UNTIL THE END OF TIME: Chapter 21-30

?Until The End Of Time ?

? Chapter 28?

Written by: Tamara Blair

? Mariana’s P.o.v?

I have always called Jasper crazy but today he has proven to me that he’s completely insane.
I went out to sit with Alice,the game started and just as Jasper said,he deliberately missed the first shot.

He kept doing this for almost 30 minutes,He looked at me and i mouthed “You are insane”, He shrugged and started walking around the basketball court.

“What’s Jasper doing?” Alice asked,If only she knew.
?:I thought Jasper was good at basketball
?:it looks like he’s deliberately failing.

I could hear people say different things,on the other side of the court,The coach looked so angry, this is getting out of control.
I waved my hands to get his attention,He looked over at me and i nodded a yes to him, He frowned a little,he took the basketball and gave it to his opponent.

“Has Jasper gone cr@zy?” He wanted to me to say it out loud,I had no choice.
He looked at me again, Smirking.

“Yes” i whispered but he could tell what i said by the movement of my mouth.

“Yes?” He asked out loud,I giggled.

“Yes, Jasper” I yelled out to him,His smile grew wider,then in the twinkle of an eye,he scored one point.

He managed to make our school get higher points in less than 10 minutes,The crowd started shouting.
“WE WON!!!” Alice yelled and jumped on me,She tried to ask me the reason i shouted yes but i quickly changed the subject.

Everywhere erupted in cheers and happiness,i left the basketball court immediately.
2 hours later.
I was back home watching TV when the doorbell rang,i went over to open it and my l!ps were claimed.

“Why did you leave like that?” Jasper asked as we walked in.
“Because i knew the minute the game was over, You would kss me”

“Yeah,i would because you are officially mine now”

“Jasper,We might be dating now but i don’t want anyone to know for now especially Alice”
“And why’s that?”

“Because i knew how she reacted when she found out that we were pretending to date,if she knows about this, She’ll flip, We’ll keep this a secret till she knows you are no longer have anger issues”

“But i really don’t care what she thinks about our relationship”
“Deep down,Jasper,You care” He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Fine, We’ll do it your way but if she doesn’t accept,then i don’t care”

“Sure” To my surprise,he lifted me up and placed me on the table behind me,then came in between my l.egs.

He cupped my cheeks,then placed a kss on my forehead.
“Remember that i wanted to tell you something on that rooftop”

“Yeah,i remember”
“What i wanted to say is that…I love you, Mariana Williams,I love you alot”

My heart skipped a beat when he said that to me,He loves me, Jasper loves me.

I didn’t know i started crying,he used his thumb to wipe it off.
“Did i say it too soon?”

“No,You said it just in time..I love you too,Jasper,I love you so much”

“I promise that i won’t ever hurt you or let someone hurt you,I’ll take care of you and make sure you are happy”

I moved cl0ser and kssed him,the kss was slow and p@ssionate.
“Where’s your mom?”

“On a business trip,She won’t be back till next week”
“Meaning you’ll be here all alone”


“We have plenty of time together, let’s start now” He carried me off the table and onto his shoulders.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To the pool side” Before i could say anything,he thr.ew me into the pool.
“Ahh,You are such a dk” He chuckled and jumped into the water with me.

We ended up playing in the pool,I can’t believe Jasper and i are officially together.
One Month Later.

“Who’s going to Xander’s party tonight?” Brandon asked as he sat down beside Alexia, Yes I said Alexia, She’s part of our crew and Brandon seems to like her.

“Is there a party every weekend?” Alexis asked.
“Yeah, that’s college life for you”

“Well,am going” Alice said as she fed Chase french fries.
“Me too”

“Okay, it’s set..What about you, Mariana?”
I can’t go because Jasper is taking me out on a date.
“Um..no,I can’t..My mom and i are going to my Aunt’s place”
“Okay,What about Jasper?”

“Am not going,i don’t feel like it”

“You seem to be always busy with something else, Jasper..You and Mariana are never around,If i didn’t know better,I would say you two are hooking up”

“Why would you think that,i don’t even see Jasper in that way”


After School.

I got into my car,I was so tired and i still needed to get ready for my date with Jasper.

I looked over at the back seat and i saw a big red box,i took it and it had a letter on top.

“To the most beautiful woman alive, Can’t wait for tonight”
The note read,I smiled to myself,I knew it was Jasper.

I opened the box and it was a black l@cy dr.ess, Jasper is such a per.vert, this dress is so reve@ling.

Looking at myself in the mirror with the dr.ess on proves my point of Jasper being a per.vert.
The d.ress hung on my b0dy like a sec0nd skin,It made my b*00bs almost burst out of the d.ress.

“Woah, You look sxy” My mom said as i walked down the stairs.

“Do you think it’s a little revealing?”
“No, it’s perfect,You look g0rgeous”

My mom found out i and Jasper a few weeks ago,She caught us kssing in my room.
She was so happy and couldn’t stop giggling.

A car horn sounded,That was Jasper.
“I have to go,bye”

I walked out and Jasper’s expression was priceless,His jaw hanged open.

“Maybe i shouldn’t have gotten you this dress, It’s so s*xy.. You don’t even wanna know what am thinking of doing to you” I sl@pped his arm playfully.

“Let’s just go” He tried to touch my a*$ but i sl@pped his arm away making him frown like a baby.

We drove for a little while before we got to a tall building,It was a planetarium.

“You brought me to a planetarium?”
“Just shh and let’s go in”

We walked in holding hands,It was completely empty.

“Did.. did you book this place for us?”

I looked up and there were glowing stars on the roof,It was beautiful.
We kept walking deeper into the building until we stopped at the middle of a hall where a dinner table was set.

“Wow,this is beautiful”
“Am glad you like it,Come, let’s eat”

We sat down to eat,We fed each other and talked about many things, That’s the thing with Jasper,No matter how ridiculous the things we tall about,it always makes sense with Jasper.

“Our friends seem to be catching up to us”
“Yeah,they have started noticing things especially Alice”

“When are we going to tell everyone?”
“Very soon,Am tired of hiding, Honestly”

“It’s fun though, Hiding around whenever we want to make 0ut and remember that time Alice almost caught me when i sm@cked your a*$”

“Yeah, thankfully,I quickly changed the subject,You keep sm@cking my a*$ whenever they are around”

“Am only claiming what’s mine” I rolled my eyes at how per.verted he was.

He brought out a piece of paper and gave it to me.

“You named a star after me?” I was completely g0bsmacked,How was he able to do it?

“Yeah,It was easy,I know a guy around” I hugged him immediately.

“That’s not all,Look up”

I looked up at the ceiling and suddenly different stars came up,it aligned to write “I love you, Mariana” on the ceiling.

“What did i do to deserve you, huh?”

“No,i should be asking you that..Thank you for being in my life”

“I love you,Jasper and I’ll never stop,You are my everything and my life won’t be complete without you”

We leaned into each other and kssed.

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