UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 21-30

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 22?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
Alice wasn’t feeling too well so she couldn’t attend the party but as for me,even if i had a terrible v!rus, I’ll attend this party so that I can Jasper who’s boss and probably infect him with the v!rus.

I was finishing up on my make up,I wore a brown body hug crop top with short leather sk!rt that hugged my h!ps perfectly and a knee high boot to match.

Jasper will definitely drool over me,He thinks he can just avoid me and move on to the next available girl.

“Wow, Honey, you look amazing,So s*xy” My mom said as i descended the stairs.


“If this is for Jasper, He’ll certainly run after you like a lost puppy” We shared a laugh,a car horn was headed outside.

“That’s Austin,I have to go”

“I don’t like that Austin guy,Just be careful,Love you”
“Love you too,mom”

I walked out the door and Austin was leaning on his car, He looked up at me and his jaw hang open.

“How do i look?” I twirled around for him.
“Absolutely g0rgeous,You look so s*xy, Babe”

“I mean Mari”
“Let’s just go,We have a party to attend”
Half an hour later,We arrived at the party, Brielle being the daughter of a politician,her house was massive, There were two huge swimming pools.
The lights were dim and beautiful,I felt Austin hands around my waist.

“Am going to get us drinks” Austin said over the loud music,I nodded and he walked away.

I looked around hoping to see the wannabe Romeo and Juliet around but it was too crowded.
“Mari” Someone called me and i turned around.
“Brandon,Nice to see you”
“Yeah,we haven’t talked in like..a decade” I giggled.
“So how are you,By the way you look amazing”

“Am good, Happy and you?”

“Good too” There was ab awkward slience.

“Have you seen Jasper?” I asked,he looked away from me.
“We haven’t talked but i did see him with a girl, he’s somewhere around here”


“Well,I’ll see you later” Brandon walked away, It’s so strange that we couldn’t go through a decent conversation without it being awkward, Brandon used to be so free with me.

I saw Austin approaching me with two red cups, behind him,I spotted Jasper and Alexia.. Wait a minute,Is she wearing the same outfit as me?

I squinted my eyes to see clearly, D@mnit, She’s wearing the same outfit as me, the only difference was her crop top was blue in colour.

She was saying something to Jasper and holding on to his arm.
“Here’s your drink” I collected it from Austin and drank the whole thing.

“Easy there or you’ll get drunk”
“No,i won’t..Now,Come on let’s dance”

I dragged him to the dance floor specifically where Alexia and Jasper were,I put my arm around Austin while his hands dug into my wa!st.

“Mari” Jasper’s voice sounded,I looked over at him.
“Oh,hey,Jasper,I didn’t see you there”

“Hi,Am Alexia” She waved at me while i gave her a small smile.
“Am Mariana and he’s Austin” She and Austin shook hands.

“Look,we are actually wearing the same outfit”
“Yeah,what a coincidence, Audrey”
“Um.. it’s Alexia”

“Same thing,Well,See ya”
I dragged Austin away with me.

Through out the party,I did things with Austin just to see the look on Jasper’s face,At one point i caught him staring at me.

“You are behaving different today” Austin said as we sat beside each other.
“Different how?”

“You seem to want to be close to me,You’ve been holding my hands all day”

“Don’t you like it?”

“I like it alot,It makes me happy” He placed his hand on my bare thigh,I wanted to push it off but from the corner of my eyes,I saw the look in Jasper’s face.
I smirked knowing he was clearly affected by it,I leaned closer to Austin and c@ressed his face,then kssed his cheeks.

Jasper looked away angrily,I laughed inwardly, That’s what you get for avoiding me, Japser Hale.

Brielle came up to the stage and everyone applauded her.

“Thank you all for coming,I really appreciate your effort and thanks for the gifts.
Now,i would like for us to play a game, it’s called spotlight kss.
The spotlight will be going randomly on different tables, wherever the spotlight stops,the guy and girl at that table have to kss.
Are you guys ready?”

A loud yes was resonated a whole around the whole house.

The spotlight started going randomly and people started kssing,even those who weren’t a couple.
I was praying sliently for the light not to stop at Austin and I.

“It would be nice for the light to stop on us” Austin said and i faker a smile, while sliently rejecting it in my mind.

The light started coming closer to us, Please God, Don’t do this to me, anything but this.
The light stopped at.. Jasper and Alexia, Everyone’s attention was on them.

Alexia looked shy,Jasper whispered something to her and she nodded.

“Are you two kssing or not?” Brielle asked over the microphone,Before I could say Jack Robinson,Their l!ps were already on each other.
I tried to look away but my eyes were failing me, the kss became more intense,they drew each other closer.

“I..i have to go to the bathroom” I rushed out before Austin could reply.

I rushed to the bathroom,i tried not to cry,i tried tobe strong but i failed, the tears kept coming.

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