?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 5?

Written by: Tamara Blair

Few Weeks Later.

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
These past few weeks have been amazing, I have succeeded in getting Austin out of my mind.
Spending time with Alice has helped me alot,i spend the weekends at her house even though her perverted brother is there,i know how to handle him.

“Good morning,mom” I said as i climbed down the stairs fully dressed,My mom was making breakfast.

“Morning,honey,did you sleep well?”

“Yes,I did, thanks..am going to Alice’s place after breakfast”

“Okay,I like that girl, she’s so nice” I sat down and was about to eat when my mom smacked my hand.

“Ouch” She handed me a cup.

“You forgot to take your morning drink” I collected and drank it, it tasted so sour.

“Mom, why do i have to take this drink? I have been taking it since i was little”

“It’s good for you,now,no more questions,eat your food”
I walked over to Alice’s house,i already texted her and she couldn’t wait for me to come.
I started hearing loud music and people cheering.

“Are they having a party?” I said to myself,i walked in properly and i saw so many people from college,most of them were a year or two older than me.

I pushed past them to get inside,it was a pool party so most of them were barely dressed.

“Mariana,Catch” Someone said and before i knew a beach ball was thrown at me,i could hear some people laugh.

“That was funny” Jasper said as he walked towards me..shirtless and Nicole was glued to him.

“Do you want to know what’s also funny?.. This” i punctured the beach ball making it deflate,then threw it at his face.

“How did you even do that?”

“With this” I showed him my perfectly fixed nails

“Mariana,You look pretty today,like always” Brandon said as he walked towards me,i gave him a smile.


“Um..i was wondering if you want to come to a party at my house tonight, it’s going to be lit”

“Brandon, thanks but…

“I told you that she would say no,She doesn’t know how to have fun” Jasper said making Nicole giggle.

“I don’t see how getting dr.unk and having sx with random strangers is f.un”

“Do you have a life?”

“Do you have a soul?” I snapped at him,he smirked.


“Mariana, it’s going to be really fun, honestly,i would love it if you came”

“Ohh,i can’t say no to that handsome face” Brandon blushed while Jasper just rolled his eyes.

“So you are coming?”

“Yeah..am going inside to see Alice,see you later”

Few hours later.

It wasn’t hard to convince Alice to come with me to Brandon’s party,infact she was thrilled.

She dragged me to the mall to help her pick outfits for the party.

“How does this one look?” She asked as she walked out of the dressing room.

“Great” i said trying to sound enthusiastic about the fact that she has tried at least 50 outfits

“You said Great for the last dresses”

“Alice,just pick one and let’s go,am tired”

“Aren’t you picking anything for yourself?”

“No, I’ll just throw on something when i get home,i have no one to impress over there”

“True,the boys are always drooling over you, You are a catch,babe..a hot one” I rolled my eyes.

“I actually love the way you set things straight with my brother,he thinks he can get any girl he wants”

“He’s mistaken,am not fazed by all his charms and wits,i need someone who is serious with me and besides am not ready for anything like that right now”

“I know and i admire your determination”

“Thanks,now tell me why you got super happy when i told you about Brandon’s party” She looked away shyly.

“Alice,am waiting.. tell me”

“Okay,fine,i think i have got a little tiny crush on one of Jasper’s friend”

“Who? Brandon?”

“No, it’s… it’s Chase” My eyes widen in shock,Chase is the exact replica of Jasper when it comes to being a player”

“Chase? Alice,you know how Chase is”

“I know but i couldn’t help it,after that day he took me to lunch,l and we have been hanging out frequently,i couldn’t stop thinking about him”

“Alice, Chase sleeps with girls alot,i have never seen him with a stable girl”

“Am hoping i can change him”

“Just be careful,Alice,You can’t play a player, Don’t let yourself get hurt” She smiled at me

“I won’t, thanks”

“Let’s go get ready for the party”
? Jasper’s P.o.v?
I arrived at Brandon’s house with Nicole clinging to me like her life depends on it.
I have tried to get rid of her but she wouldn’t get the hint,She just won’t let me have breathing space.

“Welcome to the party,bro” Brandon said as we entered.

“Nicole,you look nice” She smiled at him.

“Babe,am going to look for my friends” She kssed my cheeks and walked away.


“Are you two dating now?”

“No, She’s just too clingy, it’s so annoying”

“So how far with Mariana?” We sat at the bar area.

“Still working on it, She’s incredibly stubborn”

“Don’t forget, She’s smoking hot and she’s different, She’s not just another Nicole or any other girl here,She has principles and standards”

“Since when did you start talking like this?”

“I just said what i observed about her” One of my friends,Chase walked up to us.

“Dude, your girlfriend, Nicole is str!pping for everyone”

“She’s not my girlfriend and n@ked Nicole is not new to me or any guy here”

Brandon was about to say something when Chase interrupted.

“Oh.My.God” He said looking at a particular direction, Brandon and i turned to see what he was looking at.

Brandon’s eye widen in shock,It was my sister and Mariana, Mariana was dr.essed in a t!ght black dress,She has the body of a g0ddess,No wonder she’s playing hard to get.

“My Goodness” A guy beside us said as he saw Mariana.

“She’s g0rgeous,Dude,if you ever b@ng her,p.ass her over to me” Chase said and i glared at him.


“I intend to make her my personal btch,So back off”

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
Brandon’s house is really huge and beautiful,Alice wouldn’t stop being nervous about seeing Chase.

“There he is” She squealed and i looked over to see Chase with Brandon and Jasper.

“He’s so cute” i rolled my eyes, then waved at Brandon who smiled at me.

“Let’s go over to say hello”

“What?No,your brother is there and he annoys me alot”

“Just ignore him” She dragged me to where they sat.

“Hey, guys..hey, brother” Alice looked super nervous,i have never seen her like this before.

“Mariana,You look absolutely breathtaking” Brandon said and he held my hands.

“Thanks, You look nice too”

“Mariana,that dress looks a little tight,while don’t we go upstairs and i can take them off you” Jasper said while i rolled my eyes.

“Jasper,i would prefer being knocked down by a train than doing anything with you”

“Burn” Chase said, that’s when i noticed he and Alice were holding hands.

“Let’s have a drink” Brandon said and handed me a red cup.

“Oh,i don’t take alcohol” Jasper scoffed and took a big gulp from a bottle of whiskey.

“Don’t worry, I’ll exchange it with soda”
Few hours into the party,Alice had already walked away with Chase,i told her not to get drunk or get laid.

Nicole practically dragged Jasper away while Brandon went to change his shirt since apparently Nicole spilled drink on him while arguing with Jasper.

I looked around with a soda in my hand and watched how people were making out, Smoking and drinking.

Someone caught my eye,it was Austin,He was kssing some random girl.. wait,i know that girl, that’s Jessica,she was also a senior in our school, Austin swore to me that he didn’t have anything to do with her,I guess he lied,that b@stard.

They spotted but i stood up and walked away from them.

I stopped by a group of girls,they were giggling about something.

“Hey, wanna try the kssing booth?” One of them asked, that’s when i noticed a kssing booth beside me.

“Um..no, thanks but….

Before i could finish talking,they bl!ndfolded me and pushed me into the b00th,at the same time someone came in from the opposite side.

“Um..i don’t know who you are but am not really interested in this,so i just going to take the bl!ndfold off”

Before i could take it off,a pair of hands he.ld me d0wn,his fingers brushing against my arm making me calm for some reason.

Suddenly,i felt his l!ps against mine, I wanted to push whoever was kssing me away but i couldn’t,my hands didn’t respond to anything my brain was trying to do.

From a slow kss,it became a hungry one,i ran my hands into the stranger’s hair while he pulled me cl0ser,none of us wanted to stop,i didn’t want to stop.

Not even Austin has made me feel this way,this wave of elec.tricity i was feeling.

We pulled away,i quickly removed my bl!ndfold to see who i actually kssed but he was gone, it’s like he vanished.

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