UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 21-30

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 21?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?

I watched as Jasper and Alexia laughed as they walked towards the school’s cafeteria.
Jasper whispered something to her that made her giggle,She slapped his arm and they shared a laugh.

“Mari!!” Alice yelled jolting me out of my thoughts.

“I have been calling your name for a while now, you were looking at Alexia and my brother”

“Um..no,no..i wasn’t looking at them,i was just.. observing the beautiful flowers over there”

She looked at me suspiciously while i avoided her gaze.
“Are you okay,Mari?”

“Yeah,yeah..am heading to class now”
Few Hours Later.
Normally,Jasper and i don’t share classes together except for English and that’s because am in the literature department and he’s in science.

Alexia is in the literature department,Jasper apparently walks her to every class she attends.

Right now, they are standing at the entrance of history class, laughing like insane people, Ridiculous.

Alexia walks into the class, smiling like a bloated goat.
I looked over at Japser,Our eyes met,he waved at me,then walked away.. Idi0t.
“Mom,you should have seen them,they were giggling like idi0ts,it was annoying” I complained to my mom the minute she asked me about school.

“At the cafeteria, They were feeding each other and smiling and she even pulled his hair,Can you believe it,mom?
He never lets me do that”

When I was through ranting, She started laughing so hard.

“What’s funny?”

“Your jealous fit”
“Jealous fit? Am not jealous,mom”

“Then explain what you just said now, It’s so clear you are jealous”

“Am..am just worried for him,He doesn’t know that Alexia”
My mom walked closer and put her hand on my shoulders.

“Mari,When will you admit that you have fallen for Jasper?”
“I already told you that i don’t have feelings for him”

“Then don’t feel angry if he’s with someone else”

? Jasper’s P.o.v,?
“Dude,you are totally whipped by Alice,You do everything she says” I said to Chase as we rode in my car.

“No,am not..I just love her so much that i can’t say no”
“I never thought that Chase Chadwick III will fall in love like this” We shared a laugh.

“Trust me,bro, It’s an amazing thing to have someone who loves you so much”

“I wish i had someone like that,Chase,I wish”
“What about Mari?”

“She doesn’t love me, She’s amazing and intelligent and undeniably beautiful,She has principles and standards.. Standards that i can’t reach”

“So that’s why you are hanging out with Alexia?”
“Alexia is just a friend, Nothing more..I don’t plan on taking it further”

“Mari doesn’t seem happy about your little friendship”
“How are you so sure?”

“I was with her and Alice when you passed the hallway with Alexia,If looks could kill, You and Alexia would have been dead,You gave you too deadly stares”

“So you are saying that she’s jealous?”

“Pretty much”

“I doubt it, She’s just angry that i don’t hang out with her”

Mariana can be jealous,She can’t fall for a messed up guy like me.
3 days later

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
“Hey, Mariana,Are you attending Brielle’s birthday party?” Naomi,a girl from my department asked.

“I got the invite but am not sure I’ll attend”


“Am not in the mood to party”
“It would have been nice that you could come,You know how nice Brielle is”

“I know but I’ll make it up to her”

“Okay,i thought since Jasper was going,You would come too”

“Wait,Jasper is coming too?”

“Yeah,Alexia asked him to come and he accepted”
“Nice,You know what, Naomi,I think i will consider coming to the party”

“Yeah,I’ll come” I replied smirking at her, Jasper, You’ll see,You are not the only one who can have fun.

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