🍷(living the life of my twin sister)🍷

Written by bella writes☺☺☺

CHAPTER 16✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov💭

She kept on kssing him and what even made it worse was that ryan was kssing her back

I coughed gently and he pulled away from her

I had a feeling that ryan kssed her back to spite me

“Whats wrong my love”she said still sitting on his laps

“Would you kindly get up kate”he said and she stood up

I found myself starring at the girl again,she looked so very beautiful

If he had a girl as beautiful as she in his palace,why didnt he just marry her instead of coming to force himself into our lives

“Kate this is Natalie my wife and natalie this is kate a friend of the family “he said

I saw the hateful look in her eyes before she gave a fake smile and held out her hand

“Nice meeting you “she said

And out of politeness i shook her hand

And before i realise it she had gone to the back of his wheel chair pushing him in while i stood watching

I followed them.silently and watched the two talking about the house and the people in it

“My son your back”the queen said walking into the room to give him a kss

“Yes i am,just had to come back home early to give you our news”he said

And pulling me towards him he held my hand

“Natalie and i got married “he said

Instead of seeing the happy face on his mom i didnt see that

All i saw was a look of anger and surprise

Whats the look for,wasnt she the one who threatened me to stay with her son,so why is she looking angry

“Married but that was too fast and besides you didnt do a royal wedding “she said

“We wanted to be with each other so we got married as for the royal wedding we will be having that once am able to walk “he said

“My God ryan,youve never been this impulsive,have you been.influencing him”the queen said starring at me

“No mom,i decided this on my own,so lets stop with the interrogation,lets go to my room,we both need to rest”he said

“Oh i will take you there myself,we had t…….”

“Let my wife do it “he said to kate who had jumped on hearing him say that someone should to take him to his room

I felt good that finally he had made me superior over this girl,a girl i dont have a doubt that she wants ryan

Together we went into the room and when he was placed on the bed

I decided to say it out,it has been disturbing me and i just cant keep it in

“Are you sure she is just your friend and not your lover”i said

He starred at me and laughed before saying softly


“This is not me being jealous ,its me being angry,you accuse me of having a lover whereas you already have a willing one right here,she had even kssed you in front of me and you jerk ,you even kssed her back”i said feeling so annoyed

“What can i do,you hardly give me a kss and if there is a willing woman here ready to treat me otherwise,i will surely make room for her”he said

“You are such a dirty man”i said

“Stop acting like a jealous wife and come over here to give me a kiss ,who knows i might just keep kate afar and chose you instead”he said

“So you admit that she is your lover,i hate you”i said angrily

And he laughed again “and i want you,i want you so very much”

“Why want me when you have kate,why trouble yourself coming to me each month when you have a very beautiful girl here,why?”i said angrily

“Have told you already,should i repeat myself”he said

“Arrrrghhhhh!!!!! You really know how to piss someone off”i said

“this is not pissing you off,its me saying the truth,i want you,i married you because your the one i want,your right i could have had kate but no i didnt want her,i came for you instead but you being you had to be difficult,your the first lady that have pursued so much “he said

“So its just like a challenge to you,you found me to be a challenge and you vowed to make me yours right ?”

“You are right,it should have woren off when we both made love in the garden of your home but it didnt,instead i wanted more and i still want more”he said

“Well then am sorry to disappoint you but you wont be touching me again,so i suggest you make do with kate”i said as i walked out of the room angrily

I didnt know anywhere in the house,all i just kept on going

I got to the balcony to find kate standing there

“Think of the devil and here she is”kate said

“I beg your pardon “i said

“Your a devil indisguise who have come to take the love of my life away from me but guess what love,i wont let you”she said angrily

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