?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 3 ?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
We were half way through the end of school and i have noticed that Jasper is every girl’s dream boyfriend, Every girl is talking about him which is so annoying because i really don’t find him that attractive.

I also haven’t seen Austin and it’s killing me,i really need to see him so that i can talk to him and ask him why he stupidly broke up with me.

“It’s lunch time, let’s head to the cafeteria, We’ll sit with my friends” Alice said as we walked towards the cafeteria.

“I hope your brother isn’t one of them”

“No, it’s just two girls from my high school,so let’s go”

? Jasper’s P.o.v?

I was in the cafeteria with my friends and some clingy girls.

“Hey, where’s Nicole?” Brandon,my closet friend said as he looked around.

“She won’t be joining us”


“I b@nged her so hard,She couldn’t walk properly” They all laughed, the cafeteria doors opened and Alice and Mariana walked in laughing.

“Gosh,this new chick is so hot and beautiful” Brandon said,the others nodded in agreement.

“You can say that again,Look at the way her jeans hug her body so well, She’s hot”

“Can you guys just stop? You are making my ears bleed,ugh”

“Jasper, what’s wrong? You jealous?”

“No,why would I be jealous?”

“Jasper’s not jealous, he’s angry that Mariana isn’t drooling over him like all the girls”

“She’s just being fiercty, that’s all”

“You wanna bet on it? Jasper, you can’t get her”

“Am not betting because I know that i’ll get her,girls like her that act so hard to get are the easiest, trust me, it’ll be easy”

“Okay,Mr Hale, let’s see about that”

“Guys,look, it’s Austin” One of the girls beside me said.

Austin is basically my worst enemy, He’s always competing with me in everything.

Does Mariana and Austin know each other?

I saw the way she dragged him outside the cafeteria.

“That’s weird” Brandon said and i tried to think of why Mariana is with that idi0t.
? Mariana’s P.o.v?
I was having a nice time with Alice and her friends Julia and Khloe,even though both of them couldn’t stop gushing over Jasper.

That’s when i saw him,I saw Austin with a group of guys.

“Austin” I called out and he turned around slowly,his group of friends also looked at me.

“Mariana?” He looked surprised,why is he surprised? I told himi wae admitted here.

“Stop using that dumb look on your face,We need to talk..like now”

“Mariana,you know him?” Alice was confused while Julia and Khloe started giggling at the sight of Austin.

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later” i faced Austin and without letting him speak,i dragged out of the cafeteria with me,he followed me gently.

“Okay,start explaining,you dumba$$” I said to him immediately we got to a more quiet place.

“About what?”

“Don’t start with that now, Austin,you know how i get when i don’t get what i want so start talking.

Why did you break up with me and worse you did it over a texr message?” He scratched the back of his head.

“ANSWER ME!” I yelled and he flinched back

“Okay,okay..I broke up with you because.. because you were too good for me”

“What did you just say? That am too good for you..I love you, Austin..i gave you my vrg!nity, You imbec!le”

“Mariana, let’s face it,we were never going to work,I am older than you”

“That’s not what you said that night you desperately wanted your hand up my sk!rt”

“I admit that the sx was good but you and i are not meant for each other”

“Am so stupid, I believed you,i loved you,i literally chased every guy away just because of you, You are a fking b@stard,i hate you” i started to hit his chest but he seemed unaffected,he held my hands.

“Sorry, Mariana but life goes on” He walked away while i crouched down and cried.

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