UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 21-30

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 27?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
My mom wanted to follow me but i insisted that i do it alone,He and i need to talk.

I drove my Range Rover to the hilltop,it was a little hard to climb up the hill,I was still feeling a little dizzy from my injury.

I finally got up and there he was,His back was turned against me and i saw 5 bottles of whiskey,How does he drink so much without getting drunk?

I went to sit beside me,I looked at him and he didn’t spare me a glance.
“What are you doing here,Mari?”

“I should be asking you the same thing,Why are you here?”
“Am trying to stay away from everyone.. From you”

“Why would you leave me when I needed you the most? I was at the hospital for a day and i was worried about you”

“I was the one who made you be in the hospital in the first place,I fking pu.nched you”

“Because i got in the way, Besides you helped me,Niall could have raped me”
“But i almost killed the b@stard,I couldn’t control my anger”

“We’ll work it out,I’ll help you get through this”
“No,You won’t be doing that.. Infact,Get up..Get up,Mari” he pulled me up.

“No,i don’t want to leave you,Am not leaving you”
“Go,Mari,Am a m0nster, Why do you care about me so much?
Am so bad for you”

“How do you know that? I have to be one to make that decision”
“It’s the truth,One day i might get so angry that i might hit you and i don’t want that,Go back”

“Go back to who?”

“I don’t know,Go back to Austin”
“Austin?Why the h.ell did you say Austin?”

“To be honest,Mari.. Austin is actually better than me, Even though i despise him so much but he’s better than me,He knows how to take care of you, He’s perfect for you”

“Perfect for me? Austin took my vrg!n!ty and broke up with me over a text, How’s that perfect?”
No one is perfect,no one is, Jasper,You are perfect for me”

“Hate me, Mariana,Why won’t you hate me? I need you to hate me so that i can move on, HATE ME, MARIANA,HATE ME!”


“Mariana,We won’t last..One day, You’ll wake up and instead of giving me a kss on my forehead,You discover many reasons why am not good for you, You’ll remember the many fights we had or the fights I’ll get into and then you’ll leave me”

“Let me be the one to decide that,I want you in my life,Jasper, What i feel for you is strong and so real, I have never felt this way for anyone in my life.
You can’t just throw away all those times we kssed,hugged and talked about how we felt”

“Am going to leave you to think about….
He kssed me before i could even finish talking,My a.rms went around his n.eck as he l!fted me up,my l.egs around his wa!st.

“You drive me fking insane, You have no idea what you do to me” He said as he placed ksses all over my ne.ck.

“Then let’s go home, We’ll get through this,I promise”
Few weeks later.
With the help of my mom,Jasper was able to sign up for therapy,We decided not to tell anyone about it especially Alice and his mom,He wanted it to just be him and i.
It’s been going well, He’s really improving on his anger management and the best part is that it’s bringing us closer even though we still haven’t put a name on what we have.

I parked right in front of the Jasper’s therapist office,I came out of the car and i spotted Jasper coming out with a few people,I couldn’t help but notice how girls were drooling over him.

“How’s the most beautiful woman in the world doing?” I blushed at his words,We hugged and from the corner of my eyes I could see a particular girl glaring at me.

“Am good, How was today’s session?”
“Nice but i had to get away from so many girls”
“Yeah,i can see that”

“Don’t be jealous, I only have eyes for you”
“You do?”

“Prove it”


“Kss me right in front of all these people” Without hesitation,He kssed me,I responded in no time.
We pulled away,then smiled at each other.
I looked over Jasper’s shoulder and saw that same girl glaring at me,She looked angry,She must have seen us kss. I mouthed “He’s Mine”. She walked away angrily.

“Let’s go home,You drive because am tired” I threw the keys at him, which he caught perfectly.

? Jasper’s P.o.v?
“Are you sure that the owner will let us stay on the roof of his restaurant?”

“Yes,Mari..He owes me a favour”We laid down on a blanket,it was night time and the stars were out.

“So how’s your relationship with Alice now?”
“A little Shaky but what do i care?”

“She’s your little sister,You should care” I wrapped my arms around her.
“You always know what to say but let’s not talk about her, Let’s talk about the fact that i can’t stop thinking about you everyday”

“I can’t stop either,You are stuck in my head”
“What have you done to me, Mariana Williams?”
“What have you done to me,Jasper Hale? Everything just seems to be in place when you are around” I kssed her forehead.

“Mariana, there’s something I want to tell you”
“What is it?”

“Mariana,I have been thinking of how to tell you this but here it goes..Mari,I…”

I was interrupted by the sound of her phone vibrating.
“It’s my mom,She wants me home”
“Okay, let’s go”

“What did you want to say?”
“Um.. nothing,Forget it”
3 days later.
? Mariana’s P.o.v?
Today was a big basketball game between our NYU and WSU(Washington State University), It’s really big for everyone especially Jasper,He has been training non stop.

“Chase was so nervous on his way here” Alice said as we sat down in front seat,We were putting on the school’s jersey.

“I can imagine, It’s a big game for all of them”
“Yeah,My brother pratices everyday”

“Speaking of your brother,Have you seen any changes in him?”
“Well,Yeah, He’s alot calm and he smiles alot, He’s always happy but we’ll have to see how long it’ll last”

“Alice, You don’t have to be so negative about your brother,He has changed for real”

“You sound like you two have been hanging out together”
“No,we haven’t,I just noticed, that’s all…. I’ll be right back”

“Where are you going?”
“To the bathroom” I walked away before she could say anything,I already promised Jasper that I’ll be with him before he goes out to play.

I waited till the all the boys left the locker room,then i walked in,Jasper was sh!rtless and the sight was amazing.

“Am hot,I know” He said jolting me back to reality.
“Shut up,I only came to wish you good luck”

“The Jersey looks good on you but i would have liked it better if it covered your a*$, those jeans hug h!ps perfectly”

“Per.vert” I kssed him,he pulled me closer by the w@ist,his t0ngue expl0ring my m0uth.

“That’s my goodluck kss,Now i have to go back to Alice” He held me back.

“Am going to need more than a goodluck kss to win this game”
“What do you need?”

“For you to be mine”
“Am already yours”

“I mean officially,I want you to be my girlfriend”
Did I just hear correctly? Jasper’s asking me to be his girlfriend,This better not be a dream.

“So what do you say?”

“Jasper,You have five minutes to start the game,Why don’t we talk after the game?”

“No,i want an answer now,My sucess in this game depends on it”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll miss every shot until you say yes to me”
“You can’t be serious, Today’s game is important to you, You can’t do that”

“Watch me,baby girl” He kssed me on the l!ps them walked out, putting his sh!rt on.

He can’t possibly do that, Jasper has definitely gone cr@zy.

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