🍷(living the life of my twin sister)🍷

written by bella writes 🙂🙂🙂

CHAPTER 15✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

“You look gloomy”he said looking so gloomy

“Why wont i?do you think i really want to go on this trip”i said

“So being in my private jet hasnt made you see that with me you can never lack for anything but with him you will suffer,i wonder how much he is recieving at the end of the month “he said giving me a smirk

Ever since we got into his private jet,he has been taunting me about paul

If only he knew that i felt nothing for paul and that the imbecile had kssed me by force he wouldnt be taunting me this way

“You actually dont know me,if you had known me then you would have known that your money doesnt matter to me,what i want in a relationship is…….”

“Love right?”

“Yes love,you might think its a stupid thing or its only fools that feel such a thing but i believe it and we not having it onlyvproves that our marriage wouldnt last”i said

“And who told you that,there are married couples who do not love each other and they are living happily,as long as the sx is good”he said giving me a smile and i couldnt stop the blush that ran along my cheeks

“Common dont give me that look,you and i both know that weve both done it”he said

“Just stop it,i dont want to listen anymore”i said getting up

And at that chance he pulled me down unto his laps

“Hey let me go “i said

“Why nat?why do i get this strange feeling anytime i talk about us having sx,you look as if you have never done it with me before,that your a vrgin”he said

Thats because am a vrgin you fool,its not me you slept with but natasha,i thought within me

“Just stop thinking about unnecessary things and let go of……..”i stopped short when he sets his hands on my b©©bs

I quickly pushed his hand away and would have get up if his hold on me hadnt been strong

“Let me go you pe.rvert”i yelled at him angrily

“I am right?you act like a vrgin around me but like a $lut around that love…..”

He couldnt finish his words because I $lapped his face

“I am not a $lut”i said

“And i dont take $laps lightly,not even from my wife,come here”he said and brought my head down to his

His kss this time was hard and punishing

I wanted to pull him away but each time i did,he manages to pull me back

I never knew that $lapping him could get him this angry

Soon his kssing changed and he began to kss me gently and i found myself responding.

Enjoying the kss and i wont deny that this is the first time i enjoy being kssed by him

Back in the hospital,i always felt nothing whenever he had kssed me because i felt it was the price i had to pay for getting him injured but now i just dont feel that way anymore

Each time he kss me,i find myself wanting more,needing more and that is something that i definitely shouldnt feel….

“I want you nat,i want you so badly my beloved natasha “just hearing him call natasha name broke the spell

I quickly got out of his arms.

“But i dont and i would like it if you keep your distance”i said

“You must be kidding right?”

“No i mean it ryan”i said

“Well that wont happen because you are now my wife and you belong to only me”

“Well i…….”

“Sorry to intrude your highness but the plane is about to land and so you need to be seated “chris said

“You heard chris right ,come seat”he said to me and i sat back on the chair and soon the plane got off the air

With the help of the guards,we got out of the plane and passed through the back to the car because there was a lot of reporters at the entrance

As soon as we got into the car i began to worry

What if someone find out the truth,he is well known in this place and am sure that he will always be the talk of the town,what if someone that knows the truth tell him that we are twins,what if the queen put her threat in action,though my parents have been unfair to me,i just cant let the queen harm them or any of my loved ones,i thought

Just then i felt him take my hand into his and i turned to stare at him

“Its going to be fine”he said kssing my hand

Sometimes he can be so annoying and sometimes he could be the sweet charming prince and that is what he is now

“As long as i am here,nothing or no one would touch you “he said again

I really wanted to believe it but i knew that i just cant,as long as is mother is around,nothing would be okay

The car stopped right in front a mansion

I couldnt help but to gasp out loud when i saw the house

“Welcome to sun city palace”he said holding my hand

“Its very big”i said

“Built by my forefathers,the house is very old and it is the pride of every king that lived here,soon it will be yours too,i hope”he said

As soon as Chris and some guards helped him into his wheelchair he held my hand in his

And while we were going in the door burst open and a girl,so very beautiful ran towards us

Screaming out his name and hugging him

Due to her fuss,ryan had let go of my hand and was holding unto the girl because was all over his laps hugging him tightly

“Kate i……”

So she is the famous kate,i thought to myself and stood shocked when i saw kss ryan right in front of us all

I didnt know why but i felt so very angry and jealous

She should just let go of my husband,i thought angrily

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