By Hossana Isaac O.

Chapter 3

Time for POVS
I don’t know why I feel totally strange today
My attention is divided
I keep thinking about what it’s like to be a mermaid
And the worst part is I can’t get my mind off my real family
“Brianna, are you okay?” Zeus asked
“uhh, yeah. I am” I replied, sitting up to concentrate on the teaching
But no one was in class
Just me and Zeus
“huh, where did everyone go?” I asked, a bit confused
“Brianna, class is over already” he replied
“ugh” I muttered, rubbing my temples
“are you okay?” he asked, looking into my eyes
“yeahh, just a slight headache” I replied and stood up
“come with me” he said and took my hand
I carried my hand bag and followed him
“what’s your favorite sport?” Zeus asked
“I’m not the sport playing type but I love to watch it.” I replied
“can you do gymnastics?” he asked
“yeah, I can” I replied and smiled as he squeezed my hand sweetly
Students were actually taking glances at us
“join the cheer leading team then” he stated
“Iris already invited me” I said
“so you’re gonna join?” he asked and I nodded
Actually, he’s the reason I wanna join
And I also want to be popular again, just like my old school
“I’ll see you doing recess” he said and left
Immediately, Iris and Winnie popped out of nowhere
“OMG, you held hands with Zeus” Winnie said
“so cute. Really cute” Iris said
“it’s nothing serious. I wanna join the cheer leading team already” I stated
“great, let’s go to the gym now” Iris said and we walked together to the gym
I felt dizzy and nauseous all of a sudden so I stopped walking
“are you okay?” Winnie asked
I nodded and continued to walk
But deep down, I knew something was wrong
Whenever I have a bad feeling, I begin to puke really bad
I was buying some snacks when I began to have a bad feeling
I felt nauseous immediately and ran to the nearest rest room
A terrible headache joined in too
I seriously don’t like getting ill
I came out still feeling dizzy
“are you okay?” Kimberly asked
“I… I think so” I said
“why are you dressed up sporty?” I added weakly
”I’m going to play basketball” she replied
“basketball? Can I join the team?” I replied
I was very good at the game
“sure, come on follow me” she said and I followed her
I met the team and luckily, they were in need of one player
I played for them a little and they were convinced so they made me join the team
I was really happy
I got my uniform and played with them on the court
Some students came out to watch us and I saw Brianna with her friends
I smirked and scored
My team cheered and carried me up
I saw her storming out angrily
I laughed
I don’t know why but I hate that girl
Iris and Winnie followed me
I was pissed off
I don’t like the way she’s looking at me
As if I’m a loser
“Brianna, wait” Iris said and I stopped
“where are you going” Winnie asked
“can I join the cheer leading team now?” I asked and they looked at each other
“uhm, you’ve already joined” Iris said
“when?” I asked
“just few minutes ago before we came to watch basketball” Winnie replied and I remembered
“ohh” I mumbled
I feel terrible
As if I’m gonna die
“guys, I have to go to the restroom” I said and left before they could say a word
I’m looking for Brianna
She’s not in the basketball court and not in the gym
She’s also not in class
I began to walk over to the cafeteria
I saw her taking the hallway to the restroom
“Brianna” I called out and she stopped
“hey, Zeus” she said weakly
“are you okay?” I asked when I got closer to her
“yeah,” she replied.
“are you free this Friday night?” I asked, hoping she’ll be free
“uhh, I was thinking. Maybe we should spend more time together after school. Maybe, go see a movie” I stated and her face lit up
“that’d be great.” she replied
“so you’re in” I asked
“totally” she replied and I smiled
“great, I’ll get the tickets then” I said and she smiled
“see you later” I said and pecked her cheek
“bye Zeus” she replied and waved sightly
I smiled and walked away feeling joyous
I went to refresh after the game
I entered the shower and played with the water
Little by little, I saw it freezing into ice
I gasped
“that’s new” I said and touched the ice
I looked at the shower handle
I touched it and it froze up
I released it and it broke and almost fell on me
“ahhhhhhh” I screamed
Slowly, everything in the bathroom began to freeze up
The freeze was moving up and covering everything
“are you okay? Liliana?” Kimberly called from outside
She must have heard my scream
“I’m okay” I shouted out
“it’s just that, I almost slipped” I said
“okay” she said and left
I began to feel really cold
I felt like I was in a refrigerator
I tried to melt the ice but I couldn’t
I became scared
No one should find this out
“I need to fix this” I said and tried to think but I heard the closing bell ringing
And I was freezing
I got out with my towel and dressed up
No one was in the restroom again so I just left hoping no one would know what I caused
Queen Kintora
I sat on my throne waiting for Zaire’s reports about the twins.
Nothing must take me away from my queenship
She has to kill those twins
I told the guards to call my son for me
They came back telling me that he was sleeping
“that stupid thing” I blurted out
I don’t know why he’s so lazy and sluggish
He’s the worst ever
But I need him because he has powers that I need
“your majesty, the twins are not alive” Zaire said when she came inside
“good, then we’ll forget them” I said and relaxed my head
I gathered enough strength and tried to disconnect Zaire’s trackers
I’m happy the twins are in the human world
That’s the only reason she couldn’t track them
Because they’re not in the ocean
I need to find them
There’s a way they won’t be enemies
I need to train them myself
We have to defeat Kintora
Something is happening to me
I feel like my hands are burning
I dipped my hands into the sink and after just two minutes, I saw the water boiling
I quickly removed my hand and looked inside
It was truly boiling hot
I shuddered and moved backwards
I touched the curtains over the bath and it caught fire
I screamed and fell down
I poured water on it and it quenched
I ran outside
My hands were still burning
I knew I could control fire but this is so different
And my mom is not in town
I’m so scared
I quickly wore my jacket and head warmer and headed out into the cold
I was hoping I could try and cool myself
I took a walk through the streets and bumped into someone
“miss clumsy, aren’t you watching your steps” I blurted out
I looked at the lady and it was actually Liliana
“oh it’s you” she said weakly
She was dressed the same way I was dressed
Her hands were shaking and was woven with thick gloves
Her hands touched mine and it stopped burning
I felt normal again
“OMG, what did you do?” she asked
“no, you did something to me” I replied
“no, you just made me normal” she said and removed the gloves
“but, I don’t understand” I said
“Kira, Kara” a lady’s voice said behind us
We looked back and saw a lady standing with a young blonde man
“well, they’ve grown up” the young man said
“how did you know my name?” I asked
“how did you know mine?” Liliana asked
“is your name Kara?” I asked
“yes, are you Kira?” she asked
“yes,” I answered
We both looked at each other confusingly.

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