BETROTHED : Episode 21 – The End


???She has supernatural powers???

??????????Episode 27

Full Moon


“Today is the full moon.” Vicky told me when they woke me up.

“Today?” I asked.

“Yeah, isn’t that great?” Vicky asked, “We’ll be able to be free the whole day!”

“Great,” I said to myself. I am going to turn to a hairy animals that needs to be waxed.

“You’re gonna have a fantastic time today, I promise.” Valerie

They helped me prepared for my day.

“Today is a very special day for all of the werewolves in the

werewolf’s world.” Beth said, “Everyone doesn’t have to go to school

or work and it is also the day that most of the werewolves find their mate.”

Beth sighed, r0mantically.

I frowned.

So, today I am going to find out if Jason is really my mate or not?

Just by getting the thought of finding out the truth made me

“How do you know if they are your mate or not?” I asked.

“When you feel the sparks and the tingling everytime he touches

you and you and your mates are able to share thoughts.” she

My heart beat fast.

Oh God, please help me.

“And when do we turn into a werewolf?” I asked.

“When the moon comes out.” Sunny says.

“So, we just turn into a werewolf naturally?” I asked.

“Yeah, all you have to do is call your werewolf’s name.” Sunny said.

“Ok.” I said.

“And everyone would be invited to come here.” she said.

“Here? Why here?”

“Because Mrs. and Mr. Cohen are the heads and all Alphas has a

forest. All members of the pack needs to go to their Alpha’s forest,

so that everyone can be reunited and they can be protected by other

members of the pack if we are attacked.”

“Attacked? Have we every been attacked?” I asked.

“Yeah, but very rarely.”

I pushed my lips together as my heart beat.

Please hope that tonight is going to be a good night

I looked around, searching for a partially face among the sea of people.

“It’s almost time for the moon to come out.” Jen said, appearing next to me.

I turned to her, “I am so nervous!!”

She smiled, “Me too, but I have a feeling tonight is going to be everyone’s good night.”

I frowned, I don’t feel that way.

“Where’s James?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Oh, he will be here in a minutes – oh, there he is! JAMES!!!

OVER HERE!” Jen cried, waving her arm.

Where is Jason?

I asked Layla, starting to feeling depressed.

I don’t know, all I know is that he is not part of this crowd

“Vanessa, if you need me, I will be over there with James.” Jen said.

” . . . Ok,” I said, waving good – bye as she skipped off with James.

I don’t know what I want to do more; kill Jason when I find him

because he is leaving me alone or sat against one of the trees and

cry because everyone seems to be happy.

Is he mad at me?

I asked Layla.

Yeah, he is mad

What did I do?

I asked, starting to be frustrated.

Ask him when you find him and you are going to turn to a

werewolf anytime from now

Part of me want to cry ‘no’, because I don’t have anyone to be

with and part of me couldn’t wait, because I really want to see how it

feels like to be a werewolf.

Suddenly, I heard a rumbled from someone’s throat and I looked

around – everyone was turning into a werewolf.

At first, not knowing what a werewolf really looked like, I would

have gave them one really good advice – wax yourself, but now

looking at them, there were the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever

seen on Earth. Those beautiful fur color that comes in gray, silver,

brown, light brown and black was so soft – looking.

They were already running to the forest that was next to the

mansion. They were so fast that you could only see a blur of their fur color.

Turn into a werewolf then!!!

Layla cried, demanded to be free.

But . . .

A thought of Jason came to my mind.

He already turned into a werewolf, I can feel him

I started to feel nervous, Fine than . . .

I took a deep breath and said my werewolf’s name Layla . . .

The moment that I was turning into a werewolf, I felt magical. My

whole body felt warm and I could feel my bone shifting around,

underneath my fur. I could feel my sense sharper – I could hear every

twig that was being snapped under every passing werewolf, I could

smell all of the different kind of flower that was growing in the forest

and I could see every little detail from the passing wolves. It was a

really special feeling – I loved it.

Soon, the beautiful moment faded when I finished shifting,

making me realize that I was still alone.

I don’t know if I should walk or run like the others.

I don’t know if I should hunt or watch.

I don’t know if I should sat down or watch every wolf have fun.

I don’t know if I should do anything. I didn’t want to do something

wrong and look like an outside.


I thought.

Maybe I should ask Layla what to do

But Layla didn’t reply.


I asked again, but again she didn’t reply.

If a wolf could frown, I think I am frowning.

I never felt so lost before.

I decided to slowly walk into the forest, but when I didn’t see any

other werewolves. Not even Jen and James were here.

Where is everyone?

I thought, there were all gone.

I leaned against a tree and squeezed my eyes shut. I forced

myself not to cry. I really never felt so lonely before.

Maybe if I didn’t throw away the ring, I would have never felt like

this? Maybe if I made a longer speech about Jason at the Night of

Engagement, he wouldn’t do this to me. Maybe if I brought him a

promise ring too, he would be happy. Maybe if I didn’t nearly gotten

myself killed, Jason wouldn’t have acted like he is annoyed at me.

Maybe if I never changed myself into a werewolf, I didn’t have to

worry about what to do

I opened my eyes and tried to push my lonely down, when I saw

him. The smell of him was so strong, I knew it was Jason. I couldn’t

stop staring at him, his fur was beautiful – it was silver and gray mix

together. But that didn’t stop the fact that all of my emotion spilled

out, all at once – frustration, anger, annoyed, happiness, hate,

intolerant, sadness and embarrassed.

I blushed on the inside, he probably heard all of my thought.

Yes, I did

Jason’s voice popped into my mind and I jumped a little.

Soon, my heart beat fast, really fast and I could feel my heart at my throat.

He is my mate . . . He is truly my mate, I could hear his thoughts,

I could smell his sent strongly and feel him vividly

Are you just going to be standing here, thinking about me all


Jason asked and if he was in human form, I bet he is smirking.

I blushed and I could feel joy spread through me.


I thought you were for a second. Anyways, than, let’s go!!

Jason said and I could hear the excitement in his voice.

My heart continued to pound as we ran into the forest. It was an

amazing feeling – being next to your mate and running in the cold,

chilly wind that combs through your fur.

Let’s see who runs faster! Race you down to that tree!

Jason exclaimed taking off.

Hey!!!! Stop cheating!!! We didn’t start at the same time!!

I shouted.

I could heard Jason’s laughter in my mind. I can’t help but grin.

I decided to pick you my speed and I realized I never liked

running this must. It was awesome running, maybe I could join the

school cross – country and track team if I get to school the next –



We both said at the same time.

You ran into me!!!

Jason said.

Oppies daisy

I said, trying to sound innocent.

You’re gonna pay for that!!!

Jason said and I knew right away that I should be running.

Well, you deserve that! You got a head start and it is considered

cheating. You deserve that, so – AHHHHH!

Jason jumped onto my and was holding me to the ground.


I cried.


Jason casually said back like we are talking in a conversation.

I blushed and said, Did you just tackle me??!!

I think I just did

I can totally see Jason smirking.

I wrestled back, trying to tackle him onto the ground, but of

course he was much more strong than me.


I said, as I tried to push him.

I could hear him laugh like he wasn’t even trying.

And than all of the sudden, adding onto all of the embarrassment,

my stomach rumble.

Jason snorted with laughter.

I stopped pushing him and I froze on the spot as my cheeks

heated up.

Haha, so funny, you’re stomach never rumbled before. . . Ok,

now stop laughing, it’s not funny at all

I said. I wanted to hide under a rock for the rest of my life.

When I laid on the floor for what feels like an hour, Jason finally

stopped laughing.

Oh, God, that was funny. Ok, let’s go hunt for some food

before your stomach rawrs

Jason said and I know that he was smiling or biting his cheeks to

keep himself from laughing.

I blushed once again as I got off the forest floor.

I followed Jason as we walked pass the open area where most of

the wolf seems to be hanging out.

We are going to hunt

Jason said.


First, you stay quiet and find a prey. Once you found a prey, you

jump up and pound on them. Than, you have to bite into it so that

they could stop moving

Would you taste blood?

I asked, frowning.

Jason stopped walking and turned to me. If werewolves could

give you the what the fck? look, I think that is what Jason is doing right now.

Duh! he replied.

I was just askin’

Ok, now you have to be careful of where you step. This is the

animal zone and there are a lot of twigs here

I walked slowly, trying to avoid all of the twig.

I could smell a deer somewhere very close.

I didn’t know what was more disguising; me killing a poor deer

with my bare claw and teeth, knowing the fact that I am going to eat

it uncooked with no ‘human flavoring’ or just the smell of the deer

was delicious – making my mouth water.

Jason stopped and turn back to me.

This is going to be fun, trust me!!

I swallowed, Yay! Killing a deer, fantastic!

I could hear Jason laugh as we stepped in a hiding place, spying on the poor deer.


Quick Author’s Note:

Ok, guys, I am not going to write about the scene when Vanessa and

Jason kills the deer, because I just don’t write about that kind of stuff.

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