?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 2 ?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?

What.the.h.ell.is going on?

How..what..This has to be a joke,a really dumb joke of Austin’s.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Alice asked as she stood beside me,I couldn’t even answer,the guy i have real feelings for just dumped me and worst,he did it over a text.

“Am sorry but i can’t go for a tour today,am sorry”

“But..” Before she could finish talking,i ran back to my house.

I slammed the door and leaned on it,I was trying to blink away the tears.

“I’ll just call him, Yes, that’s what i’ll do” I picked up my phone and dialled his number but he wasn’t picking,i did it four more times.

“Ahhhh” I screamed and threw my phone across the living room,My mom rushed in looking so worried.

“What’s wrong,honey? Did anyone do something to you?” I hugged my mom and cried on her shoulders.

“Who made you cry,tell me and I swear I’ll….

“It’s Austin,Mom”

“Austin?” The thing is my mom likes Austin,they bond perfectly,She was happy when i told her we were dating.

“He broke up with me”

“Did you see him on your way?”

“No,he broke up with me over the phone,now he’s not picking up his d@mn phone, He’s such a b@stard,i actually loved him”

My mom sat on the floor with me and started c@ressing my hair.

“Am sorry,my dear, Austin is extremely handsome,i just didn’t think he would be a j.erk, am really sorry.

Austin is really lucky that i don’t know where he is,if I knew i would break his leg”

“Mom, I’ll get to see him everyday,he attends NYU,i don’t know what i did for him to end things like this,Mom,i gave him my body.

Am so so stupid, really stupid”

“No,you are not,you were just in love” i don’t know for how long i cried but i slept off while crying.
The Next Day.

Today is the day that i get to resume at NYU,it was also supposed to be the day Austin picks me up and we go together as a couple but the idi0tic douchebag had other plans for me.

The worst part is that i still have feelings for him,i have always loved him,Back in highschool,we were the perfect match,I loved him and he loved me back..i think.

I managed to get into the shower to freshen up,i came out with a towel and saw shopping bags on my bed.

My mom must have gotten me new outfits for my first day in college,My mom loves shopping more than i do,i habe so many clothes that i don’t even wear,I give them out to charity.

I opened the shopping and saw a phone case,My other phone didn’t survive the way i threw it yesterday.

I quickly got dressed, and looked at myself in the mirror and walked out of my room.

“Morning,mom” My mom was dressed up for work,i sat down on the dinning to eat my breakfast.

“How was your night, honey?”

“Terrible,mom, terrible”

“Am sorry about Austin,Why don’t you talk to him when you see him in school?”

“Mom,with all this anger that am feeling,i don’t think i can only just talk to him, I’ll murder him”

“Mariana, Vi0lence is never the answer,just talk to him”

“Yeah,fine..and,oh, thanks for the new phone”

“No problem and i can see the outfit i got looks perfect on you, i have one fine looking daughter” We shared a laugh
After having breakfast with my mom,I drove myself to school,i didn’t want to because NYU isn’t far from my school but my mom insisted that i take the new Ranger Rover she got me,i really don’t like attention.

I finally got to school amd parked my car amd just as i predicted, everyone kept looking at me.

As i came down from my car,a Lamborghini raced past me and parked beside my car.

I think it’s one of the cars from yesterday but i wasn’t sure, anyone can have a Lamborghini, I mean rich people.

I noticed so many girls flocked around the entrance of the car, that’s weird,i couldn’t even see the owner of the car so I just walked away.

The map of the school and my time table was sent to me yesterday so I have zero problems.

I was having English major this morning, luckily i located the class and walked in,A guy bumped into me on my way in.

“Oh,am sorry” He said and i smiled at him,He was handsome,he smiled at me back.

“You are new here, right?”


“Wow, don’t be offended but you are really beautiful,like so beautiful” I giggled.

“Am not offended so thank you”


“Brandon, let’s go already” Someone said from outside the class.

“I have to go,See you around” He smiled at me and walked away..Nice talk.

I took my seat in the class and waited for the teacher to arrive.
“See you around, Mariana” Giselle,a girl i just made friends with said before walking away.

I thought my day would be worst but it’s better than i imagined,i haven’t seen Austin so i think am okay.

I need to use the bathroom, with the help of the map i located it.

I got in and did my stuff,i walked over to the sink to wash my hands and use the dryer.

Suddenly the door opened and a guy and a girl who were making out barged in,they leaned on the door and the guy was taking the girl’s dress off.

They didn’t notice my presence,now i can’t even go out because they are blocking the door.

“Um.. excuse me.. excuse me,Hey!!” I got their attention,i finally saw the boy’s face properly,He had really blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.

The girl looked angry while the guy just smirked at me.

“What do you want? Can’t you see we are busy?” The girl asked angrily.

“I know that,you are blocking the door while don’t you get a room like normal people?”

“Do you wanna join? A threesome will be nice”

“No, only sl*ts do that” i heard the guy chuckle a little while the girl just frowned at me.

“Just leave” They walked away from the door,i was about to leave when…

“Am also leaving” The boy said, making the girl look at him in shock.


“Nicole,we can do this another time, infact i have class”

“Is it because of this girl?”

“Am already leaving,bye” I walked out the bathroom, heading to my class when a pair of arms held me back.

I turned and it was that guy,How dudy walk here so quickly?

“Um..can i help you?” I moved my hands from his,he still had that smirk on, Looking at him properly,he was tall, very tall,he had a tattoo on his arm and a lip ring.

“You are new here”

“Yeah,i know..can I go now?”

“No, wait..can I have your number?”

“For what?”

“To hang out, you can ride in my car and even better, you can ride my dk” i scrunched my nose in digust.

“Look,i don’t know and i don’t really want to know you but i don’t want anything to do with you, You are not my type” He threw his head back and laughed.

“I didn’t say anything funny”

“Yes,you did.. You said that i am not your type, trust me Barbie doll,am everyone’s type”

“Oh,i see.. you are a conceited douchebag who thinks he can get any girl he wants”

“I don’t think,i know i can get any girl i want including you”

“You will have to try all your life to do that so if you’ll excuse me, I have better things to do” I turned to leave when i saw that girl from the estate.

“Mariana” She yelled and hugged me so tight making me laugh.

“Hey,Alice,am really sorry about yesterday, Something came up”

“No problem,we can so the tour another time, I see you have met my brother”

“Your brother?” I looked over at the guy,he winked at me

“Yeah, Mariana,this is Jasper, my big brother and Jasper, this is Mariana,the girl I told you about yesterday”

“So he was the guy you yelled at yesterday?”


“Well,you are right..He is a man whore” Jasper chuckled and ran his hand through his hair

“Alice, you forgot one little detail about Mariana,you didn’t tell me she was fking hot and so delicious to eat” Alice slapped his arm while i just rolled my eyes.

“Jasper, i forbid you from coming close to her,You have already slept with all my friends”

“Don’t worry about a thing,Alice,Yiur brother,Jasper can’t get to me,His charm has no effect on me”

“You wanna bet on that?” He walked closer to me.

“You want a punch on the face because that can be arranged” I could hear Alice giggle.

“You know,i like fiercty girls, it’s make the reward sweeter”

“You are such an a*$,i don’t even know why girls like you, You are not that attractive, Let’s go,Alice”.

I could tell he was angry at the fact that i said he wasn’t attractive, the smirk on his face disappeared as I and Alice walked away.

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