?Until The End Of Time ?

? Prologue ?

Written by: Tamara Blair

Mariana Williams is a beautiful, bold and intelligent 19 year old who just recently moved to New York because She just got accepted into NYU (New York University), She’s more than happy to be in a new city because she gets to be with her current boyfriend.

Jasper Hale is what we call a casanova,He doesn’t believe in love and he thinks he can get any girl he desires, He’s one of the most popular in NYU,Girls literally flock around him,but what people don’t know is that Jasper is not a normal human.

Yes, Jasper is not normal,He possess supernatural powers.

Mariana and Jasper get entangled in some way which leads to fights, heartbreak and tears.

What happens when Mariana knows Jasper’s secret?

And worst, What happens when Mariana find out about her past she never knew she had.

This story is filled with secrets, hatred and revenge.


?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 1 ?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
Going to a New city is so exciting,New York is one of America’s busiet city,it never sleeps.

Luckily for me,i got admitted into NYU , one of the biggest university in the country.

Not only do i get to study here but now i get tobe closer to my amazing boyfriend, Austin.

We attended the same high school back in Chicago but he was a senior,he got admitted into NYU before me but even though we were so far from eacg other, that didn’t stop our relationship,I love him so much.

“The fact that we live so close to the university means you don’t have to stay in the school campus” My mom said as she unpacked our boxes into out new home.

My mom was so kin on following me to New York when i told her i could take care of myself, She’s overly protective of me but i love her..so much.

My dad died in a car accident on his way from a business trip,I was very little so I don’t really have a clear memory of him or anything from my childhood which is so weird.

When my dad died,his fortune came to us,so you can say we don’t have any financial problem,i have everything i want and more. My mom works as a production manager in a really big company.

“I choose this room” I said as i stepped into a really big room.

“Sure, honey..Go and upack while i make something for us to eat” My mom left me to unpack.

I looked out my room window and i saw two black Lamborghini race past a house, The cars were so beautiful,am not really a fan of flashy stuffs but those cars were amazing.
“Mom,i want to go check out the estate,can i?”

“Of course but when you are done eating and please take your phone with you”

“Okay, thanks”

After i was done with the plates,i grab my jacket and beanie,it was a little bit cold.

I wore my beanie over my hair,My hair is surprisely short,i have tried everything to make my hair a little longer but I just can’t seem to do it which is weird because my mom’s hair is long.

I already texted Austin about my arrival to New York but he hasn’t replied,i guess he is busy..like always, Austin is training to be a basketball player so he goes to different training making him so busy.

“You are such a man wh0re!!!” I heard someone yell,It was a girl,she came out of one of the Lamborghini i saw before.

“Go home, I’ll come later,you disgust me” The car drove off,She looked at me and smiled,i smiled back.

She had really long black and neon green hair,her eyes were also neon green,She was beautiful.

“Hi,am Alice” She took me by surprise and hugged me.

“Um..am Mariana”

“Sorry about the hug,am a hugger”

“No problem,You are really beautiful” She giggled.

“Thanks, You too.. Um, Sorry about the way i yelled back there, It’s my brother,He gets on my nerves all the time”

“No problem,you are lucky to have a brother,am the only child”

“Trust me,i’d give anything to not see my brother for a year” We shared a laugh.

“You are new to this estate, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,i just got admitted to NYU so i came here”

“You are a student of NYU? Me too,i just got admitted here too” She beamed in happiness and hugged me..tighter.

“My brother has been there for a year so i don’t have a problem but i can show you around” She added making me smile.

“Sure, thanks..i could use a tour guide”


“Friends” She giggled and hugged me again, She’s really a hugger.

“Come on, let me take you around the estate”

“Sure,let me…

I got interrupted by the vibration of my phone indicating that I have a text message,i opened the message,it was from Austin.

*Mariana,am sorry but our relationship can’t work, it’s over*


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