine what you know so far”

” And boss wouldn’t be very happy with that ” he said then signalled to one of men then they knocked him out and took him away.

UNKNOWN ENEMY: Episode 21 – 30

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