BETROTHED : Episode 21 – The End


???She has supernatural powers???

????????Episode 21

Am I In . . . Love?

I looked back at the house and he wasn’t coming down the steps;

he was nowhere in sight.

“I decided that the day after the Night of Engagement, you and

Jason, are going to take your wedding pictures!” Maria exclaimed,

clapping her hands in delight.

I looked around some more.

He wasn’t outside the house, either.

“So, what do you think about it?” Maria asked, eyes widened,

impatient to hear my answer.

I nodded, half – heartedly.

The door men opened the car door and I looked inside.

He isn’t there.

I got inside, feeling my heart sink a little and relieve washed over me.

“Oh, I knew you were going to agree to it!” Maria said, getting in.

I nodded, not really caring about what she is saying.

“Oh, just don’t worry, I got everything ready. The dress . . . the

photographer . . . the make – up artist . . . the hair – dos . . .


I nodded.

She continued on and on about the wedding.

Maybe, he is at the mall waiting for us I thought.

And this time, you are no allowed to chicken out

I sighed, Ok, I got it

What are you going to say to him?

Umm, hi, Jason, I just – no, this makes it sound like he is a

stranger. Look, Jason, about – no, I can’t speak like that. Jason, I

have something to tell you – no, it sounds like I am a mother. Ummm,

I am sorry Jason – no, it’s too straight forward. I –

Make up your mind!

I sighed, Why so stringy?

Am not!!!! You’re just taking forever!

Well, than, why don’t you find something for me to say, than???

Fine . . . you could say . . . Jason, I am sorry for what I said

yesterday. I was just very mad and I don’t want you to be mad at

me . . . And I don’t want you to have a misunderstanding too.

What really happened that night was that – it was all an accident

H*ell no, I am not saying that. It sounds weird and that is so not me, if I say it

Than, what are we going to do?

I don’t know and it make it sound like it was entirely my fault!

Well, it was mostly your fault

My jaws dropped.

I can’t believe you are also going against me! I thought we were

on the same boat! And it wasn’t all my fault, ok?! I tried to explain to

him about what happen and all of the sudden, he was mad at me.

He’s just fcking piss for no reason and it’s too bad, he has a fcking

temper! And also, I didn’t say anything wrong. He was the one that

said, ‘You make me regret living’! And why should I be apologizing

when he is just sitting around relaxing? I told a deep breath from my long rant.

Than there was silent. Layla wasn’t talking back.

I realize that the limo slowly came to a halt.

“Are you ready?” Maria asked, “This is the best mall in the world –

it sells all real designers.”

I nodded.

The driver quickly ran out and opens the door for us.

Maria and I got out.

I notice that we were the only car in the parking lot.


We walked through the double, glass, front door.

“I haven’t been here for a century!” Maria said.

I looked around; there was nobody, but us.

“Mrs. Cohe – I mean Maria?” I asked her.

“Yes, darling.” she said, grinning.

“Are we the only person in the mall?” I asked, looking around.

Maria continued walking.

“Yes, I told everyone to evaluate this mall at once, so we could

have the mall all to ourselves. Isn’t it better like this? There’s no

fighting and no people taking the item that you got your eyes on. I

just love it like this.” Maria said.

“I know, but where is . . . Jason?” I whispered, as we got on to

the golden escalator. As we got higher above the lobby, I notice how

big the mall really was and that there is not a single human being – or

wolf being – , except for us.

“Oh, he can’t come. He came home this morning . . . He was

drinking.” Maria whispered.

“Drinking?” I asked, my heart and stomach muscle clutched.

“Yeah . . . and he said something really . . . strange?” Maria said,

questioning herself. She looked at me with here electrical blue eye.

We got off the escalator.

I swallowed, “What did he say?”

“I don’t know . . . he said that he was really . . . sorry.” Maria said.

My throat felt dry.

“About what?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t really understand what he was saying.”

“Did he say anything else?” I asked, as we entered a jewelry

“How many we help you, Mrs. Cohen?” a lady from the jewelry
store asked.

Maria waved her hand to dismiss her.

She scurried away.

We walked the perimeter of the store, looking at the big, rocks on

rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

“Yeah, he did. This morning when he woke up, he asked me if the

Night of Engagement could be pushed back a day or two back.”

I looked at my high heels.

“And of course, I said no, because that is ridiculous. And

everyone is planning and clearing their schedule to come to see you

guys, so it’s too late to cancel it.”

I gulped.

“But, Vanessa honey, why would he say that? – Excuse, can I

please see this earring for a moment?” Maria said, waving a staff to come over.

“Oh, Mrs. Cohen, you have good eyes! This earring is very

catchy and it is totally something you would like to wear to catch

someone’s attention!” the lady said and carefully took the earring out.

I narrowed my eyes. Her name is Maxina.

“Oh, I am not wearing it; my daughter – in – law is going to wear it

for the Night of Engagement.”

“Oh, that is fabulous! This earring only comes in one pair and no more!” Maxina said.

“How much?” Maria asked.


My jaws dropped.

“But . . . Maria, I don’t have an ear hole.” I said, feeling my ear.

“Don’t worry, they are going to help you. They are specialist in ear piercing.” Maria said.

I walked out of the jewelry store, my ears numb.

“How does your ear feel?” Maria asked, grinning.

“Oh . . . it feels . . . wonderful!” I said, hoping that my act convinced her.

“Oh goodies, let me call someone to hold our bags.” Maria asked,

dialing on her IPhone.

“Wonderful, now we don’t have to hold onto the bags.” Maria

Behind us was a lady called, Stella, our personal bag carrier.

“Ok, so back to the question; why would he say that? Why does

he want to the Night of Engagement to be pushed back?” Maria

asked, making a crinkled forehead.

I really don’t want to disappoint her after everything, after

everything she had done for us.

“Oh, it’s really nothing.” I said, patting her shoulder, again, hoping

that my acting skill had wakened.

I smiled my innocent smile.

“Oh, I’m so great to hear that!” Maria said.

I frowned.

“Oh, but if you guys need anything or have any trouble, please, I

beg you, please come to me and I will solve anything for my sweet darlings.” Maria said.

I nodded, feeling terrible, but hoped that my smile is still strong on my face.

“I am so glad you guys are getting along, it’s a wonder to see

how you guys work together so fast.” Maria said.

I looked at my feet and nodded.

“Come on, we don’t have all day, we need to shop more.” Maria said.

“Lets shop like the world is going to end tomorrow!” I said,

Maria laughed and linked my arms.

Maybe this is the time when I could relax and not get so caught

up about tomorrow, Jason and our almost coming wedding. Like they

say, it’s not ok if I stress over everything, it will be better of I relax a
little bit.

We got home late, very late.

We ate dinner at a 5 star restaurant and brought 8 dresses, 4

pairs of earring, 6 necklace, 7 pairs of shoes, 4 bags and 6

I walked up the stairs with the maidens behind me, carrying my

I heart beat as I reached Jason and me bedroom door.

I put my hand on the handle and knew that if I walk through this door, I would have to apologize to Jason.

I took a deep breath and opened the door slowly.

“Jason?” I asked, as I walked in.

The maidens put the bags in our closet.

I looked around the room.

It was empty, he is not here.

I let out the breath that I realized I was holding.

“He’s really not here, right?” I whispered to myself.

I could feel Layla’s disappointment and that dull pain in my heart.

I lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling, wondering to myself.

If I never apologize, will he apologize? Will we be like this

forever? What will I say when I apologize? And why do I feel like I really want to apologize to him?

Am I in . . . love?

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