By Hossana Isaac O.


It was very late at night
The sky was without stars
Only the moon lit up the ocean waves

A young boy with blonde hair swam to the shore from the ocean

He looked back repeatedly as if he was being pursued

He then swam very close to the sandy beach and hid behind a beach rock

He lifted up his hand and pulled out a weaved net, like a fisherman’s net

In it were two little babies
Both having short blonde hair

He placed the net on the sand and it revealed the babies

They were asleep
And n@ked

No wait…

They were not totally n@ked

They had green long pants (trousers)


These aren’t pants

There are tails

The babies are baby mermaids

The young boy swam out fully

He had a tail too

He was a merman

“well you too are going to be safe here. But you also endangered my life. What if I was caught while swimming here? And if I’m going back, what if I’m busted out? You ugly things” he said a bit sassy

The two mermaids were sleeping and cuddling up with each other

“cute” he said and threw a little rock into the ocean

He began to hear voices

He quickly wrapped the girls up and dived into the ocean

He swam to the side that he was hearing voices

He peeped out an saw a woman crying into the ocean

“Peter, it’s not my fault. I wish I could give you children. But I can’t” she said and busted out crying even more

Gavin scoffed

“humans are stupid and too emotional and ugly. Yuck!” he said with a disgusted face

He swam out

“what are you doing here?” he said and the woman, being very frightened by his sudden appearance jerked backwards and screamed loudly

“uhh, why that act of immaturity? Do you want to get attention from people?” Gavin asked sarcastically

“who are you?” she asked, still very frightened

“I’m a handsome young man who fell into the ocean and became a fish. But suddenly, I’m now a human” he replied and she frowned


“you’re so stupid ugly human. Why would you find a human swimming so well and comfortably in the ocean at this time?” he asked sarcastically again

He’s very sassy
The sassiest merman in the ocean

“are… you.. a merman?” she drawed

“no, I’m a merwoman” he replied and laughed

He swam out fully and she saw his tail

She screamed and tried to run but he tied her legs with a strong vine

Magic ?

“if you scream, run and tell people about me, no one would believe you. Because no sane person would be at the ocean by this time and is expected not to hallucinate” Gavin said

“please let me go” she pleaded, with a tearful face

Suddenly, a woman appeared behind Gavin and hit his head with a big wood.

He slumped and the woman quickly ran to untie the other with a pen knife

“who are you?” the first lady asked

“I’m a human just like you. I came her to cry too.” she replied, cutting the vine and sniffing

Lines of tears were reflecting against the moonlight from her face

“why did you come to cry?” the first woman asked

“no time to answer that. Let’s get outta here” she said and jerked the lady off the ground

She held her hand and they tried to run away but Gavin woke up

“no… Come back. I mean no harm. I need your help please” he yelled over to them

The first lady looked back

“ignore him” the other lady stated

They ran on

“I can give you a child” he yelled over and they both stopped and looked back

“what” they both said simultaneously

“just come back. I can’t keep yelling. You’ve already exhausted my energy” he said and scoffed

They looked at each other, held hands and slowly walked towards Gavin

Coincidentally, both ladies came to cry on the account of their childlessness

They got close to him but not close enough

“you humans disgust me” he mumbled

“repeat what you said” the second lady who was bolder said

“you mean you humans disgust me?” he asked

“no, what you said before we came back” she answered

“are you childless too?” he asked and she didn’t reply

He laughed

“let me just go straight to the point. My name is Gavin from Scalia. And in Scalia we have a very wicked queen who rules us despicably. In our kingdom, the strongest power is twins power. It’s the only power capable of bringing the queen down. And so she kills all twins. Unfortunately, my poor mother gave birth to twins and endangered my life because she wants to spare their ugly lives by sending me here. She said they will be safer in the human world and blah blah blah… Now do you want to safeguard them?” he said with one brow raised

“we don’t believe you” the tough lady said

“he has a tail” the first woman said, showing that he was saying the truth

”what if he’s just fooling us? What if he wants to take us for some sacrifices” the tough lady said and the first woman stepped back in fear

Gavin knew he was going to loose the opportunity to give his sisters out so he calmed down and decided to be less sarcastic

“I’m serious. My sisters are here. Do you want to see them?” he asked

“okay” they replied

He beckoned on them to follow him as he swam over to the side where they were

They walked on the shore is he swam

He stopped and they stopped beside a rock

“where are they?” the first lady asked

“look down”

They looked down and saw a wrapped net

The tough lady bent down and unwrapped it

They both gasped

The first lady bent down too

“oh my goodness… Oh my goodness” she said as she carried one up

“a daughter” the other lady said as she hugged the second baby

“you see.. I’m not a joker” Gavin said

“can we keep them please?”

“yeah yeah… Whatever” he replied and wrote something on the sand

“they were born just a few hours ago. My mother named them Kira and Kara.” he said pointed at the twins, signifying that the one with the tough lady was Kira and the one with the other lady was Kara

“you have to take care of them. Keep them away from each other until they are eighteen years. If they should know each other before then, they might hate each other for life” he said and twirled his two hands

Each brought out green lights and it went to both girls

It transformed their tails to legs and the women gasped.

It also changed their hair color

“whoa” the first lady said

“but why should they be kept away from each other? Is it so in Scalia?” the tough lady asked

“no, it’s a curse placed by the queens witch” Gavin replied

“then we’ll have to go away from this place to another” the tough lady said

“do whatever you can do to keep them safe. I have to go now. I love you ugly things. I’ll meet you again” Gavin said as kissed the two girls

He then dived into the ocean and wasn’t seen again

“I can’t believe we have beautiful babies to ourselves now” the first lady said

“I’m so happy. By the way, I’m Melissa” the tough lady replied

“I’m Gwendolyn”

“it’s nice to meet you Gwen” Melissa said cuddling Kira

“it’s a pleasure meeting you” Gwen replied

“what are we going to do now?” Melissa asked

“I was pregnant for eight months but the doctor said I couldn’t hold a baby for nine months. My baby died in my womb just yesterday. I couldn’t bring myself to tell my husband. I had the foetus flushed out without his knowledge because he’s not around” Gwen said looking sad

“mine is almost the same, my baby was born premature but she was a still birth (baby born dead). It’s the fourth time it’s happening. I couldn’t tell my husband too. Because he’s a grumpy man” Melissa said

“since we haven’t told them, we don’t need to tell them about these babies too” Gwen said

Melissa nodded in agreement

“I’ll leave Florida and go to Minnesota so the girls won’t know each other” Gwen said

“I’ll go to Nevada state” Melissa said and they smiled feeling really happy

(14yrs later)

Liliana hung her school bag across her shoulder and was using her phone as she climbed down the spiral staircase

She got down and almost bumped into a maid carrying boxes

“watch where you’re going clumsy” she blurted out and glared at the maid

“I’m so sorry ma’am” the maid apologized

She scoffed and moved to the living room

Her mother was watching the morning news

“morning mom” she greeted without taking her eyes off the phone

“Kara, you’re ready for your new school” her mom asked smiling

“what’s new? It’s just school.” Liliana replied

Her middle name was Kara and only her mother called her that

“bye” she muttered and walked out with her eyes still on the phone

When she got to the door, she bumped into the door post because she wasn’t looking

“oww” she mumbled and walked through the door

Her mother laughed

“teenagers” she mumbled and faced the TV

Liliana was going to a new school since she was new in New York City

She entered her car and the driver drove her to the high school she was going to resume in

She walked in casually, as if she was an old student

The principal met with her and personally took her to her class because of her status

She entered the class and sat down

Everyone stared at her

“lame” she mumbled to herself

Just then another new comer entered the class with the principal

Her seat was beside Liliana

She sat down and tried to open her desk again

She opened it wrongly and it hit Liliana’s face

She groaned and stood up angrily

“are you crazy?” she said and slapped the new girl

She was a very rough girl and despicable too

The other girl too stood up and pushed her down

“how dare you slap me because of a little mistake?” she blurted out angrily

She was also as mean and despicable as Liliana

Liliana stood up and pushed her down too

The students had gathered around watching the fight between two new students

The principal rushed back in and they stopped

“to my office now!” he barked and they glared at each other before following him to his office.

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