UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 21-30

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 30?

Written by: Tamara Blair

A month later.

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
It’s been a whole month and i haven’t told Alice or anyone about us, She’s been so busy with Chase.

“The swimming pool is so deep” Alexia said as we looked down the pool,Alice was having a swimming competition in her department.

We were at the balcony looking at all the competitors.
“I hope Alice wins” I said excitedly,We waved at Alice from where we were and she smiled at us.

“Am going to get us some food” Alexia walked away,I really have to tell Alice and everyone because i don’t think i can handle seeing Japser and not kssing him everytime.

“Hey,Watch out!!!” Someone yelled,i turned around and before i knew it a really hard ball hit me in the face, making me lose my balance,i fell off the balcony and into the pool.

I could swim up because the water was too deep.

“Mariana!!!” Alice yelled trying to get to me but she was restricted.

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
I was at my locker side trying to get my books arranged,I have seen Mari in an hour and i already miss her, She’s always with Alice.

I closed my locker, then suddenly i felt something,like something bad,My mom told me that when a Zoron is in love,They can sense if something bad has happened to the person they love.

“Mariana” I closed my eyes, then used my powers to sense where she might be…Oh,no, She’s drowning.

Without hesitation,I super sped into the college’s swimming area, there i saw Mariana trying to swim out of the water.

“Mariana!!,Why in no one helping her, She’s drowning” I tried to jump into the water but someone stopped me.

“The water is too deep, it’s only for professionals”
“We can’t let her drown”

“The swimming teacher is on his way” I pushed the student holding me back and jumped into the water, Mariana already passed out.

The water was very deep but it wasn’t a problem to me since i had special powers.

I came out of the water carrying Mariana in bridal style,I laid her down in the floor and tried to get the water out of her system.

“Mariana.. Please wake up, Don’t do this to me, Please wake up”

I gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation and pressed her chest.
“Mari, please” She started coughing out water,I gave a sigh of relief.

“Thank Goodness” Alice said,The swimming teacher came and i took Mariana to the nurse’s office.
When the nurse told us she was okay and stable,I went to the boys locker room to change my wet clothes.

After i was done changing,I walked out of the locker room to see Alice leaning on the wall.

“What do you want?” She looked at me,then smirked.
“You seem so worried when Mariana was drowning”
“We all were worried, She’s our friend”

“Jasper,I have been seeing things between you and Mariana”
“Little sis,Am going to see Mariana,Our friend” I walked away,We really have to tell everyone soon.

I walked into the nurse’s room, Chase, Brandon and Alexia were with Mariana,who was already awake.

“Yoo,The hero is here” Chase said the minute he saw me, Mariana smiled at me.
“Thanks, Jasper.. for saving me”

“Don’t worry”

“Babe,am going to gather your bags and bring you food”Alexia said while dragging Chase and Brandon away.

“Okay, Thanks” The door closed shut leaving i and Mariana alone.

We immediately hugged each other tightly.
“Don’t do that to me again,I thought i would lose you”

“How did you know i was in trouble?”

“Um.. Someone told me in the hallway” I don’t know when I’ll be able to tell her am a Zoron, She’ll probably freak out.

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
“Are you okay,Do you feel pain anywhere?” He asked worriedly making me giggle.

“Am fine,Am just happy that you’re here” He took my hand and kssed it.
“Alice got suspicious of us today,Babe, It’s time we tell everyone”

“I know,am tired of hiding” We kssed each other.
“I love you so so much”

“I love you too” He started planting ksses all over my face making me giggle.


“Holy Sht” Jasper and i turned around,We saw Chase by the door holding takeouts.

“Are you two..are you two.. dating?”

“Yeah, it’s for real this time,I love her,Bro”
“Does Alice know about this?”

“She doesn’t but we plan on telling her soon”
“There’s no need for that” Alice walked into the room.

“I trusted you, Mariana,I thought you were different but i guess not, You are just like every sl*t he has slept with”
“Don’t you dare insult Mariana, Alice.. watch your mouth” Alice just rolled her eyes and walked away.

“I’ll talk to her,Just so you know,I don’t have a problem with the both of you dating,I think it’s good, You bring out the best in each other”

“Thanks,Chase” I said,He smiled at us then walked away.
Jasper wrapped his arm around me and kssed my forehead.
“Everything will be alright,i don’t worry you to worry”
So it’s been approximately a week since Alice found out about Jasper and i,She refused to talk to me or be near me,She wouldn’t hang out with us because of me,I miss her because she’s my best friend.

“Honey,If Alice keeps avoiding then i think it’s no use convincing her, She can’t decide who you date,If she can’t see that Jasper has changed so much then that’s her problem” My mom and i were having lunch.

“I know,Mom but she’s like my best friend,We talk all the time and I know she feels betrayed by everything”

“Still,She can’t decide your relationship for you” I dropped my empty plate in the sink.
“Mom,am going to Jasper’s place,We are watching a movie together”

“Okay,Have fun but not too much fun” I giggled,then pecked her forehead.

? Author’s P.o.v?
Alice walked over to Jasper’s house since it wasn’t that far,She got there and she was easily let in by the security guard since she has been here almost everytime.

“Good afternoon, Aunt” She greeted Jasper’s mom with a smile.
Good afternoon,here to see Jasper?” Mariana nodded affrimatively.

“He’s in his room, probably playing videogames,am sure when he sees you, He’ll drop it” They shared a laugh.

“Okay,Stay as long as you like,am heading to the store to get groceries” Mariana took the stairs to Jasper’s room,on her way she bumped into Alice.

Alice tried to walk away but Mariana held her wrist.
“We need to talk”

“I can see you are heading to his room,Typical Jasper and i thought je wouldn’t get you”
“We haven’t had sx and it shouldn’t even matter to you, Jasper has changed and he’s a better person and am sorry you can’t see it”

“No,am sorry for you because you are being deceived,He hasn’t left yet because he hasn’t gotten what he wants”
“Why can’t you see the good in him? I love Jasper,I love him so much and he loves me too”

“Mariana,I have seen Jasper use girls,Before i got into college,Jasper would sleep with all my friends, Everyone wanted to be my friend so that they could be closer to Jasper,He had all the fame and glory.

All i wanted was a true friend, Someone who isn’t fazee by him,then you came along and I thought you were different”

“Alice,I wish you could see how much Jasper has changed, He’s no longer a j.erk,He went to a therapist all because of his anger issues and i will never stop loving him, whether you accept or not”

“Alright,then go on and be his sl*t” Mariana got angry and pushed Alice.
“Don’t talk to me like that, Alice..Just because we are friends doesn’t mean you can talk to me like that”

“Get out of my way” Alice pushed Mariana,She forgot how twitchy her powers get when she’s angry,She usee her powers to push Mariana down the stairs.
Mariana started rolling down the stairs,before Alice could react, Jasper came in at super speed and stopped Mariana from rolling down.

“What happened? What did you do,huh?” Jasper looked angry,he carried unconcious Mariana to the couch in the living room and laid her there.

“What happened to Mariana?” Jasper’s mom asked as she walked through the front door.

“I don’t know what Alice did to her? What did you do?”
“I.. I got angry and accidentally pushed her down the stairs”

“No,you didn’t just push her, You used your powers,I thought i taught you how to control your powers when you are angry”

“Am..am sorry, I didn’t mean it, I lost control”
“Your stubbornness caused all this,If you had just accepted like everyone else, then this wouldn’t happen,I don’t know why you still think am that jerk of a brother.
Mariana changed me and am in love with her whether you like it or not”

Alice was crying,her hands shaking and her lips trembling.
“I..i just..

“If something happens to my Mariana,then I’ll never forgive you”



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