?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 7?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
“How many times has mom told you not to use your powers in school?” Alice said as she barged into my room.

“Have you ever heard of knocking?” She rolled her eyes, i was using my phone when it got snatched and it landed on the floor.

“So you can use your powers and i can’t?”

“I use mine at home, you use yours all the time”

“Proof it”

“I know you used your powers to make Mariana’s food super hot,She was so surprised how her food was so hot”

“Okay,So this is about Mariana?”

“Yeah, It’s about her and your sudden obsession with trying to sl.eep with her”

“Am not obsessed”

“Then leave her the hell alone, She’s not interested in you besides you have Nicole”

“Don’t bring that btch into this”

“Oh,So she’s a btch now after you have sl.ept with her, Jasper, Aren’t you tired of all this,You have basically become a male pr0$titute” I chuckled,then lifted my phone up.

“You think it’s funny? Trust me, Brother You’ll fall in l0ve with someone who won’t want you and then you’ll how it feels” She walked away and slammed the door.

“F@ll in l0ve,my f00t” I said to myself.
? Mariana’s P.o.v?
I was in a rush to get to school,I woke up so late,I hurriedly wore my clothes and took my bag.

“Mom,bye..Am so late” She dragged me back and handed me a cup

“You forgot your morning drink”

“Mom,I’ll take it when i get home,Am so late”

“No,take it now”

“Mom, what’s the difference if i take it when i get home?”

“No,i want you to take it now” I quickly drank it all and gave her the empty cup.

“You haven’t told me what this drink is for”

“You’ll know very soon,now go to school” I gave her a suspicious look,then i ran over to my car.

I got in and zoomed out of the garage.

“I can’t believe i overslept” I said to myself, Suddenly my car was making weird noise,Smoke started coming out of the bonnet.

“Fk,Not today” It broke down,now am stranded,the distance between this place to my department is so far.

“What do i do?” I came out of my car with my bag,i am going to be so late.

A powerbike stopped right in front of me,the rider was wearing a helmet.

“Hey, beautiful” My eyes widen in shock.

“Jasper? I thought you owned a car”

“I also own a powerbike,Alice told me you woke up late so i decided to come pick you up”

“There’s no way in hell that am getting on that thing”

“Aww,is the little princess scared?” He teased me.

“No,Am just safety cautious”

“Come on,We have only one life,Live it to the fullest”

“I don’t think..

“Come on,Any girl would die to be in your position,they would have hopped on and grab on to a s*xy be@st like me”

“The only s*xy be@st i know is Zac Efron” He rolled his eyes,then started his bike.

“Where are you going?”

“To school, You don’t want to enter so am leaving”

“Wait,Okay, fine,i’ll hop on,just be careful”

“I will”

“And for the record,this doesn’t make us friends,I still depise you” He chuckled while i got on the bike and wrapped his arms around his torso

He zoomed off in high speed making me h0ld him even t!ghter which was so annoying because i would never hold any guy like this, D@mn my stup!d car for breaking down.

We were almost to my department.

“Wait,Stop the bike” He immediately stopped,while i got down.

“Why did you ask me to stop? We haven’t gotten to your stop yet”

“That’s the point,i don’t want people to see me with you”

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah, if they see me with you, They’ll think am your next sxual challenge and i don’t want that”

“Who gives a fk what people think about them?”

“People who live a serious life, Jasper,your world and my world are different.

You enjoy sl.eeping with every girl that comes your way and i enjoy someone serious,We can never blend so stop trying to get me in your b.ed, It’s a waste of time.

Thanks for the ride, anyway” I walked away without waiting for his reply,his expression changed from playful to someone hurt by my words,maybe i was just imagining it,anyway, Jasper and i are two different people.

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