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🍷(living the life of a stranger)🍷

Written by bella writes 🙂🙂🙂

CHAPTER 13✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

“My God,tell me its a lie “brenda said as we sat in the restaurant

“Cant you see the proof right here”i said showing her the ring

I couldnt help it,i just had to talk to someone and the only person i could think of was brenda

“He sure knows how to pick a good engagement ring and he is a real r©mantist”she said eyeing my ring

“Like seriously is that all you would say”

“What do you want me to say,that he is quite a charmer and that he is only crazy about you that was why he got married to you quickly”she said

“I had expected you to advise me on this”i said

“And thats what am.doing,from what i know,you are engaged to him but you dont love him and because of the accident he had,you stayed with him and promised to marry him and now that he is finally out of the hospital,he wants you to himself and then decides to push the wedding forward whats wrong there”she said

“Everything brenda,dont you see,i dont love him “i said

“But you stayed with him and let him kss you,touch you and dont you dare lie to me that you didnt feel a thing or is it that you still feel something for that fool of a paul”she said to me

“Of course not,paul is history now ”

“So then your future lies with the prince,think ahead,maybe one day you will love him back and……”

“That wont ever happen brenda”

“Why?the way you talk makes me feel that there is something you are hiding,tell me about it”she said holding my hand

Apart from being my close friend at the office she is also a very close friend to me and have find that i can trust and confide in her

But i cant tell her about this particular story

Afterall its a secret my parent and the queen dont want to be found out

So i just have to keep shut about it and i cant tell brenda,it has to be kept a secret

“Its nothing ,i just dont love him”i said

“Then try to,you are now married to him and from what i see he wont let you go,so just try to make your relationship grow”she said

“I dont think i can do that”i said

“Just try,try to make it work and you will see that everything will go well “she said

“Just the person i was looking for”we both turned and saw paul there starring at us

He had this strange look on his face and he was starring at me

“And why would you be looking for her”brenda said

“Its none of your business you busy body”he said as he took an empty seat and sat on it

“I wont let you talk to brenda that way”i said

“And why shouldnt i,she has always meddled in our lives,isnt it time for her to find herself someone who will marry her and make good use of her or that cant happen because she is infertile and cant give birth “he said

“Paul!!!”i yelled at him starring at brenda sad look

The poor thing had confided in me and i had told paul about it asking him not to say a thing and now here he is spilling it all

“I think i need to leave”brenda said leaving

“Brenda please wait,please”i said but she was already walking off

“Just let her be,its time she thinks about her life and leave ours alone “he said

“What ours?”

“You and me and our love”he said

“You must be kidding me right ?”i said

“Look have realised my mistake, i still love you and i want you back natalie”he said trying to touch me but i pushed him away angrily

“Well i dont want you,not now or ever ,remember you broke things off with me”i said

“And i regretit,please babe come backto me”

“No paul,i dont love you anymore”i said taking my bag and quickly walking out of the restaurant

But as i got outside,he held my arm and pulled me to him

“I still love you and am sure you love me too”he said

“No i……..”

I didnt get to finish my word because he kssed me

I tried pushing him off but he wouldnt budge

Anytime he kssed me in the past,i always felt happy and excited but now i feel nothing and all i could think of was ryan ksses

Why should i be thinking of ryan ksses now,why?

Just then he was pulled away from me and when i starred at my rescuer i saw Chris

“What are you doing here?”i said

“To ptotect you”he said

“Who is this creep nat”paul said

“Am her highness guard,one step to her and i promise you,you will find yourself in a hospital”he said

“What does he mean by her highness?”paul said

“It means that am married,so stay away from me from now on “i said

“I cant believe it,did you really marry him”

“Yes i did and so please stay away”i said and watched him walk off

Together i strolled back with chris and i reliased that he wasnt taking me back to the car i came from

“Why are we……”i stopped shortly to stare at him

“Is my husband in the car”i said

“Yes he is”

Then he must have seen the whole thing,he must have seen me kssing paul

I wonder what he is thinking,i said as he opened the door for me to get into the car

I was sure that he was angry with me i thought as i sat beside him in the car

I would i tell him that i did not plan to see paul cause am sure that that is what he is thinking…….

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