???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 31 – 40

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 31 – 40

???? ?????.


Before Zane could wake up in the guest room he had slept in it was almost 10am, the first thing or person rather his mind went to was Annalise

He had stayed in front of the door all night but she didn’t come out, he kept knocking until eventually the butler convinced him to get some rest, he didn’t know it would be so late in the morning

He immediately ran back to their room but found it empty

“Miss Ford left for school sir” Zane heard the butler say

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 31 – 40

That was right, she’s supposed to be in school since she would be writing her final exams soon, Zane turned back to the butler, the butler already knew what was on Zane’s mind

“She didn’t ask after you, she seemed like she was in a hurry” the butler said and Zane nodded..

That’s right because in

California University Los Angeles, Annalise and Layla were flipping endlessly through their books along with her course mates

“Why would she suddenly announce test?” Annalise asked her eyes not leaving the book she was holding

Layla had called her early saying a professor announced that there would be a test today, like WTF!

“That’s right, the other lecturers are busy setting the exam questions and she just wants to be wicked” Layla said

“Wish I could spank her serious ass”

When it was time for the test, the students took their seats while waiting for the arrival of the professor, but instead their course representative came in

“I’m sorry everyone but professor Evelyn just cancelled the test”

Pin drop silence….

Annalise eyes twitched, her lips muttered inaudible curses and her fists kept opening and closing

There were murmurs in the hall but Annalise was too angry to notice, when she couldn’t hold it in anymore she let it out

“Fk you!!!” She screamed and everyone turned to her

“Yes you course rep and if not for the respect I have for Mrs Evelyn then I would have said fuck her too!!” Annalise kept yelling in a loud voice, Layla but her lips and smiled in embarrassment

?? What’s with her?

?? Is she going crazy

?? She looks mad though

“What is that supposed to mean?” The course rep asked

“You, because of you and Mrs Evelyn I had to rush out of home without even eating properly and I also couldn’t….” Annalise bit her lips before the rest could come out of her mouth

“Whatever Layla let’s go” she said and dragged Layla out

?? I think she’s finally gone mad

?? Thanking about food and also …

?? Telling Mrs Evelyn fuck you!, That’s the first time.

“What’s wrong with you, are you eventually going crazy?” Layla asked

“Huh?” Annalise seemed to have gotten her senses back

Layla wasn’t actually angry at Annalise but she knew something was bothering Anna so pretending to be mad was the only way to make Annalise talk

Annalise but her lips and stared at Layla

“You see Layla, I got mad at Zane for coming home late last night after he promised he’d watch a movie with me?”

“So what else happened?” Layla moved closer showing interest

“So I locked him out of our room through out the night despite his apologies and now I feel bad”

“Nice” Layla smiled

“What?” Annalise was dumbfounded

“That proud man could actually beg?”

“Hmm” Annalise nodded and smiled sheepishly “and it felt good”

“Then torment him some more” Layla suggested

“You’re a bad friend, that’ll hurt Zane but why do I still want to do it?”

They both smiled at themselves.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 31 – 40

???? ????’? ???????.. ????

“Who knew your little wifey would bend that proud back of yours?” Gary asked laughing hard

“It’s not funny” Zane glared at him “and why are you even here ?, I thought you had a business trip yesterday”

“It’s tomorrow, it was postponed” Gary replied

“Why would you go home late after promising her you’ll be back early?” Kai asked and Zane groaned

“I had too much work and you of all people should know that”

“I know nothing” Kai shrugged calmly

“I hate you” Zane said

“It’s mutual” Kai responded blinking lazily

“What are you going to do now?” Gary asked

“I don’t know, such headache” Zane said pinching the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes

“That you’re falling for” Kai completed and Zane snapped his eyes open

“What?” He scoffed “falling for?, Bvllsht!, I just want to keep her close before something happens”

“You’re also worried” Kai said again and that did it

“Kai get out!!”.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 31 – 40

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