?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 4?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
“Dude,if Austin and Mariana have a thing, then that’ll be a problem for you” Brandon said, I rolled my eyes.

Austin is such a stupid idi0t,He’s thinks he’s better than me in everything.

“Austin doesn’t stand a chance against me”

“Dude, didn’t you see the way she held onto him, She’s…

“Enough,i don’t want to hear that j.erk’s name”

Suddenly, Austin walked into the cafeteria..alone,He went over to his friends were and sat with them.

Mariana burst into cafeteria,She used her hands to cover her face,She hurriedly went to where she sat with my sister,She took her bag and tried to leave but my sister held her back.

“What happened?” Mariana ran off ignoring Alice’s question.

Alice marched over to where Austin sat and hit his shoulder.

“Hey, what’s your…

“What did you do to her, you je.rk?” Austin stood up and faced her.

“What’s your problem, you little sl…

“If you say anything about my sister,i will rip your tongue out of your mouth” Austin looked at me and smirked.

“So she’s your sister? Nice.. She’s h0t”

“Am leaving to look for Mariana, please don’t f!ght” Alice ran off.
? Mariana’s P.o.v?
I can’t believe i trusted Austin,that stupid imbec!le,i gave him my vrg!nity,my everything,I actually loved him so so much,i gave him everything.

“Mariana,i have been looking for you” Alice hugged me and sat beside me.

“He..he broke up with me,he didn’t love me,he only used me and i was so stupid to give him my b0dy,so stupid”

“Am so sorry, Mariana, Everything is going to be alright.
I didn’t even know you and Austin dated, He’s such a j.erk and a man wh0re just like my brother ”

“Austin sleeps around too?”

“Yeah,he changes girls like he changes clothes,He and Jasper are rivalries, they are also teammates on the basketball field”

So he has been cheating on me?No wonder he immediately ended things the minute i got to New York,i was dating a cheating pig,Am such a fool,he played me.

“Am never dating again,Alice,never, the one guy who i loved more than anything played me,i chased away guys for him”

“Don’t cry anymore, Forget me and focus on other things, he’s a fool and he’ll surely get what’s coming for him,Be strong” I smiled at her.

“Thanks,Alice, you are really a good friend”

“Thank you,now let’s go back to the cafeteria,am still hungry”
It was closing hours, Alice and I walked to the parking lot,Apart from the fact that i found out that Austin cheated on me, today has been amazing,i made new friends but the guys won’t stop ogling at me which was creepy.

“Mari,Do you wanna ride with us,my brother is driving us,he usually carries some girls too” Alice sair as we got to the parking lot.

“No, thanks,i have my own car”

“You do? Where is it?” She wae looking around,i grabbed her hand and led to where my car was parked,her eyes widen in shock.

“Woah,is this the latest model of Range Rover?”


“It’s beautiful,my mom won’t buy a car for me,she thinks it’s dangerous, that’s why i ride with my 0bn0xious brother”

“You forgot to say 0bn0xious handsome brother” Jasper said as he walked to us witha group of people,i could identify Brandon who smiled at me and the girl holding on to Jasper was Nicole.

“Mariana, your car is nice” Brandon said and i smiled at him.

“Yeah, you have a nice taste in cars,Martina”

“It’s Mariana” i corrected,he only smirked at me.

“Same thing”

“Alice,am leaving,you wanna hop in?” She nodded positively.

“Finally i can have a nice ride home, Mariann, let’s stop by a restaurant” She said as she entered my car.

“No problem” I turned to face Jasper,he was staring at me.

“Bye, Everyone and Jasper,wipe that drool off your lips,i know am so hot” Everyone laughed except Jasper,he only rolled his eyes.

“And,oh, before i forget, Brandon, you are really handsome” Brandon started blushing while Jasper held a cold expression,I entered my car and drove off.
Later That Day.

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
I got home two hours ago and Alice still wasn’t back yet.

“Where did you say Alice went?” My mom asked as she dropped our food on the table.

“She caught a ride with a new friend of hers,She said she was tried of riding with me” Alice walked in looking so happy.

“Hello, Everybody”

“Someone’s happy today” Alice hugged my mom and kssed her cheeks.

“Yes, mom..am happy, am happy because I found a friend,a good one, the one who doesn’t drool over Jasper”

“Oh.. Really? That’s new”

“Yes,Mom, She’s pretty and intelligent”

“What’s her name?”

“It’s Mariana,i invited her to spend the weekend with me, She’s amazing and She doesn’t take nonsense from je.rks” I rolled my eyes knowing she was talking about me.

“Then why was she with Austin? He’s the king of all je.rks”

“I won’t tell, besides if Austin is the King of je.rks,you are the Lord”

The cup beside her, levitated and released water on her body.

“Jasper,what did i say about using your powers on your sister?”

“Sorry,mom but she’s really annoying and besides she was on her way to take a shower”

Alice’s eyes started glowing meaning she wanted to use her powers on me but my mom stopped her.

“Enough, Alice, just go and take a shower, don’t pay attention to Jasper” As she walked away,She smacked my head.

Everyone thinks they know everything about me but they don’t, They don’t know this part of my life that i have kept a secret.

My mom,Alice and i are not normal people,We are supernatural beings called Zorons, We lived in a very different place but we ran away from because of a reason and decided to stay here on earth.

No one has been able to find us snd that’s a good thing,even my dad doesn’t know where we are.

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