UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 21-30

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 25?

Written by: Tamara Blair

Few Weeks Later.

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
These few weeks have been so amazing, after the kss we shared,We have been hanging out alot.
We would kss most of the time but we have never had the chance to talk about we really are.

I had dressed up and took my bag, then ran downstairs to see my mom,She handed me my usual drink.
“You look so nice,Is that a new hoodie?”

“Yeah, I got it from Jas…I mean i got it from the mall” My mom looked at me suspiciously while i avoided her gaze.

“I thought you said you wanted to say Jasper?”
“Um..no,I didn’t say anything about Jasper, you are just saying things because you like Jasper”

She wanted to say something but she was interrupted by the sound of a car horn.
“Oh, that’s my ride, Gotta go,bye” I ran out of the house before she could say anything else.

Jasper was leaning on his Maserati that he got last weekend,He looked so handsome,I couldn’t help but blush at the way he winked at me.

“Hey” We shared a hug,he kssed my cheeks.
“Hey,You look beautiful..as always”

“And you look so handsom…Hey,can i drive your Maserati?” He looked at me,then back to his car.

“Don’t look at me like that,i won’t be able to say no”

“Please,Jasper..Puhleaseee,I’ll be gentle”

“Okay,on one condition”

“You’ll have to go out with me tonight” He held my hand and intertwined it with his.
“Like a date?”

“Yeah, Something like that” I giggled.
“Okay,Fine” He handed me the car keys and i jumped on him.

“Just be careful with it”

I drove his car to school and it was so amazing,it still had that new car smell.

“Woah, that ride was amazing” We got down from his car,he snatched the keys from me.
“Remind me to never let you drive, You almost got us killed”

“No,i didn’t, You were just being scared for nothing,I have to go to class now”

“Aren’t i getting a goodbye kiss?”He said in a childish tone making me laugh.

“You’re so silly but you know i can’t, people will see us”
“Yeah, I know..Guess I’ll save everything for tonight”

“Speaking of tonight? What time are you picking me up?”

“9, Don’t eat dinner,I’ll take care of it”
“Should i dress so nice or just casual?”

“I would prefer you with no clothes but dress casual” I swatted his arm, then walked away smiling at myself.

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
I watched as she walked away,I felt like dragging her back with me,I really didn’t want her to leave my side.
After that night,we kssed,We have have been hanging out together, kssing like we were a couple but we haven’t put a name on what we have,i guess we are still not comfortable addressing it.

“Dude, you are totally whipped” I heard a voice making me startled.

“G0sh,Chase,You scared me” He chuckled and stood next to me.

“Dude,i saw the way you were staring at her,She has you wrapped around her fingers”

“Same goes for you,Dkhead, Alice is all you think about” I watched how Mariana talked to all her friends.

“Dude,You”ll hurt your face from too much smiling” i flipped Chase off,then walked away.
Few Hours Later.
It was lunchtime and all of us went to our regular seat.
“Mari,You have been so happy lately”Brandon said to Mariana.
“Am always happy”

“Yeah but you are super happy now..Do you have a boyfriend?” Mariana started coughing,i wanted to go over to her sode to help her but i couldn’t,to everyone,I and Mariana are not on speaking terms.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, Brandon”

“Jasper!” I know that voice from anywhere,It was Nicole,She walked over to where i sat.

“What’s wrong, Nicole?”

“I came to talk to you,I want us to get back together,I miss you, Jasper”

“No offense but we were never together,We were only….
“Fk buddies, I know but I don’t mind”

“Nicole,i can’t do this to you anymore,You deserve better,Am sorry i treated you like an object of mere ple@sure, I used you to satisfy my cr@zy sxual des!re and am sorry.
I was a rude, arr0gant j.erk,I hope you can forgive me” Everyone looked at me like i had just grown a h0rn.

“I.. I never thought i would hear that from you” A surprised Nicole said,She smiled at me then walked away.

I sat back down to eat and my friends stared at me weirdly.

“Wait,Did Jasper Hale just apologise to a girl or is it world about to end?” Chase asked making everyone laugh.

“I realized that i was a j.erk and an idi0t to everyone,Infact….” I stood up to face everyone in the cafeteria.

“Everyone,I want to say something..I know that i have probably slept with a good of girls here and i have ruined so many relationships because of my stupidity,I thought having every girl at my beck and call would make me happy, apparently i was wrong and am sorry to everyone that got affected by my actions”

Everyone in the cafeteria started clapping,i looker at Mariana and she gave me a smile.
Later That Same Day.

I was outside Mari’s house waiting for her to come out,Her front door opened and she was came out wearing a short floral dress.

“Hey,i completely forgot to put makeup on and…

“It’s okay, You don’t need it,You are always beautiful”

I opened the door fro her to enter,I got in and drove off, during the ride i couldn’t help but stare at her, She’s so beautiful even when she trying not to be, I have never felt this way for someone.

“Wow,this place is amazing” I brought her to small beautiful park,it had so many lights around the place.

“Am glad you like it” I put out the blanket on the ground and placed our picnic basket on the floor.

“Let me bring out the food” She put her hand into the basket and started bringing out all the food.

“Am really proud of you” She said as ate together.
“For what?”

“What you said to everyone at the cafeteria,for apologising, that was so amazing”
“I needed to do that,i have hurt a good number of people especially the girls”

“Well,am happy for you,for this change, it’s really nice”
“You made this change possible for me, You were the only one who wouldn’t fall at my feet and that drove me cr@zy,i wanted to make you do whatever i say but instead i found myself wanting to change because of you.
I wanted to be a better person for you,for everyone,for myself”

She hugged me so tight,i hugged her back.
We pulled away a little making our foreheads meet,her hands were in my hair while mine went around her w@ist.

“Jasper, there’s something i need to say”
“Okay,say it”

“Jasper,I think..i think i..i think i have….
“Shh,i know what you want to say and i think so too but i want us to be really sure about what we feel,i don’t want us to make a mistake”

“Me too” We leaned in to each other and kssed.
I feel something so strong for Mariana but i want to be sure that i don’t have those anger issues anymore,i want to be perfect for her.

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