???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 11 – 20

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 11 – 20

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“Uhh… It’s too tight” Annalise groaned

“It fits perfectly” Sandra clapped

“Can’t breath” Annalise coughed

“Perfect size” Sandra praised, Annalise shook her head in resignation what’s the point of complaining when Sandra sees it from a totally different view

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 11 – 20

Annalise stared at herself from the mirror, she looked beautiful, the gown was peach with tiny roses and stones, her hair was tied in a bun with pink rose on the side and she had a light makeup on

“My daughter looks beautiful” Smith said with admiration

“Thank you Daddy” Annalise responded, Smith knew she was still angry at him but he let her be

“Let’s go” he said creating a space between his elbow, she held it and they both walked out

In the garden at the backyard where the wedding was being held, there weren’t much people seated and Zane stood at the arch, behind him was the priest

Zane looked handsome, as handsome as always, his black hair shone against the evening sun, his eyes, nose, lips, everything looked perfect, even his suit

“Whoooo bestie you look hot!!” That was Layla, Annalise immediately smiled and waved back

Annalise walked to the arch and stood in front of Zane

“You went to work on the day of your wedding?” Annalise mouthed

“It’s my company and it’s my life” Zane mouthed back with a glare

“Mr. Zane?” The priest called and Zane turned to him

“I do” Zane said clearing his throat

“And do you Miss Annalise Ford take me, Zane Adler to be your lovely wedded husband…..”

Annalise stuck out her tongue at Zane and he cvrsed at her silently

“I do” Annalise replied

“Is there anyone…..”

“There’s no one father please keep going” Sandra said from where she sat

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kss the bride”

Annalise abs Zane immediately looked at the priest

“Is that necessary?” They both asked

“Yes” the priest nodded calmly

“Can’t we skip that part?”

“That part is like a bond to strengthen your marriage” the first explained

Annalise and Zane stared at themselves, slowly and reluctantly they both went close to each other

Annalise closed her eyes and Zane stared down at her lips

“This is the last time” he muttered

“I hope so” Annalise mumbled back

Zane closed in the distance between them, his lips soon met with hers, her lips were soft and warm and it also tastes like vanilla

He held her waist and drew her closer…..

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 11 – 20

“I have to say, my love for Zane just grew from a hundred percent of a thousand” Layla said putting a cherry in her mouth

“Oh sorry I forgot he’s your husband” Layla said again but Annalise only sighed, she had her chin resting on her palm

“What a world” she lamented

“What the h’ll are you talking about?” Layla asked

“He said it’ll be the last time but… But I enjoyed it” Annalise said

“It’s obvious, I mean who wouldn’t” Layla scoffed “how about wine?”

“Sounds good” Annalise nodded and Layla left, Annalise ran her index finger round her lips

“It felt nice” she muttered…

“There you are” Layla said after sighting a bottle of wine on a table, she walked towards it with a smile

Just as she was about to take it, someone else grabbed it from her

“What the h’ll?” She yelled turning to the person she wanted to cvrse but her words felt like it was stuck in her throat.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 11 – 20

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