?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 6?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
“Mari,You have been zoning out since after that party, What’s wrong?” Alice said as we walked to class.

“Am not zoning out,Am just stressed out
, the party just wore me out”

“Okay, It’s just you have been zoning out,so i got worried”

“Am fine”

Ever since that kss,i haven’t been myself,I keep thinking about who i kssed and why i felt the way i felt when the stranger kssed me, The kss was so different,it was beautiful.

“Sht,Alice,I forgot my Literature textbook”


“Yeah, it’s in my locker,You go ahead, I’ll go take it”

“Okay but be fast” Alice walked away,While i walked back to my locker.

“Where is it?” I asked myself while i searched through my locker,i finally found,i took it out and slammed my locker.

“Ahh” i screamed as i saw Jasper standing in front of me,his hair was no longer blonde but dark, silky black,it fell over his eyes.

“Hey” He said and smirked at me.

“What’s your problem? You almost gave me a heart attack,Why are you here?”

“You mean in school?” I rolled my eyes at how sarcastic he was.

“No,in the hallway, everyone’s in class”

“You are also in the hallway” He walked closer to me,while i backed away making my back hit my locker.

He placed two hands beside the sides of my head making it impossible for me to move away from him.

“What makes you so special that all the boys drool over you?”

“Same thing i ask myself when i see so many girls drool over you,i just don’t see anything special in you” He chuckled

“Are you sure about that?” He leaned even closer to me.

“Am very sure”

“When i get you on my bed, you won’t want to leave,I promise you that” He whispered in my ears,I bursted into laughter and pushed him away.

“Oh,Jasper, you are so funny but keep trying”
Few hours later.
It was lunch time, Everyone was at the cafeteria.

“Alice,No,am not sitting where your brother is”

“Mariana, please,Chase is sitting there and i want to close to him”

“Alice,He should be chasing after you not the other way around”

“Come on,Mari,We are not in the 90’s, Let’s go” I rolled my eyes and followed her to where the crew were sitting.

“Oh,my,Look who we have here,if it isn’t Mrs Know it all” Jasper said, I looked over at Alice giving her the “i am leaving” look.

“Just ignore him, please” She whispered, I rolled my eyes and sat beside her.

“It’s nice that you have decided to sit with us” Brandon said and i gave him a little smile, He’s the only one decent around here.

“Hey,New girl” A girl sitting beside Jasper called out to me.

“My name’s Mariana,by the way”

“Whatever, I want to ask a question,Why do you always wear outfits that cover you up,are you ashamed of your b0dy?”

“Bianca,Keep quiet” Brandon said and the ugly looking girl rolled her eyes.

“Don’t worry about it, Brandon…Um, Bianca,am not really into pr0$titute’s dressing,i don’t need to open my b0dy to get a guy’s attention.

But i like that outfit you are wearing,i think it was in sale for sl”ts at the mall down town” Everyone laughed including Jasper, Bianca stood up and walked away.

“You always know what to say for a come back” Alice whispered to me and i giggled.

I started eating when i noticed Jasper was staring at me.


“I just wanted to tell you not to let your food burn your tongue” I rolled my eyes and dipped a spoonful of my food into my mouth.

I spat it out immediately, aiming for water.

“Mari, What’s wrong?” Brandon asked as he handed me a cup of water,I looked under my plate.

“I swear my food wasn’t this hot when i got here,I don’t know whar happened” I looked over at Jasper and he had that his usual smirk on his face.

“I told you”

I was about to say something when Nicole marched to where Jasper sat.

“What’s wrong?”

“Jasper,are you seriously asking me what’s wrong?”


“I just heard that you sl.ept with Lexi at Brandon’s party”

“Who’s Lexi?”

“The blonde girl you were with last night” Brandon tried to refresh his memory. He doesn’t even know the name of the girl he sl.ept with. Unbelievable.

“Oh,that girl,She kept begging me for more like a btch she is”

“How could you, Jasper? I trusted you,i thought you have stopped all this”

“Not in this life, Nicole,Not in this life” Alice said while looking at Nicole.

Doesn’t Nicole know the kind of guy Jasper is,I mean he has sl.ept with half of the girls in school,I don’t know why most girls are stup!d.

“Look,Nicole,You and i have nothing together,You are just the girl I fked one more than once. Don’t think we have any special b0nd cause we don’t”

“This doesn’t end here, Jasper Hale” She walked away while Jasper just chuckled.

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