?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 9?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
The look on Austin’s face was priceless,he looked so shocked, Jasper smirked at his confused face.

“That’s a lie, Mariana can’t settle for you,She loves me”

“Ask her yourself, She’s standing right here” Austin and Jasper faced me, Mariana,You have two options,One,Deny everything Jasper said or Put Austin in his place.

“Mariana,Are you really dating him, this chronic player?”

“Austin, You are talking like you are so different from him”

“Are you two together?”

“.. Yes,We are.. Jasper and i are dating”

“You have got to be kidding me,Yoy settled for him,My arch enemy,He just wants to sc.rew you and du.mp you”

“Like you haven’t done that to me, Austin,I need you to leave me alone”


“You heard my girlfriend,She said leave” Jasper said cutting him off.

“This isn’t over, Mariana, You love me and no one else” He walked away,I gave a sigh of relief.

“What were you thinking?”

“I was trying to help”

“By telling him that am your girlfriend..Smooth move”

“I have a reason, It’ll benefit both of us”

“I don’t get it”

“Just meet me in chemistry lab during lunchtime, I’ll explain later”

“Do it now”

“I can’t,i have girls who wanna take pictures with me..Bye” He winked at me,then walked away.

What have i gotten myself into?
? Jasper’s P.o.v?
“Bro, Nicole’s freaking out because of you” Chase said as we walked out of history class.

“She’s just a drama queen,I regret ever fking her”

“She said she loves you” I roll my eyes, Nicole is so dumb.

“She doesn’t,She just want to brag to her friends that she has the most popular guy in school under her control”

“Mariana’s so different from all the girls here,Her and your sister”

“I know, Mariana’s fking annoying and stubb0rn”

“And don’t forget sxy,Every guy got a hard on just seeing her in that dress at Brandon’s party”

“She would literally punch any guy who as much touched her legs” He added making me chuckle.

The school bell rang indicating that it was lunchtime.

“Um..Chase, I’ll be a little late for lunch”


“I need to talk to someone,just tell the guys for me, Will you?”

“Sure thing” We took different directions,I walked over to the chemistry lab and Mariana was already there.

“What took you so long?”

“I had to talk to Chase first,Am even surprised you came”

“Start talking”

“Okay, The reason why I told Austin that we were dating was because we could actually kill two birds with one stone” She bit her lower lip.

“Don’t do that”

“Do what?”

“Bit your lip like that,You are distracting me”

“Jasper,there are like a 100 chemicals here and i won’t hesitate to pour them all on your face,So keep talking”

“Okay,You know how Nicole has been on my neck recently”

“Yeah because you used her for your sxual des!res”

“Yeah,the b*tch.. I mean Nicole doesn’t want to leave me alone,She even told her father about me”


“Her father is the biggest investor in this school so he has power to remove anyone.

So if i tell her that you and i are dating, She’ll get off my back and keep her warm mouth to herself”

“Why did you call her mouth warm?”

“Because, Mariana,Her mouth can do wonders” I scrunched my face in disgust knowing fully well what he was talking about.

“And Austin?”

“Everyone in school knows that Austin and i are arch enemies,We would never get along.

If they all know we are both dating, It’ll mke him angry and make you have an edge over him”

This can actually work, Austin hates Jasper and we pretend to be dating, It’ll make him angry and then he’ll how much of a d0uchebag he is.

“So deal?”

“Wait,i hope this isn’t one of your tactics to get in between my l.egs” He rolled his eyes.

“No,i hate to admit it but you are really tough nut to crack so I’ll lay off from you, Even though you keep wearing those sk!rts that hug your h!ps perfectly” I swatted his arm making him chuckle.

“We have a deal but how are you going to let everyone know that we are dating?”

“That’s really easy, We’ll take some really good pictures and then the magic will begin”

“Remember we are just pretending to date,this isn’t real so don’t try to act all corny with me or even try to kss me”

“What if we got into a situation where we had to kss?”

“There won’t be a situation like that”

“You sure?”

“Yes, Jasper,am very sure and stop smirking like that, it’s annoying”

“Okay, Babe” He opened the door for me to walk out and he followed behind.

“For the record, You have a nice a*$” He whispered to me before walking away, I hope this works because I can’t stand this guy.

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