UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 21-30

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 24?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?
We were so close to kssing each other when the front door opened.
“What’s going on here?” We quickly separated from each other.

“Mom, You are back” I helped her with the groceries she was holding,She looked at I and Jasper.

“Were you two about to…

“No,mom,Jasper was just leaving”
“Yeah,am leaving, Aunt,See you tomorrow” He walked out the door while i tried to avoid my mom’s gaze.

“You two were about to kss,Aww,You two look so cute together” I rolled my eyes at how childish she was behaving.

“Mari,You should have seen the worried look in his eyes when he brought you home drunk,He loves you, Mariana”
The Next Day.

I was trying to figure out my class for today when i felt a certain presence behind me.
“Mari,We need to talk” i turned around to face him.

“Austin,What do you want to talk about?”
“Us,I know what you did”

“Excuse me”

“You used me to make Jasper jealous”
“Who told you that?”

“Jasper did,Is it true, Mariana?” I sighed trying to think of something to say,Of course it’s true but the plan backfired.

“Austin,I already told you that i wasn’t ready for a relationship and..

“Then why did you ask me to come to the party with you? Why did you act all lovey dovey with me?
I was just a pawn in your hands last night and here I was, thinking you had finally forgiven me for what i did”

“Austin,I have forgiven you”
“Then why aren’t we back together? I love you,Mari..What we had was real”

“You said yourself, What we had,We don’t have anything anymore.
Austin,I don’t.. I don’t feel anything for you,I tried to ignite those feelings but i just couldn’t”

“You love him, Don’t you?”
“I don’t” He chuckled softly.

“Mari, I know you like the back of my palm,I know when you are lying, Don’t pretend that you don’t love Jasper, it’s so obvious”

“Am sorry if i made you sad or if i lead you on”
“It’s okay,I think this is my punishment for what i did,I acted so foolish and lost the most amazing woman there is”

“So can we be friends?” He smiled at me, then we hugged.
“Of course,I wish you luck with everything”

“Thanks” He walked away,That was surprisingly easy,I thought it would be so hard to tell him that i didn’t feel anything for him anymore.
Later The Same Day.

“Mom, it’s a real word” i giggled at how my mom looked at me suspiciously.
It was night and we were playing Scrabble together.

“You sure, Little girl?”

“Yes,am sure, mom”

It’s so nice spending time with my mom,I love her so much,i just wish that my dad was here,I feel an empty space in my heart like something is definitely missing,i just don’t know what.

The doorbell rang making us stop playing,I went over to open the door,I was greeted by a set of blue eyes.

“Hey” He smiled at me,You know therr are some guys that look so handsome in a nice way but Jasper looked dangerously handsome, it’s hard not to drool.

“You can stop staring now” He said teasingly while i just rolled my eyes.
“What are you doing here?”

“I want to go out for a walk and i want you to follow me”
“What about…

“Mari,I already told you Alexia is not my girlfriend”
“Well,am busy”

“With my mom” He pushed me aside gently then went over to meet my mom.

“Good evening, Aunt”

“Jasper,Good evening,To what do we owe this visit?”
“I would love to take Mari out for a walk tonight”

“Mari, What are you waiting for?”

“But we were playing…
“Doesn’t matter, You go with him,I’ll watch TV”

My mom is so unpredictable, When i first started dating Austin,She was so rude to him but for Jasper, It’s different.

“Let’s go?” He held out his hand to me,i smiled at him then placed my hand on his ignoring the spark i felt whenever our hands touched.

We started walking down the street,the lights made everywhere beautiful.
“You told Austin that i used him to make you jealous”

” I only told him the truth”
“And how are you so sure that it’s the truth?”

“Mari,It was obvious, You were trying to make me jealous”
“Did it work?”

“A little,but mine worked perfectly because you cried”

“I did not” I defended myself while he just chuckled.
“I saw it in your eyes that night,You cried and got drunk all because of me”

“You are so mean”

“Am also so sorry,i didn’t mean for you to feel that way”
“It’s okay” A wave of wind blew over us and i instantly felt cold.

“I should have brought a jacket” Jasper immediately removed the hoodie he was wearing and gave it to me.

“Aren’t you going to be cold too?'”

“Nah,am too handsome to catch a cold” He smirked at me while i just rolled my eyes.

“You are just so conceited” I wore the hoodie,it was way bigger than me but it was comfy and the best part was that it had Jasper’s scent.

It was getting late so we walked back home,We stood at my front porch.
“That was a nice walk”
“Yeah,i should give you back your hoodie but i like it so much so am keeping it” He chuckled.

“No problem,it looks good on you, everything looks good on you” I instantly started blushing,i tried to hide my face but he held my chin up to face him.

“Don’t hide that beautiful face”Our foreheads meet.

“Do you feel it too, the sparks,the connection?” He asked and i nodded.

“Yes,i feel it too, It’s so strong and am so confused”
“Me too”

“I want to do something that i have been dying to do since that birthday party”

“What?”He asked and I leaned closer to him.
“This” I placed my l!ps on his and he immediately responded.

I think am falling in love with Jasper.

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