UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 21-30

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 29?

Written by: Tamara Blair

2 Weeks Later.

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
“This sleepover is gonna be amazing” Alice said in excitement,She organized a sleepover and surprisingly the guys agreed.

“Yeah and i still can’t believe thebots agreed”
“Yeah,How did you convince them,Alice?”

“I told them they’ll be alcohol” The doorbell rang,Chase and Brandon walked in,Alice immediately jumped on Chase destroying his face with multiple ksses.

Jasper was upstairs in his room,I couldn’t go see him because Alice was been following me.

Brandon and Alexia were busy fl!rting with each other,I don’t know why they aren’t dating yet.

“Babe, You need to get a boyfriend” Alice said while hugging Chase so tight.
“Trust me, You have no idea”

Jasper walks down the stairs with a black hoodie and sweatp.ants,He looked so handsome,I really don’t know how am able to control myself.

“So why did we agree to this sl.eepover again?” Jasper asked.
“They promised alcohol, remember..and p.0rn” Alice smacked Chase at the back of the head.

“We didn’t promise P.0rn”
“We could act the p.0rn right here” Brandon said and the guys laughed.

“I need to take a shower first,then change to my PJ’s” I said and picked up by duffel bag.

“Yeah,Alexia and i are taking a shower too”
“Wait,You three are taking a sh0wer together.. That’s so h0t”

“Just shut up,Chase”

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
“Bro,Have you considered getting a girlfriend?” Brandon asked as we sat down to play videogames.

“No,am fine..Thank you”

“You seem pretty happy these days,You smile alot”
“I smile because am happy,End of story”

Alice and Alexia walked down, giggling about something.
Mariana walked down with her hair all damped and wet, I could see droplets of water on her th!ghs.

She caught me staring,then gave me the look that said ‘Stop staring,Our friends will notice’

Easy for her to say,She should look at herself in mirror,then she’ll know how impossible not to stare at her.

“Let’s play Never have i ever” We formed a circle with a bottle of whiskey in the middle.

“Okay,I’ll start…Jasper,I’ll ask you”

“Never have i ever gone out without CD?” Brandon asked making everyone laugh.

“If you asked me thus question a few months ago,I would say i have never left my house without CDs but now i don’t need it”

“Meaning you smash raw now?”
“No, meaning i don’t sleep around anymore,A very beautiful angel changed me”

I could see that Mariana was trying to hide her blush.

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
We are an hour into this game and Brandon, Chase and Alexia are almost drunk.

“Okay, Mariana,I will ask you..Never have i ever gone a r0mantic date that I’ll never forget?”

“I have actually,It was the best date ever,He took me to the planetarium”

“Planetarium? That doesn’t sound romantic”
“He rented the whole place just for us,We had dinner under the stars,He named a star after me and the best part was when the stars in the ceiling aligned to write how much he loves me.
It was so r0mantic and I’ll never forget that night”

“Aww,You talk about him like he’s right here”

“You have no idea” I muttered to myself,My phone vibrated, indicating that i had a text.

*You look so sxy in your PJ’s* -Jasper,I smiled to myself.

*We would sneak upstairs and you can take them off me,I literally have nothing underneath*

“Fk” Jasper said out loud while staring at his phone.
“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,I jut got a little excited” I smiled at how much of an effect i have on him.

*Don’t start what you can’t finish,I have a long list of things i want to do to your b0dy*

I suddenly felt hot after reading his text, making me wonder what could be on that list,i have heard guys tell me dirty stuff but none of them made me this h0t.

My first time sx was extremely painful, second and third time was alright but i wonder what it feels like with Jasper,I have heard girls in school gossiping on how Jasper is a god in bed and i would love to try him out.

“I think it’s time for bed,Chase has passed out already”Alice tried to pull Chase from the floor.
The boys slept in the rooms downstairs except for Alice,She wanted a room with Chase.

Alexia and i shared a room while Jasper and Brandon stayed in one room.
It was really late and I couldn’t sleep, Lately i have gotten used to the fact that i always sleep beside Jasper.

*Can’t Sleep,You?*

I sent the text and a minute later,my phone vibrated.
*Can’t sleep too,Meet me in the room next to the pool side*

I stood up and carefully slipped out of the room without waking Alexia up.
I walked down to the pool area and there was a room,I walked in and shut the door.

Jasper immediately pushed me against the door and kssed me hungrily,I responded so quick,I missed his l!ps.

He c@rried me and laid me on the b.ed without breaking the kss,His mouth went down to my ne.ck and cle@vage,then he stopped.

“I missed you so much”He placed a kss on my forehead.
“I missed you too” He rolled over to his side and cuddled me

“It’s so hard to pretend when all i want to do is to kss your l!ps every chance i get”
“I know but am telling Alice this week so don’t worry”

We stayed quy for a while,i listened to his heartbeat while he just stroked my hair.
“Let’s spend the night here”
“Jasper,We can’t, They’ll notice”

“They won’t, they are all drunk, besides i can’t sleep without you by side, We’ll be back before they notice”

“Okay,I like it this way,Just you and me” We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
The Next Day.
“Mari, Mariana,Wake up” The sound of Alice’s voice jolted me up.
“Am up,what is it?”

“We are going for a swin in the pool,get ready”
“Okay” She walked away,I looked around and i noticed that I was back in the room i shared with Alexia.
Di Jasper carry me? I would have noticed,am not a deep sleeper.

I stood up to take a shower and change my clothes,I was all done so i decided to go outside.

I stepped out the door,then a sharp pain came to my head,i tried to shake it off but it came back stronger, I closed my eyes,then i saw a really blurred image of something.

Suddenly my phone rang,It was my mom.

“Have you take your morning drink?”
“Not yet but i…
“Not yet? Mariana, it’s almost 12,Take it now!!”

“Okay, Fine” I walked over to my duffel bag and brought out a can that had the drink,My mom made it before i left for the sl.eepover.

I drank it all and immediately,the headache disappeared,I felt normal again.
“Have you taken it?” My mom’s voice sounded through the phone.

“Yeah,yeah,Mom.. You still haven’t told me why i should always take it”
“I will but not now, just be careful,Okay?”


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