?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 8?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
I got home after a tiring day in school,I had lots of things to do,it was fun but stressful.
The weirdest thing was that Japser was surprisingly quiet,he only talked when he was asked a question,i refuse to believe that he’s like that because of what i said to him.

My car was in the repair shop so i had to ride with Brandon who wouldn’t stop blushing when i told him something nice.

I got home and my mom wasn’t in the living room so i headed straight to my room,on my way to my room, i heard someone crying softly.

I quietly opened the door and i saw my mom hugging a picture and crying.

“Mom,are you okay?” Immediately she saw me,she threw the picture in a particular box,a box i could vividly remember, the one she always told me not to open.

“Am..am fine” She wiped her tears and pushed me out of the room and locked it.

“You were just crying,You don’t look okay”

“I said am fine, Mariana, Stop asking me questions” She said sternly,i looked away sadly,She sighed then made me face her.

“Am sorry, Honey”

“Mom,what are you hiding from me?”

“Mariana, Everything you’ll know in due time but for now, let’s not bring up anything like this, okay?”

“Okay..am hungry” She chuckled as we walked back to the kitchen.

“I’ll make something nice for you”
? Jasper’s P.o.v?
I got home from school without bothering to talk to Alice or my mom.

I opened my secret drawer and brought out a neck chain and a picture of a little boy and a girl.

“I wish you were here with me..I miss you” i said as i c@ressed the picture.

“You are the only one who understands me,Do you miss me too?” A knock landed on my door, the door opened revealing my mom.

“Jasper,Are you alright?” She sat beside me and stared at the picture in my hand, then sighed.

“You are still thinking about her?”

“Yes, Mom,I still think about her, Hazel’s the only girl that understands me”

“You two were just 7 years old”

“But we were so close, Mom and you know that..I miss her”

“Are you sure she’s still alive? You know there was a huge war when we left”

“The war that seperated me from her, She’s the reason i haven’t been able to love another girl”

“Jasper, You will find another girl”

“I doubt it”

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
“Alice, You know that i don’t go watch the basketball game because Austin is a player”

“Mari, Please,Chase will be playing today and I want to see him, please” I sighed in defeat.

“Okay,Fine.. let’s go”

We walked over to the basketball court, The game was about to start,Alice spotted Chase,he winked at her and she started blushing.
Brandon waved at me,i waved back,My eyes landed on Jasper,he was looking at me but quickly looked away.

“Let’s seat at the front seat”

The game started and Austin and Jasper were opponents,It was clearly dominated by Jasper’s team.
I have to admit that Jasper was really good at playing,i could see girls chanting his name.

“They won!!!” Alice yelled as Jasper’s team which was also Chase team won the game.

She ran over to Chase and practically jumped on him making him almost fall down.

I spotted Nicole thr0wing herself on Jasper,Some girls are so ch.eap, Suddenly i felt a pair of arms on my wrist.

“Hey, beautiful”

“What do you want, D0uchebag?”

“Relax,babe, am just here to talk”

“Austin,i don’t have anything to say to you,Go back to your btches”

“Mariana,just admit it”

“Admit what?”

“That you still love me,You haven’t gotten over me”

“Austin, you are so stupid,i made a big mistake by letting you into my life”

“Mari, Don’t deny that the s*x was good, You enjoyed it, No one can do you the way i did”

“You sure about that, Austin?” A voice sounded,It was Jasper.

“This conversation is between i and Mariana,so step away Hale”

“This conversation involves me too”

“And why’s that?”

“Because Mariana is my girlfriend” My heart stopped for a minute.

What did he just say?

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